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Sunday 4 July 2021

Word Puzzle For Children – can you make a single word of Guajarati start with ‘VU’?

Word Puzzle For Children – can you make a single word of Guajarati start with ‘VU’?

Word Puzzle For Children – can you make a single word of Guajarati start with ‘VU’?

A math puzzle involving watermelons has left the internet mystified.

Just say, it’s a normal day and you are scrolling through your social media feed, what’s the probability of you stopping at a Mathematic puzzle that pops up? If your response to this question is positive, then this now-viral tweet will surely attract your attention. Sharing a math puzzle on her Twitter timeline, author and screenwriter Advaita Kala posted a picture that featured a few watermelons with numbers on them, and an interesting question.

So, before we jump to an answer shared by the Twitterati, why don’t you try solving it?

Trying to find the answer to this ‘simple’ looking math’s puzzle, many users pointed out a fundamental inconsistency in the question. “Not possible because all are odd numbers and a sum of three odd numbers can never be an even number (30)," wrote a user in his response. While another jokingly suggested that these watermelons should be eaten to eliminate the ‘problem’ here.

Word Puzzle For Children :Puzzles are intuitive games that serve both purposes of providing fun and educating the players simultaneously. There are various types of puzzles; some are number-based, while others feature different types of word puzzles.

Word puzzles are one of the many types of puzzles played by many; they include different types of word games, which are entertaining and brain-tasking; at the same time, they also test your language proficiency.

Just as the different types of word games have different designs, aims, and rules, different kinds of puzzles run by different rules. Hence, it is essential to understand the rules peculiar to each.

Supercomputer Simulations Help Scientists Decode Old Space Weather Puzzle

Been a while so why not ... try this one

answers to the clues.

can you make a single word of Guajarati start with ‘VU’?

શું તમે “વુ” અક્ષર પરથી એક શબ્દ બનાવી શકશો?

Blocked Grids puzzles are the types of puzzles that come to mind when one comes across the word “crossword.” Blocked grids comprise a grid of squares where random squares mark the spaces between words and the end of words.

However, some of the users soon pointed out that the watermelon which apparently had the number 9 written on it was placed upside down and it actually was number 6. This made an ‘apparent’ wrong question easy to solve and it turns out, you should not always rush for an answer before scanning the question properly.

Mathematic puzzles and riddles are quite popular on social media and evoke a lot of engagement online. Often these simple-looking ‘problems’ go viral with people trying to find the right answers.

In another instance, a math riddle based on ‘eggs’ had gone viral. The riddle here posed a simple question asking people to find answers


Here’s the riddle, “If I had 4 eggs, and a thief gave me 3 and my rooster laid 5 more How many do I have?"

It sounds simple, right? However, if you are going to calculate the number of eggs based only on the number, you may never be able to get it right. The trick here is decoding the wordplay here with logic. The first line of the riddle is a hypothetical assumption which means there are still ‘0’ eggs in reality. With thieves giving 3 eggs, the number goes to 3. However, the third line mentions a ‘rooster’ laying eggs which is impossible as roosters don’t lay eggs, which means zero eggs collected from the roosters. So, 0+3+0 = 3.

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