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Tuesday 23 January 2024

According to the scriptures, stepping on these six things is prohibited.

According to the scriptures, stepping on these six things is prohibited.

India is a country of many religions and cultures. People of many religions live in our country. Among them, the people of Hindu religion are the most. There are many beliefs in Hinduism.

In Sanatan Dharma the importance of everything has been explained. Everything in nature is worshiped in this religion. Even in the Puranas, there are beliefs that prohibit touching the feet. Sanatana Dharma has talked about sin and Many things are also shown which are forbidden to touch.

Conch: According to experts, there are gods and goddesses living in every particle. The earth on which we walk has been given the status of mother. Conch should never be touched with feet. It has the abode of goddesses. If you touch a conch with your foot, there will be loss of wealth.

Cow : Cow is worshiped as mother in Sanatana Dharma. A cow should never be stepped on in such a situation. There are 33 crore gods living in the cow, we worship the cow. So one should never step on a cow.

Broom : There are many beliefs about the broom. Then one should not step on a

broom in Hinduism. Mata Lakshmi gets offended by touching Savarni’s feet.

Brass utensils: We all have brass utensils in our homes. Brass vessels represent the sun, so these vessels should never be stepped on. Doing so may weaken your Moon.

Basil leaves: Tulsi leaves have special significance and are revered in Sanatan Dharma. Tulsi leaves should never be touched with feet. The means by which you get money should never touch your feet.

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