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Tuesday 22 June 2021




 A man was praying to God every day.  He had full faith in God that God would surely hear my prayers and one day give me a vision.  Pleased with this man's prayer, one day God appeared.  The man was very happy to see God standing in front of his eyes.  God said to the man, 'I am very pleased with your prayer.'  The man immediately said, 'Lord, then give me also the fruit of your rajipa.  If you are happy with me, do my best. '  The Lord said, 'Ask what you want, I am ready to give it to you but I have a condition that your whole city will get twice as much as you ask.'

 God is pleased and today in the joy of saying that my wish will be fulfilled, I did not know on what condition God is fulfilling the demand.  He cracked and said, 'Lord, if you fulfill my mental work, I accept all your conditions.'  The Lord said, 'I do not mind if your condition is accepted.  Ask for whatever you want. '  The man asked God, "Lord, I want a beautiful house with all kinds of facilities."  I also want a very modern car and a good bank balance.  I want to be beautiful and humble even in the Lord's sight. '  God closed his eyes for a while and then commanded him to open them.

 When the man opened his eyes a few moments later God had disappeared.  Instead of having to grieve for God to go away, there was no end to the man's joy.  All the prosperity of the things he had dreamed of forever was before his eyes today.  Seeing his magnificent house, he started dancing and jumping.  Standing in front of the mirror, he kept looking at himself.  God knew that Thansi Thansi seemed to have given him form and shape.  He began to feel that God had given him all the happiness in the world.  He went out of the house singing songs.  His neighbor was shocked to see two such bungalows.  He took a God-given modern carriage and set out for the city.  The joy of seeing that everyone in the whole city should have doubled their prosperity turned into mourning.

 Jealousy is one of the many reasons why man does not experience happiness even though he has everything.  Fire burns a man after death, but jealousy burns him alive.  If we all communicate with ourselves, we will know that we are more miserable because of the happiness of others than we are because of our own misery.  There is no grief of lack of things or facilities but the grief of having more things or facilities than others is constantly shaking.  Anyone who has had a particle or debris in their eye will experience how much the particle in the eye becomes an obstacle in enjoying the beautiful world in front of your eyes.  Knock again and again, calm down for a while and start knocking again.  In the same way, the particle of jealousy constantly irritates a person and does not allow him to enjoy life.  Let us understand how jealousy robs us of happiness.

 Suppose there are two merchants living in the same city and doing the same business.  In the year 2019, the earnings of both were around one crore.  Both were happy because, their earnings were the same.  The year 2019 is over after 2019.  The per capita income has gone up from Rs 1 crore last year to Rs 2 crore this year.  Naturally, this man is very happy to see the balance sheet of the company as his earnings have doubled this year as compared to last year.  But as soon as this man came to know that his rival doing the same business has earned Rs 3 crore in the year 2020, the joy of doubling his earnings immediately evaporated.  Why did joy turn into pain?  Where did the fun go even if the earnings increased?  We cannot see the progress of others and as a result our standard of living improves but seeing the richer lives of others makes us irritated without acidity.  We live a more comfortable life today than we did 10 years ago.  Therefore, happiness or joy should be increased but it does not happen.  On the one hand, there is talk of increase, on the contrary, happiness decraases.  This is simply because we cannot see the happiness of others.

 Jealousy is human nature.  Therefore, it is natural for every human being to be bound by jealousy.  Forget the talk of palmer human beings like us, but even the saints who preach to the world to live a life free from jealousy cannot be free from jealousy.  It is not possible to eradicate jealousy but the form of jealousy can be changed for sure.  Lord Swaminarayan has advised to be jealous like Naradaji in Vachanamrut.  Naradaji was very jealous of Tumru bacause Tumru was an expert in music and was pleasing Lord Vishnu with his music.  This rajipo could not be seen from Naradaji.  It was not as if Lord Naradaji had Kuraji on him, but the special rajipo on Tumru did not allow Naradaji to jump.  Naradaji also decided to learn music.  After learning music, he went to God to perform Vidya.  The Lord said, 'You sing well, but you do not know how to sing like you.'  Naradaji was further saddened by such remarks of God.  Studied a little deeper again and sang to God.  God said the same thing every time that you don't know how to sing like you.  Finally Naradaji decided that if God likes Tumru's singing then know and learn how Tumru sings.  Naradaji learned music from Tumru and then sang to God.  This time God was very happy and said now you can sing nicely.


Std 10 & 12 Repeter Student Exam Time Table

ઘોરણ- ૧૦/૧૨ રીપીટર/ ખાનગી / પુથ્થક ઉમેદવારો માટેની પરીક્ષાનું ટાઈમ ટેબલ જુલાઈ - ૨૦૨૧ નું જોવા માટે અહીં કિલક કરો.

GujCat Exam Notification

નોટિફિકેશન જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.


ધોરણ-૧૨ ના નિયમિત ઉમેદવારો માટે પ્રસિધ્ધ થનાર પરિણામથી અસંતુષ્ટી સામે પરીક્ષા આપવાની જોગવાઈની નોટિફિકેશન વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

ધોરણ-૧૦ અને ધોરણ-૧૨ના વિજ્ઞાન પ્રવાહ અને સામાન્ય પ્રવાહના રીપીટર, ખાનગી અને પૃથ્થક ઉમેદવારોની પરીક્ષા યોજવા બાબત

 should also try to know and understand how the person who is jealous of his progress has made progress.  When jealousy turns into a tendency to learn, jealousy will work to give pleasure instead of giving pain.

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