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Thursday 13 May 2021

Sorathi Baharvatia - Part III written by Zaverchand Meghani

Sorathi Baharvatia - Part III written by Zaverchand Meghani

Sorathi Baharvatia - Part III written by Zaverchand Meghani

Zaverchand meghani was great writer in gujarati world.this book is also written by zaverchand meghani.this book name is “Sorathi Baharvatiya”. Sorathi Baharvatiya in 3 Part, but here you see third part of Sorathi baharvatiya which Is written by Javerchand meghani (Zaverchand Meghani).

Types of Saurashtra Baharvatia

Santava's place: Ishtadev's

Reputation: Dehadman: Yatidharma

Compassion: Respect for women:

Physical strength: Type of hostility:


Daz on the English

Poems of Baharvatia

Cruel behaviors

Sorathi Baharvatia::

Gigo Mahiyo

Kadu Makrani

Destruction of grain

Out of the mud


Mower Sandhwani

Theology of Baharvatia::

Objecting to oneself and the monarchy, any human being ignores the monarchy and takes a path outside the state, its name is Baharav (Va) TO. In English, it is synonymous with Outlaw: meaning one who is out of the realm of law, who refuses to abide by the law, and as a result is deprived of the protection of the law.

In the old days and in this era, in this country as well as in other countries, there are many outsiders, armed or unarmed. They have made successful or unsuccessful attempts to avenge their own injustice or to avenge their own revenge by inflating the monarchy. And after the implementation of the 'Dhara' of the British state, 'Baharvatu' has become a crime punishable by death under Section 161A of the Hindi Penal Code.

In the history of the country, the chapters of outsiders have become very interesting. The atmosphere of 'outsiders' is creepy.

It is a confluence of many conflicting prices. The king is surrounded by the atmosphere of Vikrama and Vaibhav, the sage is surrounded by the pure peace of Tapovan, the scholar is surrounded by rasik vidvata. But around Baharvatia, there are conflicts such as monarchy with begging, compassion with brutality, generosity with plunder, happiness with crises, and fearless nobility with deceit. 

Often the people are more interested in the small heroism of Baharvatia than in the great deeds of a world champion. Anne Mojili laughs at the occasions of nature. Listening to his cruel deeds, he feels remorse and anguish as if he has made a mistake to his beloved soul. 

When it comes to the opposite, pity is eaten. Forgetting its faults and considering its atomic qualities as a mountain, many high fictional or semi-fictional events of heroism are associated with its name. Saiyarashtra is a country full of colorful folk history. Let us first understand the vision of Europe in the theory of alienation. Then let's get down to the rich storytelling of Kathiawar.





I hope you like this book.

Name: Sorathi Baharavatiya 3

Author: Zaverchand Meghani

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