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Friday 12 March 2021

Download std 6 to 8 English grammar in Guajarati in handwriting notes

Download std 6 to 8 English alphabet in Guajarati in handwriting notes 


 An English alphabet book created is now available for free in this app. This English alphabet app covers 138 popular alphabet points using simple explanations, numerous exemplifications, and delightful quizzes. 

Whether you're an English language learner, or a native English speaker, this English alphabet app will help you with the structure of English. By perfecting your English alphabet, your jotting and speaking will both ameliorate. 


 There are two ways to study work this app 


 1) You can study all the alphabet assignments by position. We ordered them from easy to delicate so learning is step by step. 

 2) We also have all the assignments grouped together by types similar as Nouns, Verbs, papers, Adverbs, Verb Tenses,etc. 


 There are also great features that make studying alphabet with this app fun 


- Points are awarded for each position 

-Different color orders are given depending on your score 

- You can bookmark any assignment 

- In app purchase to remove advertisements available 


 The entire app is fully free and everything is uncorked. Go leading and install this free app and start learning now! 


 Then we partake one common thing to learn and to educate perfect English alphabet. This app isn't your everyday alphabet book. Then we write what we learned ourselves, during expansive studies of English Grammar. Each of the motifs is covered with ample real- life exemplifications and easy- to- understand delineations. 



 This app won't only help you with learning introductory alphabet but will also help you with confusing aspects of alphabet, which is a enough unique point. utmost alphabet literacy platforms partake knowledge on the basics only; while our design includes results to everyday issues that we face in English alphabet, and we enrich our app on a regularbasis.However, you may shoot us a request via our contact section, or stay until we add what you need, If you still do n’t see the exact information you need. 



- Night mode reading. 

- Control on fountain size. 

-Easy to use the app. 

- A great number of exemplifications for each content. 

- Exercise for every content( Online) 

- Study/ Assignments memorial 


 We divided all motifs into three section similar as freshman, intermediate and advanced so that one can fluently follow step by step literacy. 



- Word 

- judgment 

- corridor of Speech 

- Noun 

- Pronoun 

- Adjective 

- Verb 

- Adverb 

- Preposition 

- Confluence 

- exclamation 

- papers 


- Number 



- Expressions 

- Clauses 

- Conditionals 

- Composition 

- Modifiers 

- history 

- Prefixes 

- Suffixes 

- Modal Auxiliaries 

- Subject- Verb Agreement 

-Right Forms of Verbs 

- Determiners & 

- Quantifiers 




- Cases 

- Moods 

- Do- support 

- Negation & 

-Double Negative 

- Inversion 

- Use of Prepositions 

- Pronouns before the Gerunds & Infinitives 

- Antecedents of Pronoun 

- Adjective followed by the Infinitives 

- Causative Verbs 

- Verbs followed by Gerunds 

- Verbs followed by Infinitives 

- Uses of Direct & Indirect Object 

-Correct Use of" Sequence of Tense" in Writing 

- Affirmative & Negative Agreement 

- Comparatives 

- swinging Modifiers 

- Bedded Questions 

-resemblant Structure 

- Perfectives 

- Subjunctive 

- One VS You

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