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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Ayurveda remedies for stones read more information

Ayurveda remedies for stones read more information

Getting Sindhav-salt in lemon juice and drinking it standing up dissolves the stones.

Calculus is an important kidney disease seen in many patients. Stones can cause excruciating pain but many patients do not have any discomfort despite having stones.
In some patients, stones can lead to urinary tract infections and kidney damage if not treated in time. It is very common to have stones once and for all. So it is important to know about stones and how to prevent them.

What is a stone?

Calcium oxalate or crystals in the urine combine with each other to form a hard substance in the urethra in the long run, known as stones.

What are the stones? What does it look like? Where is it found in the urethra?

Stones in the urethra vary in size, from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a ball. Some stones are round or elliptical and smooth on the outside. This type of stone is less painful and can be easily excreted naturally through urine.

  • Adding Sindhav-salt in cow's milk whey and drinking it daily in the morning for 215 days, the stones are excreted through urine and it is relaxed.
  • Licking the powder of gokharu in honey dissolves the stones.
  • A fine bowl of boron is crushed with water and the stone is crushed and excreted in the urine.
  • Getting lemon juice in coconut water and drinking it every morning removes stones.

  • Drinking karela juice with buttermilk removes stones.
  • Extracting the juice of radish leaves, adding surokhar in it, drinking it daily dissolves stones.
  • Drinking scaffold vegetable juice dissolves stones.
  • Drinking old jaggery and turmeric in buttermilk dissolves stones.
  • Drinking a decoction of black grapes dissolves stones.

  • Soaking 20 grams of kal at night, masali in the morning, straining the water in the morning every day removes stones.
  • Making a soup of kalthi and drinking it with a pinch of salt dissolves the stones and the terrible pain caused by the stones disappears.
  • Take four tolas of radish seeds and boil them in half a share of water. When half of the water is left, the stones are dissolved by drinking the extracted water.

  • Boil wheat and chickpeas together, add a pinch of sorghum to it and drink it.
  • Drinking a decoction of henna leaves removes stones.
  • After removing the corn kernels, simply burn the doda, make its ashes, take 1 gram of this ashes with water in the morning and evening, the pain of stones is stopped by urinary retention.

  • Take five tolas of buddy milk (milk) leaves and five tolas of henna leaves. Drink. Do not panic if the urine turns red. On the third day, the stones will be finely powdered and excreted in the urine.

  • Eating 50 gms of onion juice mixed with 50 gms of sugar cane breaks down the stones and is excreted in the urine.
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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Is behavior related to health?

Is behavior related to health?

Whether it is a small or big event that happens in daily life or an important event-experience associated with life, it leaves an impression on every body-mind. We have all experienced the passion of the scene in the picture. Experiences such as twisting the fingers or the legs in a certain position and feeling relieved after the scene is over or taking a deep breath indicate that the effects of the scenes in front of us, the thoughts that arise in the mind and the emotions that arise from it are limited to the mind. Not living, also happens on the body.

You may also go through experiences like getting bored, falling asleep, sometimes diarrhea-nausea, not feeling hungry during the preparation of difficult subjects in the exam. Physical effects such as sore throat, sweating while going to a meeting which is very important for job-business may have an effect on the body due to thoughts running in the mind, aggression, anxiety, eagerness.

Such psychosomatic effects are not unique to specific situations. Everyone, big or small, has a psychological effect on their physical, mental and social experiences. With this in mind, it is understandable that efforts alone are not enough to nourish, protect, or strengthen the body. Maintaining health requires maintaining awareness about every aspect physically, mentally and socially. From such a very subtle and far-sighted perspective, Ayurveda has discussed in great detail about the ‘good news’ for maintaining health. Psycho-physical and social well-being for health

The scenes seen in the picture affect the sensory mind through the eye and convey it to the body. In the same way, the body is affected by emotions like anxiety, worry, fear that run from a particular situation in the mind. Which we will call the mutual psychosomatic effect. But Ayurveda says to go beyond here and focus on social life, conduct. Whether it is a daily routine of life or a special behavior like a student, a householder, a man or a woman, an employee. In view of each and every such aspect, a person should be free from rage, hatred, etc., in all such relationships with his elders, gurus, servants, animals, while maintaining serenity of mind and intellect, showing readiness in truthfulness. That is important for health. Asked to understand the serious reasons behind the seemingly very general suggestions. Experience teaches us what is the result of expecting more than one's own strength. But how much does he understand from experience? And Ayurveda gives very detailed instructions to cultivate the wisdom to live life with such understanding.

The list of diseases such as heart disease caused by tension, stress, high blood pressure, emotional eating disorder, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, white spots on the skin, eczema is very long. But despite knowing all this, what and how much can we do about it? Because the effect of conditioning on the mind and body to some extent cannot be completely denied. That is why yoga is limited to asanas only, even in meditation there are thoughts about how to stop the thought, how to just see the thoughts. The implication here is that stress is also for the effectiveness of stress relief measures! This is because of the fact that stress and body-mind disorders are the focus of attention. So the way darkness cannot be erased. Light is enough to remove darkness. Similarly, if one wants to get immunity-protection against stress or psycho-physical or social disorder, then by adopting the ‘good news’ suggested by Ayurveda in the context of today's modern age, the side effects on health can be prevented.

Everybody, big or small, has a psychological effect on their physical, mental and social experiences.

Experience achieved:
Chemical powder made from amla, Dhatriyasayan, Amalki Rasayan, Chyavanprashavaleh with proper guidance can be used with nature-friendly diet and vihar to help prevent possible diseases and aging problems.
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India Corona updates date 29-4-2020

India Corona updates date 29-4-2020

Out of the 9 states with more than 1000 patients, 37% were discharged in Telangana and 33% in Delhi

The first infection was found in Kerala, where 74% and in Haryana 73% of patients recovered

The recovery rate of patients has risen to 23 per cent, with not a single case in 28 districts in 17 days, the health ministry said.

New Delhi. The number of coronaviruses in the country has reached 31 thousand 625. On Wednesday, 28 patients in West Bengal, 19 in Rajasthan and 1 in Orissa reported positive. Earlier on Tuesday, the highest number of 1902 cases came in a single day of Corona transition. So far 7747 patients i.e. about 25% of the patients have recovered. The number of infected people in 9 states is more than 1000. Telangana is in the best position in terms of recovery of patients. Here 374 out of 1009 infected, i.e. about 37% have recovered. Delhi is second with 33%. In states with less than 1000 patients, 74% in Kerala and 73% in Haryana have been discharged from the hospital.

Preparing to evacuate Indians trapped in Gulf countries

The Koro epidemic has trapped millions of Indians in the Gulf. According to government sources, the navy is ready to evacuate the trapped people. If required, the expedition will be sent to the landing platform warship INS Jalashwa and two huge crocodile series ships. The government has asked them to be ready. Sources also said that the INS reservoir is currently out of Vishakhapatnam, as well as a huge crocodile series ship on the west coast.

The countries bordering the Persian Gulf, including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman, are called Gulf countries. There are about one crore Indian laborers here. Most of them are in oil companies or do construction work.

Surprise birthday in lockdown

Hyderabad police have celebrated the surprise birthday of a one-year-old girl amid a lockdown. Myra's parents are in Boston, USA and she is not with them on her daughter's birthday due to the lockdown. The Hyderabad police officer then reached the girl's house with cakes and gifts. Together they also sang a birthday song for the girl.

Important updates of the day

  • The Punjab government has extended the lockdown in the state for two weeks. Also announced a four-hour curfew.
  • Corona test of 15 officers of NIA Mumbai branch negative
  • In Delhi's Azadpur Mandi, 11 traders were positive and many shops were sealed
  • In a village in Haridwar, a medical team arrived to survey Kovid
  • Doctors, bank employees and even police working in Delhi will not be able to enter Faridabad after 12 noon today.
  • The director of Jharkhand's largest Kovid hospital has resigned
  • Kedarnath temple doors opened, devotees not allowed to go due to lockdown
  • 8 policemen found positive in 2 days, people close to them quarantined: Pune police

Status of States

Madhya Pradesh, Infected: 2387- A total of 222 new patients were found here on Tuesday. This includes 19 infected inmates of the Central Jail in Indore. He will be shifted to a temporary jail. So far 1372 patients have been found in Indore, 458 in Bhopal and 123 in Ujjain.

Uttar Pradesh, Infected: 2053- Corona virus has affected 60 districts in UP. The KGMU report in Lucknow on Wednesday morning found 20 positives. Of these, 4 new patients have been found in Lucknow, 9 in Agra and 7 in Firozabad. In the last 24 years, 70 new patients have been found. The state has so far a total of 2073 corona positive. The report of 67 people in the state came positive on Tuesday. The highest number of 17 patients was from Agra. Then 13 reports came positive in Varanasi.

Maharashtra, Infected: 9318- 728 new cases were reported here on Tuesday. At the same time, the number of infected people in the state has risen to 9,318. Of these, 5,982 are from Mumbai alone. Corona has killed 400 people so far in the state.

Rajasthan, Infected: 2383- 19 new positive cases of corona have been reported in Rajasthan on Wednesday. Of these, 11 in Ajmer, 5 in Jaipur, 1-1 in Udaipur, Banswara and Jodhpur have been found infected. The total number of positive cases in the state has reached 2383. Here on Wednesday, 19 new cases have come up. Out of which 11 in Ajmer, 5 in Jaipur, while 1-1 patients have been found in Udaipur, Banswara and Jodhpur.



 Bihar, Infected: 366- There were 20 new cases of infection here on Tuesday. Out of which 6 in Gopalganj, 4 in Kaimur Bhavua, 3 in Jehanabad, 2 in Munger, while in Buxar, Banka, Sitamarhi, Sheikhpara and Araria 1-1 patient report has come positive.
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Tuesday, 28 April 2020



  • 164 in Ahmedabad, 15 in Vadodara, 14 in Surat, 9 in Anand, 9 in Rajkot, 6 in Botad, 6 in Gandhinagar, 2 in Bharuch, 1 in Bhavnagar.
  • Central team lauds steps taken by state government to eradicate corona in Surat-Ahmedabad
  • With three new cases in Gandhinagar district, a total of 33 positive cases have been reported in the district.

Ahmedabad. The state has registered 226 new patients of corona in the last 24 hours and 40 patients have been discharged. While 19 patients have died. All these deaths have taken place in Ahmedabad. So far a total of 3774 patients have been registered and 434 patients have been discharged while the death toll has reached 181.

The 226 newly registered positive cases include 164 in Ahmedabad, 15 in Vadodara, 14 in Surat, 9 in Anand, 9 in Rajkot, 6 in Botad, 6 in Gandhinagar, 2 in Bharuch and 1 in Bhavnagar.

The central team in Gujarat has submitted its report to review the condition of Corona, its prevention measures and compliance with the lockdown rules. The report lauded the prompt action taken by the state government in Surat and Ahmedabad and the initiative to find the infected using modern technology.

Lockdown in 4 cities stricter, crime registered against two more members of Tabligh Jamaat: State Police Chief

Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot have the highest number of corona positive cases and hotspot areas are more prevalent in these cities. State police chief Sivananda Jai ​​said the lockdown would be tightened in the four cities. Shopkeepers and customers need to wear masks and shoppers need to be vigilant. Police will take action in areas where crowds are seen and precautions are not taken. Crimes have been registered against two more members of the Tabligh community. Vehicles carrying borewells or equipment used for water and irrigation and people engaged in repair work have been reported to be stopped. These vehicles are also instructed not to stop and to allow.

Government approval for borewell on farm

Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar said the decision has been taken by the government to provide irrigation facilities to farmers. According to the decision, the farmer has been allowed to drill a borewell in the field. Also, a vehicle for a borewell will not need a pass for this. Grain has been distributed to 35 lakh families. Also, 1 thousand rupees have been deposited in the account of more than 50 lakh families.
Instructions to employees coming from hotspots, containments and red zones not to come to Gandhinagar
An important decision has been taken by the General Administration Department after the death of an employee of Gandhinagar Narmada Corporation. Employees coming from Hotspot, Containment, Red Zone have been instructed not to come to Gandhinagar. Relief has been given to the employees coming from the infected area of ​​Ahmedabad.

The recovery rate of patients in Gujarat is a bit slow compared to other states

Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that at present, the recovery rate of patients in Gujarat is a bit slow compared to other states and on the contrary, the death rate of patients is higher than other states. In most cases, this is due to the high rate of comorbidity in Gujarat and the difference in the strain of the virus from other states. Experts from Gujarat are doing research on this and based on that, it will be understood how to behave.

Changes in the timing of corona related information
The timing of the media briefing on Corona, the lockdown and important decisions of the government has been changed from April 28 in Corona's Zapate. At 2 pm, Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar will give a briefing on important decisions of the state government and the state of supply of essential commodities. Then at 4 pm the state police chief Shivanand Jha will give a briefing on the state of law and order situation and then at 7.30 pm the front health secretary Jayanti Ravi will give information about the updated details of Corona.

Ahmedabad. The total number of coronary patients in the state rose to 3,559 while the death toll reached 162.


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Easy home remedy for acidity, bile, gas, indigestion

Easy home remedy for acidity, bile, gas, indigestion

Heavy diet and sedentary life lead to problems like gas, nausea and indigestion. Lack of exercise, not eating nutritious food and craving for fast food are the reasons why most people nowadays suffer from gas. The gas problem is very bad and it invites many diseases with it. It causes indigestion, headaches and even sour belching. Abdominal pain. No work seems to mind. But allopathy cannot be permanently diagnosed with drugs.

Gastric or peptic ulcer:

 It is the most common gastric ulcer. This happens when the acid and food inside the stomach is pushed from the stomach to the esophagus. Those who have such problems frequently should pay attention to some special things to get rid of this problem and treat it at home. What should be done to avoid sour belching of acidity?

Drink less water with food or not if possible.

  • Avoid high fat foods (oil-fried farsanas, ghee-mawa sweets, mouth-watering items, etc.).
  • Do not take chocolate, peppermint, other minted items, soda etc. as it may damage the esophagus and stomach. Which can cause acidity problems.
  • Avoid eating anything that makes you feel unwell. It happens that different things hurt for different people.
  • Do not go to bed immediately after eating. When sleeping, keep the head towards the head of the bed six inches high.
  • Losing weight and belly fat. Walk regularly.
  • If it is very windy, soak half a pound of ajmo in warm water thrice a day. Which will relieve abdominal pain and left side heart pain. Along with ajma, a little Sindh salt and two-three drops of lemon is also an elixir.

  • Add half a tola of fenugreek and half a tola of suwa to the half-roasted sugar. Then put the powder in an airtight container. Loss of half a pound three times a day eliminates flatulence, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
  • To get rid of gas, mix ginger, saffron and ajmo, mix it with soda bicarbonate and drink it.
  • Mix lemon juice in hot water and drink it. The root cause of most diseases is gas.
  • The patient suffering from gas should drink lemon juice mixed with basil juice daily.
  • Making kokum, cardamom and sugar sauce eliminates bile.
  • Consumption of Kareli leaf juice causes vomiting or rash and destroys bile. This can be stopped by eating ghee and rice.
  • Pomegranate is good for bile. It is good for the heart. Pomegranate juice causes vomiting. It also cures pregnant vomiting. Pomegranate is very cool.
  • Consumption of kotha leaf chutney gives relief in bile.
  • Tamarind is biliary. In summer, it is beneficial to take jaggery in tamarind water for bile. Tamarind also clears diarrhea.
  • Getting sugar in tomato juice or soup and drinking it can get rid of biliary disorders.

Giving cumin powder with the juice of Alvi kuna leaves cures gallstones.
Tamarind is soaked in twice the amount of water for four hours, after boiling, when half of the water is left, remove it, get double sugar syrup in it, make syrup and drink 20 to 30 grams at night, it gives quick relief in gallstones.
Soaking chiku in butter all night and eating it in the morning calms the bile rage. Chiku is hard to digest and maintain proper proportions according to one's digestion.

Drinking fresh pomegranate seed juice with powdered sugar calms any type of bile irritation.
Eating ripe bananas and ghee is beneficial in biliary diseases.
Gooseberry seeds are obtained with PC water and drinking sugar to cure bile disorders.

Drinking the juice of purple peel in milk gives relief in vomiting and biliary disorders.

Drinking amla juice cures bile diseases.
Milk, pudding, mava products, sweeteners, malpuda, penda, ghee dishes in proper proportions alleviate bile.
  • Indigenous medicines for gas, indigestion, bile and sour belching
  • Mixing a little hing with cumin powder removes flatulence.
  • Roasted fenugreek and sleeping powder taken with water is very beneficial in flatulence, nausea, vomiting and sour odor.

  • Mixing jaggery and ginger thrice a day destroys flatulence.
  • Every night before going to bed, put two true isbaguls in the milk and swallow Lavanbhaskar to get rid of flatulence. However, taking Isabagul for a long time makes the muscles tight.
  • To eliminate the problem of gas, take roasted glass and pepper in equal proportions and make a powder to get relief in gas.

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GSEB Science Provisional Official Answer key 2020 Declared

GSEB Science Provisional Official Answer key 2020 Declared

GSEB Conducts Subject Examination of HSC 12th science Gujarat Board. So The Students Who are studying in 10th and 12th standard are Doing Preparation of Their Examination. Like a Previous Year, This Exams Are Starts in march from 05-03-2020 in this Year also. But This Year Students are Very sensitive and serious about 12th and 10th board Because as per our Observation and analysis Lots of Student After Completing their Examination are Searching for Answer keys Of Specific Paper Immediately. So We Can Say that The Student of 12th science 2020 is more sincere then Previous Year student. it will also affects on Result Which will Be Declare in April Or may 2020.

GSEB HSC  Answer Key 2020

GSEB Will Publish Official Answer key of MCQ Objective Question Paper of Chemistry Examination after whole exam Completed of HSC Board. Those candidates who have appeared in GSEB Maths Exam 2020 can download the official answer key from the official website of GSEB & GSEB Service website here.

How to download the GSEB Answer Key 2020?

The process given below is to download the GSEB Science Physics Answer key 2020. Candidates follow the instructions given below to download the Science Physics Answer key.

  • Step 1: Visit the GSEB Official website
  • Step 2: On the page, click on the link of Science Answer Key.
  • Step 3: Then, the screen opens to login.
  • Step 4: Enter all credentials and submit them.
  • Step 5: After submitting, the screen opens with the Science Physics Answer Key.
  • Step 6: Then, the candidates can download the Answer key by clicking the Download icon.


Download answer key from here
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Sunday, 26 April 2020

India Corona update date 26-4-2020

India Corona update date 26-4-2020

  • Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital is in Jahangirpuri
  • The infection spread to 26 states and 6 union territories, out of which 80% patients were registered in 7 states.
  • Most affected by the Mumbai Coro transition in the country, the number of cases here has increased 100 times in a month
  • The number of patients doubled within 10 days in the second phase of the lockdown

The coroner's report of 44 staff members, including doctors, at Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital in Delhi's Jahangir Puri has come positive. All hospital services have been shut down. Samples of the rest of the staff have also been taken. Awaiting their report. The hospital comes under the Delhi government. There have been more cases of corona in this area.

The number of Corona infections in the country has reached 26 thousand 637. So far 827 people have lost their lives. On Sunday, 81 new cases were reported in Andhra Pradesh, 69 in Rajasthan, 40 in Bengal, six in Jharkhand, four in Bihar, three in Odisha and one in Karnataka. So far the transition has spread to 26 states and 6 Union Territories. But 21 thousand 115 patients i.e. 80% are from only 7 states. These states include Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. These figures are based on information obtained by and the state government. According to the Union Ministry of Health, there are 26,496 infected people in the country. Of these, 19,868 are undergoing treatment, 5,803 have recovered, while 824 have lost their lives.

A total of 323 people lost their lives in Maharashtra

37 people lost their lives in one day on Saturday. Of these, 22 died in Maharashtra and 6 in Gujarat. A total of 323 people have died in Maharashtra so far. While in Gujarat the figure has gone up to 133. Apart from these two states, 2-2 people lost their lives in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh on Saturday. The transition in Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir has resulted in 1-1 deaths. Earlier, on April 24, the highest death toll in the country was 57. This is the highest number of deaths in a single day.

In the second phase of the lockdown, the number of patients has doubled in 10 days. As of April 15, there were 12,370 patients, which has risen to 26,378 by the late night of April 25. A record 1835 cases were reported on Saturday. This is the largest number of new patients in a single day. The first of these was found to be infected on April 23, 1667.

Important updates regarding Corona:

Another 15 CRPF personnel deployed in Delhi tested positive for corona on Saturday. A day earlier also 9 jawans were found infected.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister E Palaniswami has announced a complete lockdown in Chennai from April 26 to April 29. The state has so far come up against 1821 crore infected. Of these, 500 cases are in Chennai alone.
A robotic trolley has been built at Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is used to give medicine and food to coronary infections. This reduces the risk of the hospital staff coming in contact with the patient and becoming infected.

Status of 5 States and 1 Union Territory

Madhya Pradesh, Infected - 2036: According to the state health department, 1176 cases of corona have been reported in Indore so far. 91 new cases were reported late Saturday night. 57 patients have lost their lives in the city. In Bhopal, 388 patients have reported positive. 9 people have died. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that shops were not open in Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain, Jabalpur, Dhar and Khargone. There is no question of opening shops in the content zone.

Uttar Pradesh, Infected - 1793: A corona report of 172 patients came positive here on Saturday. The state government has imposed a ban on mass programs in the region till June 30. 2224 returnees have been quarantined in Haryana.

Maharashtra, Infected- 7628: A record 811 cases were reported in the state on Saturday. Of these, 281 patients were found in Mumbai alone. The number of infected people here is 4,870, while the death toll has risen to 191. So far 323 people have lost their lives. A 57-year-old head constable died on Saturday, while 96 policemen were found to have been infected with the virus.

Rajasthan, Infected- 2141: There were 58 cases of Corona infection here on Sunday. Of these, 20 patients were found in Nagaur, 15 in Jodhpur, 11 in Ajmer, 7 in Jaipur, 3 in Kota, while 1-1 patients were found in Hanumangarh and Jhalawar.


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Friday, 24 April 2020

India Corona update date 24-4-2020

Gujarat corona update 24-4-2020 Evening

  • Of the 191 new cases, 169 were in Adavad, 6 in Surat, 5 in Vadodara, 3 in Anand, 3 in Panchmahal, 2 in Bhavnagar and 1-1 in Valsad-Botad and Gandhinagar.
  • Out of a total of 2815 patients, 29 were on ventilators, 2394 were stable, 265 recovered and 127 died.
  • A total of 43,822 tests were conducted in the state, 2815 reports were positive and 41007 reports were negative.
  • Transition increased due to people from Nizamuddin, the situation would have been worse if curfew had not been imposed: CM Rupani

Ahmedabad. In the last 24 hours, 191 new cases of corona have been reported in the state, while 14 patients died in Ahmedabad and 1 in Surat, bringing the total number of deaths to 15. While 7 patients have recovered. Thus the total death toll has risen to 127 and so far the total number of patients has been 2815 and 265 patients have recovered.

Giving an update on Corona, the state's front secretary of health Jayanti Ravi said 191 new cases have been reported in the state in the last 24 hours. These include 169 cases in Adavad, 6 in Surat, 5 in Vadodara, 3 in Anand, 3 in Panchmahal, 2 in Bhavnagar and 1-1 in Valsad, Botad and Gandhinagar. While 15 patients have died. Of these, 14 died in Ahmedabad and 1 in Surat and 7 patients recovered. Out of a total of 2815 patients, 29 are on ventilator and 2394 are stable while 265 have recovered and 127 have died. So far 43,822 tests have been conducted in Gujarat out of which 2815 reports are positive and 41007 reports are negative.

Regarding the serious condition of Corona in the state, Chief Minister Rupani today told the media that the transition has increased due to people coming from Nizamuddin. If curfew had not been imposed, the situation would have been worse. Mortality is 3 to 4 percent No need to fear. 70 to 80 per cent of the cases in the state are from Surat, Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara. Doctors are currently working 18 hours a day despite being infected. There is no shortage of ventilators in the state.

Pregnant corona tests will be conducted in cluster-containment areas and in labor camps.
The Chief Minister has directed the Health Department to ensure that pregnant women living in cluster containment areas as well as labor camps run for workers in the state and those who have been shifted from hotspot district centers who have labor pains or are about to give birth in the next five days have no symptoms. Also a precautionary form of maternity health care Such sisters should be tested for Covid-12.

Curfew has been lifted in Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot. The people have cooperated in the curfew. A total of 223 arrests have been made in 198 cases of curfew violation in Ahmedabad. Similarly, 158 people have been arrested in 155 crimes in Surat and 143 people in 129 crimes in Rajkot. Thus a total of 482 offenses were registered in the state during the curfew out of which 544 accused have been arrested. 51 offenses have been filed using drones and 6 offenses using CCTV. The lockdown continues till May 3, so strict enforcement of the lockdown will continue at all places. State police chief Sivananda Zhao said strict enforcement of the lockdown had been imposed where curfew was in place and the transition was more widespread. Two positive cases have been reported in Ahmedabad district today. A total of 20 positive cases have been reported in the district against two cases in Bopal and Jetalpur of Daskaroi taluka. In which only 15 cases have come up in Daskaroi. At the same time, a total of 2628 cases of corona have been reported in the state so far.

The office of 98 Sub-Registrar will be started in the state, the registration of documents will have to be done online

Government work is being started gradually in the state. Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar has informed that 98 sub-registrar offices will be set up in the state. However, social distance must be maintained in the office of the Sub-Registrar and registration of the document has to be done online. About 40,000 industries have been started in the state and about 5 lakh workers have returned to work, the chief minister's secretary said.

A 61-year-old man from Thangarh in Surendranagar was arrested from Corona, Travel History Botad.

The first positive case has been reported in Surendranagar district. A 61-year-old resident of Thangarh in the district has tested positive for corona. This person's travel history is from Botad. Corona's positive case is now rife in the district system. Another positive case has been reported in Gandhinagar. A doctor in Gandhinagar has received a positive report from Korona. With this, a total of 2626 positive cases have been reported in the state so far. While the death toll has reached 112. A total of 179 patients in the state have recovered and returned home.

At present about 3 thousand tests are done every day in the state: Jayanti Ravi

Jayanti Ravi, the frontline health secretary, also gave information about the tests being conducted in the state today. He said around 3,000 tests are being conducted in the state at present. 750 tests were performed on 5 April. Which today more than 3 thousand are tested every day. As many as 4,212 tests were conducted on April 20. Testing is also being done in smaller districts along with enhancing the testing process in the hotspot area.


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LRB Constable Final Result 2020 UNARMED (FEMALE) at

LRB Constable Final Result 2020 UNARMED (FEMALE) at

LRB Gujarat Document Verification List & Physical Test PET Result Cut off

LRB Result 2020 Ojas LRB Gujarat Police Constable Document Verification List, Time table 2019 or Schedule will be declared before 07th May 2019 on official website Due to General Election of India 2019 Achar sanhita LRB Gujarat Holds the Program of Document Verification and Now Election is Over in Gujarat So LRB Gujarat will Officially publish Document Verification List,




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LRB Constable Final Result 2020 ARMED (FEMALE) at

LRB Constable Final Result 2020 ARMED (FEMALE)

LRB Gujarat Document Verification List & Physical Test PET Result Cut off

LRB Result 2020 Ojas LRB Gujarat Police Constable Document Verification List, Time table 2019 or Schedule will be declared before 07th May 2019 on official website Due to General Election of India 2019 Achar sanhita LRB Gujarat Holds the Program of Document Verification and Now Election is Over in Gujarat So LRB Gujarat will Officially publish Document Verification List,




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LRB Constable Final Result 2020 JAIL SEPOY FEMALE at

LRB Constable Final Result 2020 JAIL SEPOY FEMALE at 

LRB Gujarat Document Verification List & Physical Test PET Result Cut off

LRB Result 2020 Ojas LRB Gujarat Police Constable Document Verification List, Time table 2019 or Schedule will be declared before 07th May 2019 on official website Due to General Election of India 2019 Achar sanhita LRB Gujarat Holds the Program of Document Verification and Now Election is Over in Gujarat So LRB Gujarat will Officially publish Document Verification List,





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Public distribution system, See your village list APL, BPL, AAY, NFSA

Public distribution system, See your village list APL, BPL, AAY, NFSA

Public distribution system has been implemented in the state for the food security of the poor. The Director, Food and Civil Supplies Office under the State of Gujarat, Department of Food and Civil Supplies plays a vital role in making it functional. Monitoring and supervision of regular supply of foodgrains and other commodities on a monthly basis through fair price shops is carried out in coordination with various agencies for the management of public distribution system. In addition, the demand and supply of goods are also controlled and monitored as per the Essential Commodities Act as well as the control orders under it.

Management system

The state level office of the Director, Food and Civil Supplies is located at Gandhinagar to carry out the above functions. While for the operation of this office, the District Supply Officer at the district level and the Taluka Mamlatdar at the taluka level perform their duties in their respective fields.

Fair Price Store (Selection and Appointment)
Distribution system of essential items
Ration card
Transparency and grievance redressal system
Vigilance system
Rural and urban vigilance committees
Organization of the Office of the Director
Awareness campaign

Monitoring of essential commodity prices
Fair Price Store (Selection and Appointment)
Essential Items The work of issuing license under the orders issued under the Commodities Act 13 is done by the Collector Shri District Supply Officer / Mamlatdar Shri at the district level. For proper management of public distribution system, specific areas are fixed for fair price shops in each taluka and urban area (zone) on the basis of population determined by the State Government for rural and urban areas and fair price shop management advice for each fair price shop extension. After getting the recommendation of the committee, the District Collector Shri As per the decision of the District Advisory Committee, the District Supply Officer has to do it. In addition, licensing under the Public Distribution System Control Order is also done at the district level.

Distribution system of essential items

The Ministry of Food and Public Distribution Management of the Government of India allocates foodgrains and sugar on an annual / quarterly / monthly basis for public distribution. While the Ministry of Petroleum allocates kerosene on an annual / quarterly basis. At the beginning of the month, the quantity of essential items available at the state level is distributed in a district wise manner keeping in view the type of ration card holders, population as well as the standards of essential items available per card in the state. On the basis of which the district supply officers allocate for taluka (village) and urban taluka (zone). While Taluka Mamlatdars / Zonal Officers issue permits to fair price shops, kerosene retailers / hawkers on a monthly basis for distribution of essential items for distribution to card holders. Relevant fair price shopkeepers have to get the quantity mentioned in this permit from the godowns under Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation. While the Government of India's Oil Co. The quantity of kerosene permitted by the kerosene agents at Nimel and the district has to be arranged by the doorstep delivery at the fair price shop / kerosene retailer or hawker's place.

Ration card

Generally, every family residing within the state has the right to get a ration card. For this, the head of the family has to give full details in the prescribed form prescribed by the state government and apply to the office of the Taluka Mamlatdar / Zonal Officer of his area with supporting evidence. As per the provisions of the Citizen's Charter, the Taluka Mamlatdar Shri / Zonal Officer has to check the application of the applicant and as per the requirement, determine the category of the card, obtain the photos and biometric details of the head of the family / members, issue a barcoded ration card. Under the Barcoded Ration Card Scheme, the cardholder has to visit the e-gram / cybercafe on the basis of their biometric details and get the barcoded coupons of the quantity of essential items to be found according to the category of their card. Personal coupons are printed out on all items available to cardholders on A-3 size barcoded coupon sheets.

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At the same time, the quantity of essential items received during the month of that year should also be recorded in the baroqueed ration card. Arrangements are also being made in the coming days to make arrangements so that the barcoded ration card holder can get the quantity of essential items from any reasonable price shop.

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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Subject: Freezing of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees

Subject: Freezing of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees

and Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners at current rates till July 2021

The corona crisis in the country has also had a major impact on the economy. Meanwhile, the Indian government has made a big decision on Thursday. As per the decision, the DA received by the central employees has been stopped. This ban will continue till July 1, 2021.

As per the order issued by the Ministry of Finance, due to the corona virus crisis, the amount of DA received by the central employee or pensioner will not be given after January 1, 2020. On the other hand, the additional DA which was to be received from July 1, 2020, will also not be given.

It will be clear on July 1, 2021 when it will be decided to give DA further. This order will be applicable to Central employees and employees receiving pension by the Central Government.

The undersigned is directed to say that in view of the crisis arising out of COVID-19, it has been decided that the additional installment of Dearness Allowance payable to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners, due from 1st January 2020 shall not be paid. The additional installments of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief due from 1st July 2020 and 1st January 2021 shall also not be paid. However, Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief at current rates will continue to be paid.

2. As and when the decision to release the future installment of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief due from 1st July 2021 is taken by the Government, the rates of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief as effective from 1st January 2020, 1st July 2020 and 1st January 2021 will be restored prospectively and will be subsumed in the cumulative revised rate effective from 1st July 2021. No arrears for the period from 1st January 2020 till 30th June 2021 shall be paid.

 3 These orders shall be applicable to all Central Government employees and Central Government pensioners. airathu. (Annie George Mathew) Additional Secretary to the Government of India TO (i) All Ministries/Departments of the Government of India (as per standard distribution list). (ii) Ministry of Railways (iii) Ministry of Defence

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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

gujarat Corona update date 22-4-2020 Evening

gujarat Corona update date 22-4-2020 Evening

A total of 135 new cases of corona have been reported in the state since this morning and 8 patients have died. While 35 have been discharged. With this, the total number of patients in the state has gone up to 2407 and the death toll has reached 103. While 179 patients have recovered.

People worship and worship at home during religious festivals: State Police Chief

During the 30 days of lockdown i.e. from March 25 to April 22, various types of crimes have been committed by the people in the state. In these 30 days, a total of 88,007 offenses have been registered, including breach of declaration, quarantine breach, other offenses, offenses reported from drones and CCTV surveillance and breach of curfew. 1,45,902 people have been arrested. As many as 50944 violations of declarations, 18492 for quarantine violations, and 7507 other offenses have been registered. As many as 7724 cases of drone surveillance and 1372 cases of CCTV surveillance, 474 cases of spreading social media rumors have been registered. A total of 1494 cases of curfew violation have been registered so far in three cities Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Surat.

Out of the 94 new cases received today, 61 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad, 2 in Botad, 1 in Rajkot, 17 in Surat, 8 in Vadodara and 5 in Aravalli.

Important events from the morning of 22 April to the present
>> Demand to be allowed to start trade industry in all other areas of Rajkot except hotspot area
>> Door-to-door Extreme Intensive Testing started by 4 teams of Health Branch in areas other than Jungleshwar of Rajkot
>> Locals protest against Kovid-19 care center at hotel in Ahmedabad

>> People taken to Quarantine ward in Pura area of ​​Surat

>> Isolation ward and doctor team stand up in Sabarmati Central Jail following Corona

Arranged to deliver the young man's body from Gujarat to his native Assam
A young man named Rahul Burman, originally from Assam and working for a company called Titech in Sanand, Gujarat, died today. Also, the body of the young man could not reach Assam under any circumstances amid the lockdown. In such a situation, his family in Assam approached Hemant Biswa, the minister of Assam and a veteran leader of Northeast India. Biswaji tweeted about this by tagging Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, in response to which CM Rupani took immediate action and arranged to send the body of the deceased youth to Assam.


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Check Your Name In NFSA List l Gujarat 1000 Rs Sahay List in Lockdown

Check Your Name In NFSA List l Gujarat 1000 Rs Sahay List in Lockdown

CMO Secretary Ashwini Kumar today announced the importance of the government at a press conference. He said that Rs. 1000 assistance is announced to 66 lakh cardholders. Which will be deposited directly into the beneficiary's account and no form will have to be filled for this. He said that this assistance would increase the additional burden of Rs 660 crore on the government.

No form will be required to be filled

Ashwini Kumar said that the assistance would be provided immediately and deposit would be started on Monday in the beneficiary's account. There is no need to fill out any form to get this amount.

Amid growing corona-positive cases in the state, the Romanian government announced the importance of the poor. CMO secretary Ashwini Kumar said at a press conference that it has been decided that Rs.

He said that the state government would also provide Rs 1,000 assistance for the month of April. The amount of this assistance will be deposited in the bank account of all the beneficiary family. He said that due to this help, the state government would have a burden of Rs 666 crore.

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1st Step: Visit the official website of the department dcf gujarat
Initially, you all need to type the this is the official portal of the Department of food and Civil Supplies.

2nd step: Search the NFSA link
Once you visit the official portal now on the home page you need to search the NFSA tab which was available at the top of the menu bar. Click on it and select the Eligibility list of NFSA.
3rd step: Select the district
Now on the next page, you need to select the district where you belong from

4th step: Select the Taluka name
Once you clicked the district than on the next page you will see some town names for urban areas and block names for the rural areas, select the one where you lived in.
5th step: Select the Village name
On the next page, you need to select the name of the Your Village. And Click On Number Of Giving In List You Can Check Your BPL/APL List Also.


 Check Your Name Now in the list of NFSA

વીડિયો જોવા નિચેના ફોટા પર ક્લીક કરો

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