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Friday 9 September 2022

Food for mood: If done right, food can be a great happiness hack!

Food for mood If done right, food can be a great happiness hack! 


Eating chocolates can only temporarily hoist your mood. Then's the diet you need to follow for a happy heart and a healthy body. 

We've all heard about stress eating or emotional eating and have frequently indulged in thesetoo.However, also by the weekend each you want to do is relax and have some lip- smacking, feel good food like ice- creams and pizza, If you have had a long working week. Yeah, that sure aesthetics like a weekend. Food is surely a way to make us happy but we've been going about it the wrong way. 

When we're having a down day and want to hoist our mood with good food, we tend to indulge in unhealthy junk food! This gives us temporary happiness. But latterly becomes a reason for us to feel lazy and unproductive. 

What we eat to hoist our moods needs to be healthy for our overall well- being. A recent study has set up out that eating lots of fruits and veggies is identified with a substantial gain in internal well- being, happiness, and overall life satisfaction. During the study, individualities who consumed eight or further servings of fruits and vegetables had advanced life satisfaction. 

Since no bone particular diet food can be right for all, it's important to understand the wisdom behind the food. It plays a vital part in nourishing your mind and soul and making you feel happy. We all have jones and numerous times we end up eating the wrong food just to sate our minds and body. 

There are certain food combinations and nutrients that can help elevate your mood while others can wipe out your energy situations, so be careful what you eat when you get food jones


What foods can ameliorate your mood 


HealthShots spoke toDr. Sandeep Vohra, a internal health specialist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, to know about the kinds of food that can keep us alive and remonstrating. Then’s what he suggests! 

1. Complex carbohydrates 


A combination of complex carbohydrates with proteins and various fresh vegetables can help elevate your mood. Dr Vohra says, “ Foods like sweet potatoes, quinoa, and oat leads to an increase in a sense-good chemical called ‘ serotonin ’ in the brain and makes you feel calm and happy. ” 

2. Protein-rich foods 


On the other hand, protein-rich foods like fish, beef, funk, lemon, cabin rubbish, sap, eggs, tofuetc. results in high situations of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These chemicals play a vital part in good mood, provocation, and increased attention. 


3. Fruits and vegetables 


Necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can be attained from various fruits and vegetables. These help in nutritive your mind and soul and make you feel happy. 


4. Sea food 


“The Mediterranean Diet — rich in omega- 3, unrefined foods, and naturally produced vegetables and legumes can help cure acute depression, ” says Dr Vohra. 

Necessary nutritive for a healthy and happy mood 


There are several nutrients that should be a part of your regular diet because they're a major source to keep you healthy and elevate your mood at all times. These are — iron, folate, vitamin C, long- chain omega- 3 adipose acids( EPA and DHA), selenium, magnesium, vitamins A, B6, B12, thiamine, zinc and potassium. 

largely reused foods, packed snacks, and ready- to- cook packed refections might be a accessible option in our busy schedules, but these foods have a veritably low nutritive value and do n’t give you enough energy to keep going. Dr Vohra suggests that these food particulars can be consumed formerly in a while but their regular consumption can lead to low energy situations, leaving you unhappy and cranky. 

As it turns out, food isn't commodity to just fill our tummies. What we eat can be a huge cause of the mood we're in, so follow this diet to stay happy!

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