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Sunday 16 April 2023




How to learn to speak English, a world-class language that is very important to learn as it is important for personal work and offices. Without knowledge of English, it’s a little hard to imagine a better education, a better job, a better personality, etc. As life burns, but it is important

In the modern world, the prevalence of English has increased a lot, due to which the help of the machine, that is, the computer, is used for each task, in which the importance of l English is high. It is very important to learn to speak English or to have a knowledge of English to improve your personality and your working style tremendously

It is a process in which you can never fail. The more effort you put in, the easier the goal will become. So trust your efforts and follow the tips.

Don’t focus on grammar
Do not pay special attention to grammar, as grammar provides the rule for correcting mistakes by writing sentences but not speaking. If you arrange the sentences according to grammar before speaking, you will spend more time on them so that you cannot speak to the other person.

People across the way keep talking over and over again without emphasizing grammar, their goal is only to say their things, not knowledge of grammar. Therefore, do not be afraid of inaccuracies, try to speak continuously, errors will continue to decrease over time.

Grammar teaches you to read and write but not to speak
takes longer to form sentences
It takes time to correct the sentence, which reduces the speed of speaking in English.
So when speaking English, focus on practice, not grammar.
focus on listening to english
Listening is very important for speaking the English language because by listening the words are easily memorized, so that you do not have difficulty pronouncing the words. This is such a process in which the brain continues to work so that it can remember the word heard again.

Do not try to speak or remember the word while listening, doing this, nor the word will be remembered or understood, so just focus on listening.

Continue the listening process until you understand which words where, when the grammar and what the speaking position is.

This process will remind you while speaking what the pronunciation position is, how it is or what to do etc.

  • student can take the entrance exam in whichever medium he/she chooses between Gujarati or English.

The first step in learning is to listen carefully.
listen patiently
try to remember it later
Such a process will improve your personality and increase your English skills.
try to pronounce short sentences to learn English
First try to speak English with short sentences, use short and simple sentences to answer. After you strengthen the hold on short sentences, it will automatically start making large and small sentences, so at first, keep in mind that it only uses short sentences.

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Most of the time, using short sentences increases self-confidence, so there is no panic when speaking English. As confidence increases, the hold on sentences becomes stronger.

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