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Wednesday 7 September 2022

Did you know your negative emotions can actually get ‘stuck’ in your body?

Did you know your negative feelings can actually get ‘ wedged ’ in your body? 


Emotional baggage can be weighty on our mind and overall well- being. Avoid letting it get thrust in your body by releasing it. 

We frequently use expressions like, “ Oh, she’s such a pain in the neck ” or “ My partner swain makes me sick in the stomach ” or “ My colleague gives me a headache ”! Well, they are n’t just expressions. They've a connection to how negative feelings are stored in our body! intriguing, is n’t it? Come, let us know a little about feeling baggage. 

Negative passions connected to a certain circumstance can manifest as pain. A lot of you must have gone through painful and delicate effects in your lives. These gests tend to stay in your mind for a veritably long time. This is appertained to as emotional baggage, and it means that you're still floundering with undetermined feelings and holding onto pain, sadness, remorse, and rage. 

This emotional baggage does n’t go down. It can affect the way you suppose, how you reply to stress, and your relationship with others, your physical and internal well- being. 

Yoga educator Sangita Porwal bandied emotional baggage that's stored in our bodies and how to release, it via an Instagram post. 

According to Porwal, everyone carries undressed feelings. Your body actually stores your negative feelings and bitter studies. unthinkable, but true! 

5 places where negative feelings are stored in the body 


1. casket Hurt and grief 

2. Stomach and intestine Fear 

3. Neck and shoulders Responsibility and burden 

4. Head Loss of control 

5. Lower reverse and jaw wrathfulness 

Everyone carries undressed feelings. You just have to honor these feelings and deal with them, tap them out creating space for new openings and better health, explains the expert. 


How to get relieve of emotional baggage with yoga tricks? 


When we exercise yoga, we start to release the pressure in our muscles, which also helps to release the feelings that are tied to that stress. Yoga develops our physical, internal, and emotional bodies and improves our capability to deal with grueling feelings and the goods of previous gests . Our feelings feel secure to be expressed when our vessel gets stronger. Try the following 

1. Pranayama( yogic breathing) 


* Inhale sluggishly and steadily through both nostrils. 

* Keep a altitudinous chine and gobble until you achieve your maximum lung capacity. 

* After compactly holding your breath, strain a small portion of it at the reverse of your throat, as if you were about to bruit a secret, also gently let it out through both nostrils. 

* Invoking the emotional body through mouth breathing is relatively salutary for expressing and letting go of passions that have surfaced, especially sadness and grief. 


2. Vocalize( produce noises) 

The throat chakra can be opened by making sounds while in a yoga disguise, which can help stress and feelings leave the body. 

Soughing loudly relieves wrathfulness; humming brings joy; moaning calms sweat; and wailing releases sadness. Communication is especially pivotal to completely releasing feelings from the body as they come touched off and begin to arise. 

3. Pratyahara( inward attention) 


Keep your attention on the areas of your body where sensations are felt and endured when holding a yoga posture. 

Examine the morning, ending, and destination of the sensations, and pay special attention to any emotional responses that these physical sensations evoke. 

We can smell effects that are hidden from conventional mindfulness as we bring our mindfulness inside the body. This helps us concentrate on our studies and ultimately let go of all the feelings that are piled up in us.

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