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Monday 31 October 2022

Information about Leeli Parikrama / Girnar Parikrama

Information about Leeli Parikrama / Girnar Parikrama

Information about Leeli Parikrama / Girnar Parikrama

Information about Leeli Parikrama / Girnar Parikrama

A thirty-six kilometer long green circumnavigation takes place around Mount Girnar.  The addition of the word "green" here has a special nature reference.  Green means green!  Every year, after the monsoon season, nature blossoms here.  Green forests cover the mountains.  The springs coming from the mountain at many places are mesmerizing. 

The bushes and forests become green.  Paths, dirt roads, slopes, rivers, small bridges, temples, tall trees, vines, wildlife, chirping of birds vs. 

Since the entire environment becomes natural.  This Parikrama runs from Kartak Sud Agiyaras to Poonam i.e. Devdiwali.  People flock from all over India and Gujarat to walk in the lap of nature, giving up many comforts of life.  There is no solid evidence as to when this green circle started, but it is believed to have started in 1922 at Bagdu. 

So reference is also being made to the family of Lord Sri Krishna.  Many sadhu saints from all over India come to perform this circumambulation and sit on the circumambulation route blowing incense.  Religious and social organizations also arrange accommodation and meals for pilgrims who come for this circumambulation. 

The Forest Department, Police Department, District Administration, Maha Nagar Palika, Sadhu Samaj and social organizations are working tirelessly to complete this circumambulation smoothly.

(7) If you yourself are physically able, help the old or disabled or children wherever necessary.

(8) As far as possible, circumambulate the prescribed route.  Avoid going deep into the forest.  Do not enter restricted areas.

(9) Fast food on the road Vs.  Don't buy or carry any padikas.  He will feel like throwing his garbage anywhere!  If someone has thrown it, throw it in the garbage basket instead of the tokawa and help save the environment.

(10) Defeat in a proper place, in a proper manner.  Use portable toilets where possible.  After cleaning the pit, put soil/dust on it so that no bad smell is spread.

(11) Avoid circumambulating at night.  Don't do this in an attempt to finish early.  Stay with the crowd.  Keep in touch with each other.  Contact with patience when there is no mobile connectivity somewhere.  Carry a power bank if possible as there may not be battery charging service available.  If one really wants to be detached from the world then the use of such tools should be avoided!

12) Unknown or uninhabited or restricted area/cave Vs.  should not go into  Better not to wander towards deserted/deserted roads/directions!

(13) Inform the forest department if any such animals are seen when there is movement of wild animals along this circuit.  Oh yes don't.  Do not provoke by throwing stones or any other objects.  Watch calmly.  Give it a proper path.  Follow the instructions of forest department or police.  Either way the venture can be life-threatening.

(14) Do darshan of sadhus-saints or baba-baba seen on the circumambulation route.  move on  Abandon dogma or superstition and behave reasonably and humanely.  Not all are fake either.

લીલી પરિક્રમા વિશે સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

(15) Do not create rumours.  Do not spread.  Check the truth.  Refute.  Don't rush.  Be helpful.  Do not crowd together.  Somewhere the ground or bridge is weak, it may collapse.

(16) Take care that no one is separated from the community or family.  If this happens, contact the police or home guard or system.  Our escapades may create a false rumor somewhere.

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