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Sunday 20 December 2020

Art Puzzle, jigsaw Coloring

Art Puzzle, jigsaw Coloring

Get color jigs meets!  Color puzzles to bring pictures to life!

Art Puzzle,  jigsaw Coloring 

  Welcome to Art Puzzle - a new colorful game that offers you the ultimate aesthetic experience.  It's a place where coloring books complete jigsaw puzzles.  Solve hidden puzzles, explore beautiful landscapes and admire the imaginative image.  Try this inspiring revival of the classic coloring game!

  In the art puzzle game, you will enjoy the amazing hidden pictures that come to life, as you try to put all the pieces in the right place.  It’s an exciting experience that has completely improved the traditional concepts of color and puzzles for adults.

  Art Puzzle is a super relaxing and aesthetically appealing kind of art games.  Once you start, you will not be able to stop playing.  Say goodbye to boredom and stress because there are so many pictures for your color;  Each one painting is aesthetically stunning and intelligently imaginative.

  If you like games like number and color according to jigsaw puzzles, you will definitely like our app!  In Art Puzzle you need to find the right place for each puzzle piece.  As a result, you will bring beautiful art stories to life.

  Our coloring game contains a large number of satisfying art stories.  Designed as a quiet game for stress-relief, the art puzzle will give you a chance to take a break and bring your daily routine to life.  At first glance, you might think that this art coloring game is quite simple.  However, some spots are hidden from your eyes, so be prepared for the challenge.  We've created a simple but challenging tile that matches the mechanic to enhance your gaming experience.

  Find Art Puzzle Free:

  * A completely unique gaming experience.

  * A perfect fusion of two popular genres - coloring books and jigsaw puzzles.

  * Interesting content from top artists from around the world.

  * Stunning pictures that come to life.

  * Helpful hints to guide you when you stop solving picture puzzles

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