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Thursday 10 June 2021

Home Learning Study materials video Std 5 DD Girnar/Diksha portal video

Home Learning Study materials video Std 5 DD Girnar/Diksha portal video

Home Learning Study materials video Std 5 DD Girnar/Diksha portal video.

Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a leading state-level institution for enhancing quality education in the state and state-level primary and secondary schools.

Prior to 1988, it was the State Institute of Education. It was later upgraded to SCERT in 1988 under a resolution of the State Education Department. The Upgraded SCERT, now known as the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT), is a fully-fledged state-level educational institution and is managed and guided by a board of directors as well as an executive committee.

Gujarat state Textbook Mandal was established in AD 1969 on 21st October. Since the 38-year manuals main target. top quality textbooks are published and to Gujarat students, they're easily available at reasonable prices.

Through Mandal Std. 1-12 Gujarati Medium textbooks are published. Thereafter in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit, and Tamil Language also textbooks are published. | the Year 2020-21 


Columbia University is one of the world's most vital centers of research and at an equivalent time a particular and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields. The University recognizes the importance of its location in ny City and seeks to link its research and teaching to the vast resources of an excellent metropolis. It seeks to draw in various and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and to make academic relationships with many countries and regions. It expects all areas of the University to advance knowledge and learning at the very best level and to convey the products of its efforts to the planet.

For quite 35 years, students and their families have trusted The Princeton Review to assist them to get into their dream schools. Our mission is to supply personalized, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep, and admission products and services to assist students to knock down barriers and achieve their academic goals. We are solely on the side of the students—we aren't affiliated with any of the test developers.

Online Spoken English classes are helpful as they enhance your listening and speaking skills. Also, they are cost-effective and convenient. A wide range of courses that meet your requirements are provided on UrbanPro LIVE.

Reasons to Join Spoken English Classes
English is one of the most influential languages in the world. It helps communicate people across the globe and makes the lives of people convenient. To learn this language is crucial for individuals in this world to grow professionally and personally.



To know more, explore the below reasons to learn the English language.

If you are looking for an app to improve your English Conversation and Listening skills and help you speak more fluently, this app is suitable for you. Whole audios of this app are in American accent. This app also includes the list of most common words and phrases used in daily 


New lessons and features will be updated weekly.


- Online audio mode: save your sdcard's storage
- Offline audio mode: can use this app on the go
- List of conversations in English with 2 levels: beginner and intermediate
- List of most commonly used sentences and expressions


YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 10/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 11/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 12/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 14/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 15/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 16/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 17/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 18/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 19/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 21/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 22/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 23/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 24/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 25/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 26/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 28/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 29/6/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 30/6/2021

July 2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 01/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 02/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 03/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 05/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 06/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 07/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 08/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 09/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 10/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 12/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 13/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 14/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 15/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 16/07/2021

YOUTUBE વિડિયો તારીખ :- 17/07/2021

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July 2021

Date 22-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 23-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 24-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 26-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 27-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 28-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 29-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 30-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

Date 31-07-2021 STD 5 Home learning video

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