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Saturday 11 April 2020

Gujarat corona Update date 11-4-2020

Cases of Corona Virus in Vadodara City are increasing continuously now in Ahmedabad. A further 18 corona-positive cases have been registered in the Nagarwara area of ​​Vadodara city. Today, 36 Corona positive cases have been registered in Vadodara in a single day. So far the total number of positive cases in Vadodara has reached 95. In the city of Vadodara this morning, 18 Corona positive cases were registered and in the evening another 18 Corona positive cases were registered. So far 95 cases of corona virus have been reported. Out of these 83 cases are in the Nagarwada area only. Following this, Nagarwada area is being declared as a Red Zone and is being operated. 200 samples will be collected daily from Vadodara city.

Gujarat corona Update date 11-4-2020  

10 accused including 2 women were arrested in connection with the stoning
The fear of the Corona virus caused friction over the closure of the route for the over-fever outside the water gate. There was a huge rush of storms. Police arrested 10 persons in the incident. Including 2 women. And 9 people abscond. Police are currently keeping the hostage and search for other persons has been conducted

4 policemen arrested in Morning Walk
Police have arrested four walkers who were found in the Morning Walk in a lockdown following the Corona virus. The walkers included builders, engineers and traders. Saiiganj Police Station's P.I. Sg Solanki had received information that people were leaving for Morning Walk in Alkapuri Wadiwadi area. Based on the information given by PSI. Nm Bhuria had reached out to the staff. And Tahir Abbas Jambuawala (Res. 301, Earth 2 Nandanavan Society, Alkapuri, Vadodara), software engineer Chirag Dambhubi Gajjar (res. 103, Srnam Alkapuri), who works on the construction of Morning Walk, Biren Arva, 2, and Arun Prabava. Estate, RC Dutt Road) and Electrician Merchant Mayur Jitendra Bhai Shah (res. 601, Hira Panna Tower, Alkapuri) have arrested and taken action.
Police arrest 7 persons who were partying with Save the Bush
Police have arrested seven persons who were partying with Save Usal in Shreeji Society in Sayajiganj area of ​​Vadodara city. Police received a WhatsApp message from the Save Us party during patrol. Sayajiganj police were in patrol. During that time the PSI. Nm There was a message on Save Mobile's party at Bharaiya's mobile in Shreeji Society. The police arrived after receiving the message. Champion beauty parlor owner Kalpesh Ramanbhai Limbachia (res. Ramankunj Shreeji Society, Sayajiganj), clothing store owner Dhawal Ashwinbhai Patel (3, Shreeji Society, Sayajiganj), Mr. Vijay Sultanjay, Vijay Sultanjay, Vol. ) And LEDs. Ronak Lalitbhai Patel (Res. Shreeji Society, Sayajiganj), who is employed in the company, has taken action.

Prosecutor and Muslim leading police arrested at JP police station
Police have arrested a lawyer and a Muslim leading man at the Jp police station after Tandalja was declared redzone to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus. Were discussing a lockdown settlement. At that time, Asafaq Abdul Kader Malek came in and called himself a lawyer and a Muslim leader and said, You have declared the Tandalja area a red zone to harass Muslims. We have also closed our meat shops. Now what has arranged for chicken mutton. He was crying. So that police tried to explain to Asafaq. Yet he was frequently presenting the foundations. Police have conducted further investigations into the crime against Asafa Malek in this regard

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