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Sunday 12 April 2020

India Corona update date 12-4-2020

India Corona update date 12-4-2020

8 April 813, 871 on April 10 and 854 patients tested positive on April 11
Union ministers can handle operations on Monday, focusing on economic situation after lockdown
Lockdown in five states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Telangana, Punjab and Odisha extends till April 30
New Delhi: Due to corona, on Saturday, there were 854 new cases in the country and the total number of infections was 8,453. In the last 24 hours, 36 people have been killed in the country so far. With this

The total death toll in the country is 297. In Maharashtra, 17 people lost their lives on Saturday. In addition, Maharashtra has the highest number of 1761 positive cases. There have been 1069 positive cases in Delhi. In Kupwara, Kashmir
A case has been registered against a man who hid information about Nizamuddin's travel information. On Saturday, 187 cases were reported in Maharashtra, 166 in Delhi, 139 in Rajasthan, 90 in Gujarat and 78 in Madhya Pradesh. 8 in Karnataka
Jharkhand and Haryana have registered 3-3 cases and 4 cases in Bihar. These statistics are in line with the covid19india website and state government statistics. On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Health, in the country by 5pm on Saturday
7,529 were infected. Of these, 6,634 people are undergoing treatment. 652 people have been discharged from the hospital, which means that in the last 2 days 337 patients have been discharged.

How many cases were brought up yesterday?
On Saturday, 187 new cases have been filed in Maharashtra, 166 in Delhi, 139 in Rajasthan, 90 in Gujarat and 78 in Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, 8 cases have been registered in Karnataka, 3-3 in Jharkhand and Haryana and 4 cases in Bihar.

The medical team, who arrived to investigate, was taken hostage at home

The medical team, who reached a screening of a person in Sheikhpora in Budgam, was taken hostage at home. Police were also stabbed at the scene after receiving information. However, the police safely evacuated the health workers.

The suspect in the transition to Patna escaped from the hospital
A major negligence has come to the notice of Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH). From here a suspected patient of corona infection escaped. His samples were taken. The investigation report was awaited. Police have been informed about the missing woman.

Lockdown extends to Maharashtra, Bengal, Telangana, Punjab and Odisha

On the other hand, five states in the country have decided to increase lockdown. The Maharashtra and West Bengal and Telangana governments have announced the lockdown on Saturday until April 30. Before Punjab and Odisha
This decision has been made. It is now being shown that the central government can extend the lockdown across the country for two weeks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday about 4 hours of video with the Chief Minister
Was conferencing. After the meeting, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, the Prime Minister has made the right decision to extend the lockdown.


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The government said that if there was no lockdown, there would have been 45 thousand cases

Union ministries said there are about 8,000 cases in the country at present. If there was no lockdown this number would have been closer to 45 thousand. If the governments had not acted seriously, 8.2 lakh cases would have come up till now
Yes. Lockdown is very necessary for this. 

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