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Friday 29 July 2022

Major discovery: ‘Biggest plant on Earth’ found in Shark Bay off Australia’s west coast

Major discovery ‘ Biggest factory on Earth ’ set up in Shark Bay off Australia’s west seacoast

The biggest factory on Earth seems to have been set up in Shark Bay off Australia’s west seacoast, media reports said. It covers about 200 sq km area, as per scientists. This factory belongs to the species Posidonia australis. It's also known as fibre- ball weed or strip weed. It's generally set up along the southern plages of Australia. Scientists feel to have stumbled upon the discovery while looking for inheritable differences in strip weed across the bay. They feel to have hit the jackpot when the samples taken from spots indeed 180 km piecemeal showed that they were of single factory and not multiple samples of Posidonia australis. 

“ We allowed ‘what the hell is going on then? ’ We were fully stumped, ” said Dr Martin Breed, ecologist, Flinders University. 


Around 18,000 inheritable labels were examined for variations in the species, which could help elect samples for use in restoration systems, said Jane Edgeloe, pupil experimenter, University of Western Australia( UWA). But it was the same factory, which had spread using rhizomes. It has happed in the same way a field spreads from its edges by transferring out runners. “ The being 200 sq km of strip weed meadows seem to have expanded from a single, colonising seedling, ” Edgeloe said. 

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The exploration has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. According to these experts, the factory seems to have taken at least,500 times to spread as far as it has as the strip weed rhizomes grow up to 35 cm a time.

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