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Sunday 22 May 2022

Know Your Rights: 6 Free Services You Can Avail at Any Petrol Pump Across India!

Know Your Rights: 6 Free Services You Can Avail at Any Petrol Pump Across India!

Know Your Rights: 6 Free Services You Can Avail at Any Petrol Pump Across India !

We may not think of a petrol pump during a roadside emergency, because we mostly go there only when our vehicles indicate an empty tank and leave right after.

But did you know that you can avail these six services at any petrol pump, all free of charge ?

If you have been paying to fill the air in your tyres at petrol stations, well, this will come as bittersweet news. Every petrol pump is required to fill the air in your tyres without charging a paisa. This service is irrespective of whether you have stopped there to get your vehicle’s tank filled up, or not. In case you are asked for a fee, no matter how nominal, you have the right to file a complaint. This can either be with the management team at the petrol station or online.

1. Free air

 All petrol pumps are equipped with air filling machine. This machine is a part of our facility. The machine installed at the petrol pump is reserved for the customers there, which means you can fill your vehicle with air for free and you do not have to pay any charge for this. A man is also kept from the petrol pump to fill the air

 2. Drinking water

 Pure drinking water is also provided at petrol pumps. Any customer can come there and demand water and the petrol pump will not charge for this. This is why RO has been imposed on petrol pumps. Many petrol pumps also have a freezer facility. This is also a free facility for which the petrol pump will not charge you anything.

 2. Toilet

 It is imperative to have toilet facilities at petrol pumps. And there is no charge for that. The owner of the pump also has to make sure that the toilet is clean and working. And if this is not done then any customer can complain about this. And the pump owner has to answer for this.

 4. Phone

 If you have to call in an emergency anywhere, you can avail the facility from the petrol pump and you do not have to pay any extra charge for it. This means that when a petrol pump is turned on, a number has to be turned on along with it so that the customer can call any place in an emergency.

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 5. Facilitate first aid

 It is also important to have a first aid kit at the petrol pump. It is necessary to have medicine and some luggage to have a normal server. Anyone can use it for treatment in case of any emergency.

 6. Quality check

 You have the right to check the quality of petrol or diesel at the petrol pump. There you will find the necessary test equipment at the petrol pump to test whether the petrol or diesel you get is of good quality. Apart from this there are many other things that are required at petrol pumps such as fire extinguishers including fire safety devices, digital sign boards showing the prices of petrol and diesel so that the consumers know the price

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