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Saturday 30 July 2022

Gujarata B.Sc Nurshing , GNM, ANM And Other Peramedical Addmission Program For The Year 2022-23

NASA Shares Stunning Rainbow Coloured Image Of Pluto, Internet Amazed

Gujarata B.Sc Nurshing , GNM, ANM And Other Peramedical Addmission Program For The Year 2022-23


A recent post by the agency on its Instagram handle shows a rainbow coloured image of a elysian body that has surprised the internet. 

American Space Agency NASA constantly shares amazing photos on its social media platforms. A recent post by the agency on its Instagram handle shows a rainbow coloured image of a elysian body that has surprised the internet. The round earth- suchlike thing is Pluto, which is present at the remotest edge of our solar system. The print participated by NASA shows colorful sections of Pluto in rainbow- suchlike colours and stunning goods. 


"Where does the rainbow end? Pluto is not really a psychedelic hoot of colors- this restated color image was created by New Horizons scientists to punctuate the numerous subtle color differences between the earth's distinct regions," NASA said in the post. 

"Pluto has a complex, varied face with jumbled mountains evocative of Europa, networks of sculpted- out denes ,old, heavily cratered terrain sitting right next to new, smooth icy plains, and indeed what might be wind- blown stacks," it added. 


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The print has been clicked by the New Horizons space inquiry launched by in 2006. NASA said that the spacecraft conducted a six- month-long flyby study of Pluto and its moons in the summer of 2015." The spacecraft continues to survey the distant solar system, heading further into the Kuiper Belt." 

The post has entered over 7.8 lakh likes in just one day. druggies can be seen esteeming the beauty of Pluto and the colour combination applied by the space agency. 

"Oh my god, this is so beautiful," wrote a stoner. once more said," congrats to Pluto for coming out! Proud of you, confidante." 

In 2019, the International Astronomical Union( IAU) downgraded the status of Pluto to that of a dwarf earth because it didn't meet the three criteria the organisation uses to define a full- sized earth. 


The three criteria of the IAU for a full- sized earth are It's in route around the Sun, it has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium( a nearly round shape) and it has" cleared the neighborhood" around its route. Pluto didn't meet the third criteria.

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Friday 29 July 2022

Major discovery: ‘Biggest plant on Earth’ found in Shark Bay off Australia’s west coast

Major discovery ‘ Biggest factory on Earth ’ set up in Shark Bay off Australia’s west seacoast

The biggest factory on Earth seems to have been set up in Shark Bay off Australia’s west seacoast, media reports said. It covers about 200 sq km area, as per scientists. This factory belongs to the species Posidonia australis. It's also known as fibre- ball weed or strip weed. It's generally set up along the southern plages of Australia. Scientists feel to have stumbled upon the discovery while looking for inheritable differences in strip weed across the bay. They feel to have hit the jackpot when the samples taken from spots indeed 180 km piecemeal showed that they were of single factory and not multiple samples of Posidonia australis. 

“ We allowed ‘what the hell is going on then? ’ We were fully stumped, ” said Dr Martin Breed, ecologist, Flinders University. 


Around 18,000 inheritable labels were examined for variations in the species, which could help elect samples for use in restoration systems, said Jane Edgeloe, pupil experimenter, University of Western Australia( UWA). But it was the same factory, which had spread using rhizomes. It has happed in the same way a field spreads from its edges by transferring out runners. “ The being 200 sq km of strip weed meadows seem to have expanded from a single, colonising seedling, ” Edgeloe said. 

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અહીંથી જુઓ માછલીઘર નો વીડીયો

Watch Climate extremity How can littoral areas survive rise in ocean position? 



The exploration has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. According to these experts, the factory seems to have taken at least,500 times to spread as far as it has as the strip weed rhizomes grow up to 35 cm a time.

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Wednesday 27 July 2022

General Instagram statistics 2022

General Instagram statistics 

1. Instagram is celebrating its 12th birthday in 2022 


Instagram is virtually a teenager at this point( at the veritably least, a lovably temperamental tween) so if your marketing platoon is still considering the platform to be a flash in the visage, we ’ve got news for you your girl is n’t going anywhere. 

Of course, the platform has evolved vastly( hello, rolls!) since it first launched back in October 2010 with a filtered snap of the author’s canine, and will continue to do so. Make sure you ’re up to date on the rearmost Instagram trends and features as it gambles deeper into its alternate decade of actuality. 


2. Instagram is the 7th most visited website in the world 


According to Semrush, grounded on total website business, Instagram is one of the world’s top 10 most- visited websites encyclopedically, with2.9 billion total visits per month. That’s a lot of eyeballs. 

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Importantly, while utmost druggies login through the mobile app, this stat is a good memorial that people may be viewing your posts on their desktops or laptops, too make sure those images are looking good at any scurf. 

 are checked before payment of the cheque.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

લાંબા સમય થી ઇન ઓપરેટિવ ખાતા ધારકો આ ન્યુજ વાંચે

Banks will be closed for 13 days in August

3. Instagram is the 9th most- Googled hunt term 

What’s easier than codifying “ ” into your cybersurfer? Letting Google take you there. 

Facebook, Youtube and “ rainfall ” all beat out Instagram, but considering that Insta is primarily penetrated through the app, this is an emotional caching and further evidence that your followership might be viewing your content through a cybersurfer — whether a mobile one or via their computer. 

(Weird fact the number one Google hunt query is “ google. ” We do n’t understand, moreover.) 


4. Instagram is the 4th most- used social platform 


Only Facebook, Youtube and WhatsApp beat out Instagram in terms of diurnal active global druggies, but Instagram timepieces in an emotional1.3 million. 

That’s a lot of eyeballs. At this point, it’s beating out TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, so if you ’re looking for the most bang for your buck in terms of followership reach, Instagram may be a stronger option. 


5. Just0.1 of Instagram druggies only use Instagram 

The liability that an Instagram stoner also has an account on another social platform is99.99. 83 of Instagram druggies, for illustration, also use Facebook, while 55 are also on Twitter. 

What does this mean for marketers? You ’re likely reaching the same people across different platforms, so try not to repeat yourself to make sure your content is unique and engaging, wherever your followers are encountering it. 

6. Instagram is the alternate most- downloaded app in the world 


Only TikTok beat out Instagram in downloads in Fall 2021 — enough emotional, given that the app has been around for 12 times. Stilllll got it. 

You presumably formerly assumed that utmost of your Insta followership was passing your content through their phones, so please, protest back and enjoy this statistic that proves just that.

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Monday 25 July 2022

વાળનો ગ્રોથ વધારો: વાળને જાડા અને લાંબા બનાવવા માટે 4 ટિપ્સ

વાળનો ગ્રોથ વધારો: વાળને જાડા અને લાંબા બનાવવા માટે 4 ટિપ્સ

Numerous of us desperately crave change at work, and yet we ’re uncomfortable and alarmed when it occurs. But change is ineluctable( and necessary for businesses to survive and thrive), so you ’ll need to learn how to overcome those fears. 

વાળનો ગ્રોથ વધારો: વાળને જાડા અને લાંબા બનાવવા માટે 4 ટિપ્સ

વાળનો ગ્રોથ વધારો: વાળને જાડા અને લાંબા બનાવવા માટે 4 ટિપ્સ

વાળનો ગ્રોથ વધારો | વાળ નો ગ્રોથ કેવી રીતે વધારવો: દરેક વ્યક્તિ વાળને મજબૂત અને ઘટ્ટ બનાવવા માંગે છે. તમે કેટલીક ટિપ્સની મદદથી તમારા વાળનો ગ્રોથ વધારી અને તમારા વાળને ઘટ્ટ અને મજબૂત બનાવી શકો છો.

કેવી રીતે વાળને મૂળમાંથી કુદરતી રીતે જાડા અને મજબૂત બનાવવા?

દરેક વ્યક્તિને મજબૂત, લાંબા અને જાડા વાળ જોઈએ છે. પરંતુ આજકાલ ખરાબ જીવનશૈલી, ફૂડ અને પ્રદૂષણના કારણે લોકોને વાળને લગતી વિવિધ સમસ્યાઓનો સામનો કરવો પડે છે. ડેન્ડ્રફ, વાળ ખરવા, ટાલ પડવી, માથામાં ખોડો થવો વગેરે સમસ્યાઓથી પરેશાન થવું પડે છે. પરંતુ વાળ ખરવા એ સામાન્ય સમસ્યા છે. જો તમારા પણ વાળ ખરતા હોય તો તમે કેટલાક ઉપાયોની મદદથી વાળ ખરતા નિયંત્રિત કરી શકો છો. માથામાં વાળનો ગ્રોથ કેવી રીતે વધારવો તે માટે કેટલીક ટિપ્સ વાંચો

માથા પર વાળ કેવી રીતે જાડા બનાવવા – વાળને જાડા બનાવવાની રીત

અહીં ચાર વસ્તુ આપી છે ઈંડા, ઓલિવ તેલ, એલોવેરા જેલ, અને એરંડાનું તેલ તમે આ ચાર વસ્તુના ઉપયોગ કરીને માથાના વાળનો ગ્રોથ વધારી શકશો તો વિસ્તારથી વાંચો

1. ઇંડા

ઈંડામાં ભરપૂર માત્રામાં પ્રોટીન હોય છે, જે વાળ માટે ખૂબ જ જરૂરી છે. આ માટે તમે 1 થી 2 ઈંડા લો. હવે આ બંનેને સારી રીતે પીસી લો. આ પેસ્ટને તમારા વાળ અને માથાની ચામડી પર સારી રીતે લગાવો. 30 મિનિટ પછી વાળને સ્વચ્છ પાણીથી ધોઈ લો. ઈંડાની દુર્ગંધ દૂર કરવા માટે વાળને શેમ્પૂથી ધોવા ખૂબ જરૂરી છે. અઠવાડિયામાં બે વાર તેનો ઉપયોગ કરવાથી વાળ મજબૂત અને ઘટ્ટ બને છે.

2. ઓલિવ તેલ

ઓલિવ તેલ સ્વાસ્થ્યની સાથે સાથે વાળ માટે પણ ખૂબ જ જરૂરી છે. તેમાં ઓમેગા 3 ફેટી એસિડ હોય છે, જે વાળના સ્વાસ્થ્યને સુધારે છે. જો તમારા વાળ પાતળા અને નબળા હોય તો તમે વાળને મજબૂત કરવા માટે ઓલિવ ઓઈલનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકો છો. આ માટે, તમારે ઓલિવ તેલને ગરમ કરવું પડશે. હવે આને વાળમાં લગાવો અને 30 મિનિટ પછી શેમ્પૂથી વાળ ધોઈ લો. ઓલિવ ઓઈલ વાળને જાડા અને લાંબા બનાવવામાં મદદ કરે છે.

3. એલોવેરા જેલ

એલોવેરા જેલ વાળને ઘટ્ટ બનાવવામાં પણ મદદ કરી શકે છે. આ માટે તમે એલોવેરા જેલ લો. હવે આ જેલને વાળ અને માથાની ચામડી પર સારી રીતે લગાવો. અડધા કલાક પછી વાળને સ્વચ્છ પાણીથી સારી રીતે ધોઈ લો.

એલોવેરા માથા ઉપરની ચામડીમાંથી ખોડો દૂર કરે છે. વાળના મૂળને મજબૂત બનાવે છે. તેનાથી વાળ મજબૂત અને જાડા બને છે. આ માટે તમે એલોવેરા જેલને નારિયેળ તેલમાં મિક્સ કરીને પણ લગાવી શકો છો.

4. એરંડાનું તેલ

એરંડાના તેલમાં વિટામીન E અને ફેટી એસિડ પણ ભરપૂર હોય છે. તે વાળના સ્વાસ્થ્યને સુધારવામાં મદદ કરી શકે છે. તમારા વાળને મજબૂત અને જાડા બનાવવા માટે તમે એરંડાના તેલનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકો છો. આ માટે તમે એરંડાનું તેલ લો. તેને વાળ અને માથાની ચામડી પર સારી રીતે લગાવો. હવે વાળને હેર કેપથી ઢાંકી દો અને 30 મિનિટ પછી વાળને હળવા શેમ્પૂથી ધોઈ લો. જો તમે ઈચ્છો તો વાળમાં કન્ડિશનર પણ લગાવી શકો છો. તેનાથી એરંડાના તેલની ગંધ દૂર થશે, સાથે જ વાળ મજબૂત થશે.

Balo ko Ghana Kaise Kare: દરેક વ્યક્તિને લાંબા અને જાડા વાળ જોઈએ છે. આ કિસ્સામાં, તમે તમારા વાળને ઘટ્ટ બનાવવા માટે એલોવેરા જેલ, એરંડાનું તેલ, ઓલિવ તેલ અને ઇંડાનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકો છો.

નોંધ: અહીં આપેલી માહિતી ફક્ત જાણકારી માટે છે આનો ઉપયોગ તમારા ડોક્ટરની સલાહ લઈને કરવો. અમે આ માહિતી અલગ અલગ જગ્યાએથી લઈને એકત્રિત કરીને આપેલી છે.

“There are numerous people who sweat change at work for a variety of reasons, ” says Michael Kerr, an transnational business speaker, author and chairman of Humor at Work. “ Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of looking stupid and fear of the unknown. ” 


Tamar Chansky, author of exempt Yourself from Anxiety, agrees. She says changes at work are among the top life stressors that one can witness. “ How we thrive is through routine and pungency. It gives a sense of control. When there are big changes, we're suddenly thrown into a state of query. ” 


It does n’t take big changes to get staffers nervous, says JoyceK. Reynolds, an expert business trainer. “ Little, indeed subtle bones  ,can rattle moment’s workplaces. ” 

What types of changes really scarify workers? 


Revised job descriptions, raises and elevations, hiring freezes and budget cuts may be at the top of the list of unsettling plant changes, Reynolds says. 

“I imagine the utmost whim-whams- wracking changes would be rumors of layoffs or a trade of the company, ” addsStever Robbins, an administrative trainer and top 10 business podcaster. “ Anything that brings up fears of being jobless. ” 

Then are 12 tips for prostrating your fear of change at work 


1.Admit the change. The first, most important thing to do in the presence of unsettling changes, is to admit it, Reynolds says. “ Feting and accepting change will be the first way toward managing it. ” 


2.Admit your fears. “ When you sweat change, write down your fears on paper so you have them in an object form and can stop dwelling on them, ” Robbins says. “ also go direct each one and jot down what you would do in the event that sweat came to pass. Knowing you have a backup plan can defuse the emotional angst. ” 

3. Accept your passions and seek support. When you ’re going through a transition, it's natural to feel uncomfortable, Mufson says. “ Depending on the change you may be managing with loss ofco-workers, a design, prestige, or simply your expected routine. You may be passing a variety of fears. Anticipate and accept your passions and reach out to others to partake your gests , responses, and feelings. Talking with your associates, your mate, your musketeers will make you feel more and remind you that you ’re not alone. ” 


4.Designate “ solicitude time. ” fussing obstruct with productivity, mood and morale — so do n’t let it unmask over into every crack of your work day, Chanskysays.However, designate a time each day when you ’re going to concentrate on those fears rather outside of the work day, If you ’re upset about the changes. But also use that time to defeat  those fears. 

5.Communicate.“ Communication, communication, communication, followed up by further communication, ” Kerr says. Communication ca n’t be an afterthought, or passed off onto someone differently or to a specific department, he says. “ Ages of great change bear an purposeful, combined problem by all leaders( and workers) to concentrate on great communication. impart during a massive change, like nature, abhors a vacuum. And any gaps in communication get incontinently filled by rumors. ” 


6. Stay positive. Fear can come from creating negative( or indeed disastrous) scripts about the future in your mind, Mufson says. “ In other words, your anxiety and important fears largely affect from how you view the change. How are describing the forthcoming change to yourself? What are your negative trust about this change and how you handle change? ” suppose of once situations when you had to deal with change. “ Ask yourself questions about times you ’ve successfully navigated change in the history. What was the situation? How did you handle it? What perform for you in how you handled it? Did you get support from your musketeers? Take good care of your health? Were you active in seeking results? What particular rates did you parade that helped? Were you patient? Case? Insightful? Brave ” 

7. Know how transitions work and have realistic prospects. When you jump into a swimming pool it generally does n’t feel good at first, Chansky says. “ also a many twinkles finally( assuming we stay by) it feels better. Did someone warm up the pool? Or did we acclimate? We've the capacity to acclimate to change, but that takes time. ” 


8. Be flexible. Be flexible and present to take on any new task that might accompany the change, Menke says. “ Keep a positive outlook on the occasion to take on new challenges and exceed prospects. ” 

9.Get involved in the change. However, levy if there’s a commission to structure the new benefits, ” Robbins says, “ If there’s a new champaign plan coming and you ’re hysterical it wo n’t be what youneed.However, propose one, “ If there is n’t a commission. ” If you ’re helping to drive the change, you ’ll understand the explanation and there will be nothing to sweat. 


10.Reduce your stress. One veritably effective fashion to reduce plant stress is contemplation, Mufson says. “ It only takes a many glitter and can be done at work. However, you can meditate in your auto or indeed in the restroom whenever you ’re feeling tense – anywhere you can be alone and continued, If you do n’t have a private office. ” 


11.Increase your value. “ Take the time to know how precious you ’re perceived as being within the relation, also make the trouble to find ways to come more precious, ” Robbins says. Valuable workers generally get through changes unscathed, or indeed better than ahead. 

12.Keep working.The nethermost line is, change is n’t going anywhere — so you ’ll need to learn how to overcome your fear of it. 

“Change is life, ” Kerr concludes. “ Change is the new, constant actuality of any plant. And if it’s not, it ought to be, because the hazardous thing any businesses can do in the new, uncertain world order, is to not change. ”

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Ultra-rare carnivorous plant Utricularia Furcellata found in India’s Uttarakhand state for first time

Ultra-rare rapacious factory Utricularia Furcellata set up in India’s Uttarakhand state for first time 


The timber department officers in India’s snowbound Uttarakhand state have discovered anultra-rare carnivorous factory in the western Himalayan region for the first time. 

The factory called Utricularia Furcellata was set up in Uttarakhand's Mandal vale, Chamoli quarter, at an altitude of,800 bases by a platoon of the Research Wing of the Uttarakhand timber in September 2021. 

The factory was last seen in the country in northeastern Meghalaya state in 1986. 


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The discovery has been proved in the prestigious ‘ Journal of Japanese Botany ’, which is a 106- time-old journal on factory taxonomy and botany. 

“It's the first sighting of the factory not only in Uttarakhand but in the entire western Himalayan region, ” Chief Conservator of Forest( Research) Sanjiv Chaturvedi told to PTI news agency. 

Rapacious shops which generally grow on poor nutrient soil have aroused new interest in the scientific community across the world because of their implicit medicinal benefits, the functionary said. 


The factory belongs to a rubric, generally known as bladderworts, which uses one of the most sophisticated and advanced factory structures for trap and its targets range from protozoa to insects, mosquito naiads and indeed the youthful tadpoles. 

This discovery comes as a part of a design study of insectivorous shops in Uttarakhand. 

still, the species face trouble due to heavy biotic pressure because of being at a sightseer spot. 

Its operation is simply grounded on a mechanical process, that's by creating a vacuum or negative pressure area to draw prey inside the trap door. These shops are substantially set up in fresh water and wet soil. 


This was the first similar comprehensive study in the State and so far, around 20 factory species belonging to the rubric Drosera, Utricularia and Pinguicula have been set up.

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Saturday 23 July 2022

Post Office Scheme can Double your Money: All You Need to Know

Post Office Scheme can Double your plutocrat All You Need to Know 


Kisan Vikas Patra Scheme The Kisan Vikas Patra is a scheme launched by the central government present from the Indian Post Office. It's a savings scheme that aims at and promises to double the plutocrat of a client who has invested in it. The scheme also promises guaranteed return to similar investors. The Kisan Vikas Patra is one of the numerous small savings scheme that's backed by the Centre. An investor can double his or her capital quantum within a period of 124 months( 10 times and four months) for investing in Kisan Vikas Patra and issuing a instrument between July 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. 

The interest rate for the Kisan Vikas Patra has not changed off late, and presently stands at6.9 per cent per annum. This is since the central government has kept the interest rates for small savings scheme unchanged for a while now. According to the India Post website, this scheme of the post office has a maturity period of 124 months, over which the investor’s plutocrat will get doubled. “ quantum Invested( in KVP) doubles in 124 months," the website claims. 


Then's everything you need to know about the Post Office’s Kisan Vikas Patra 

-Investors can deposit a minimal quantum of Rs,000 and in multiples of Rs 100 thereof. There's no upper cap to the quantum of depositing. 


some Indian citizen can open a Kisan Vikas Patra account. Any person above the age of 18 can go to the post office and buy a instrument for this. 

-A minor can open a common account with an grown-up for the scheme. A outside of three grown-ups can share in one common account. 

- One person can open as numerous KVP accounts as he or she wants as there's no bar on this number 

- KVP may be pledged or transferred as security, by submitting specified operation form at concerned Post Office supported with acceptance letter from the pledgee. One person can move the account from one post office to another. The account can be transferred from one person to once more as well. 


-The rate of interest in case of Kisan Vikas Patra was reduced from 7.6 per cent to 6.9 per cent in April to June 2020 and has remained constant to date. This was done amid the onset of the Covid- 19 epidemic. 

- While KVPs can be extend by a Trust, a HUF or NRI canot open this type of accounts at the post office. 


- KVP may be precociously closed any time before maturity if a person having a single account dies, or all the persons holding a common account pass down. They can also be closed on the penalty by a pledgee being a Gazette officer. Alternately, KVPs can be closed after two and a half times from opening the account. 

- A Kisan Vikas Patra account promises an investor of guaranteed returns despite request oscillations, unlike the share request. This is because the scheme was firstly intended for growers to encourage them to save before stormy season. 


KVP is a safe investment and isn't subject to request pitfalls. An investor will get the investment and earnings when the term ends. 

- The Kisan Vikas Patra scheme doesn't come under the dimension of the 80C deductions. This means that the returns are completely taxable. still, Tax subtracted at Source( TDS) is pure from recessions when the maturity period ends.

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Friday 22 July 2022

PM Kisan: Big update on PM Kisan fund, 2000 of 12th installment will come in the account on this date

PM Kisan Big update on PM Kisan fund, ₹ 2000 of 12th investiture will come in the account on this date 

PM Kisan Yojana rearmost Update After a long time, a big update is coming out in the case of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. On May 31, 2000 rupees of the 11th investiture were transferred to the growers ’ regard on behalf of PM Modi. After that the last date for doing KYC was extended formerly again. But now information is coming out about when the 12th investiture will come in the account. Under this scheme, the government gives 6 thousand rupees annually to the growers. 

Beneficiary standing. .

Two thousand is given in three inaugurations, 


this quantum is given by the government in three inaugurations of two thousand each. The first investiture is transferred every time between April 1 to July, the alternate investiture from August 1 to November and the third investiture from December to March. The first investiture( 11th investiture) has arrived in the account of the growers on 31st May. before on January 1, 2022, the last investiture of the former time was transferred to the account. 


Now the 


growers are staying for the 12th investiture. The plutocrat of this investiture is anticipated to be transferred between August and September. According to information entered from the sources of the Ministry of Agriculture, the 12th investiture is anticipated to be transferred by the government to the accounts of growers across the country on September 1. On the other hand, the last date for gettinge-KYC done by the government has been extended to 31st July. 


The last date ofe-KYC is July 31, 


sources also say that after July 31, the date ofe-KYC won't be extended. In such a situation, only those who gete-KYC done by July 31 will get the benefit of PM Kisan Nidhi infuture.However, also complete this work as soon as possible, If you haven't yet completed the process ofe-KYC. 


To get e- 

KYC done like this, first go to the website of PM Kisan Yojana 

Then click on thee-KYC tab by mouse over in the planter’s corner. 

How to complete e-KYC 

  • On the top-right select Grow Corners Option.

 ગુજરાતીમાં e-kyc પ્રક્રિયા

 Procedure of registration for PM-KISAN.

On the new web runner that opens, enter the Aadhaar number and click on the Hunt tab. 

Check Here: pm kisan yojana list 2020

PM-Kisan Helpline No.

155261 / 1800115526 (Toll Free)

Phone: 0120-6025109

Email: pmkisan-ict[at]gov[dot]in

App Download hare: PM Kisan App Download.

PM Kisan Mobile App: किसान योजना मोबाइल अप्प. किसान सम्मान निधि योजना.सरकारी योजना लिस्ट.

Important links for News
Important links

Helpline Numbers

  1. PM Kisan Toll-Free Number: 18001155266
  2. PM Kisan Helpline Number: 155261
  3. PM Kisan Landline Numbers: 011—23381092, 23382401
  4. PM Kisan helpline: 0120-6025109, 011-24300606
  5. Email ID:

OTP will occur on your registered mobile number. 

Click Then after submitting OTP. 

– Enter Aadhaar registered mobile OTP and youre-KYC is done.

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Thursday 21 July 2022

Shop, dine, travel, pay and earn rewards, on the incredible super app, Tata Neu.

Shop, dine, travel, pay and earn rewards, on the incredible super app, Tata Neu.


 Download Tata Neu Super App. 

 Protect, dine, travel, pay and earn prices, on the inconceivable super app, Tata Neu. 


  • Style up your wardrobe with the Tata CLiQ and Westside 
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 Drink to Tata Neu, the Super App that contract the ultimate shopping experience. Get exclusive offers, boons, and rewards every time you 

• Order groceries from BigBasket 

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• trafficker checkouts Make payments across multiple Tata brand apps, websites and in- store using NeuCoins, cards, UPI, EMI and further 

 • obtain a test from 1 mg 

• Bespeak a stay at an IHCL 

 • Buy electronics from Croma 

• Order a mess on Qmin. 


 • Style up your wardrobe with Tata CLiQ and Westside 

• Bespeak a flight on Air Asia 


 It’s your one- stop shop for a flawless shopping and payments experience. Pay incontinently for any of your online and in- store purchases, mileage bills & further, using Tata Pay. 

Instant payments: Send money to a friend, family member or any of your contacts directly to their bank 

•• Order groceries from BigBasket 
 • Get a test from 1 mg 
 • Bespeak a stay at an IHCL hostel 
 • Buy electronics from Croma 
• Order a mess on Qmin. 
 • Style up your wardrobe with Tata  Tata CLiQ and

 Earn NeuCoins every time you make a purchase, which can be redeemed for an equal quantum of INR the coming time you shop( 1 NeuCoin = ₹ 1). This guarantees you unlimited freedom to earn anywhere, spend far and wide and maximize your savings. 

 Read Each about the rearmost trends in fashion, tech, trip, and food in our digital magazine – Stories. Make payments, manage your finances, plan your coming vacation, or maybe just your coming mess- there’s lots to explore and witness in the world of Tata Neu.

Neu effects you can do with Tata Pay 

• trafficker checkouts Make payments across multiple Tata brand apps, websites and in- store using NeuCoins, cards, UPI, EMI and further 


 • QR Payments overlook and pay via QR law at any trafficker of your choice. Be it original stores, theatres, druggists or any store, checkup every QR law and distribute with Tata Pay UPI 

• All bills in one go Track and accessibly pay your electricity, mobile, DTH, broadband bills, recharges and further, all in one go 


 • Instant payments shoot plutocrat to a friend, family member or any of your connections directly to their bank account from your bank account, 

your coming vacation, or maybe just your coming mess- there is lots to explore and witness in the world of Tata Neu. 


 Drink to Tata Neu – your gateway to measureless gratuities & boons. Get awarded every step of the way then. This update packs a lot of changes below the hood. We have tweaked the app to make it 

 You can now overlook & pay merchandisers or pay your musketeers, all using Tata Pay UPI. 


 Get a skulk peep at NeuPass! You can earn accelerated NeuCoins on deals and mileage exclusive offers on the app..

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