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Saturday 15 May 2021

What after 10th standard? Which course should be done after 10th

What after 10th standard? Which course should be done after 10th

What after 10th standard?  Which course should be done after 10th

 What to do after 10th standard?  Every student is always worried about their career.  With all this

 Happens.  This also happens to me.  I am a student just like you.  I wish you

 We are bringing this post for you today so you don't have to wander around to get information.  This

 In the post we will show you what you do after 10th.  What is the career option after 10?  Which cross after 10?  Which stream do you want in 10?  All these questions will be answered today through this post.  So

 Read this post carefully and you can ask your questions in the comments.

 Everyone has to grow up and make their own career.  Because the better our career, the better

 Our life will be better.  It is therefore important that we make informed decisions about our careers.

 You will see that after 10 everyone has many options.  We just have to make the right choice.  If

 Your life is set if you make the right choice.  If you failed to make the right choice

 You will not feel like doing that and you will eventually give up.  Today we are all in this post for later in the 10th

 Let's show about the course.  At the same time we will show what should be done so that the right choice of career can be made.

 So let's find out what to do after 10.

 What to do after 10th - After 10th you get the option of three streams.  Including a choice of a cookie stream

 Have to do.  This is not as easy as you think.  Because many students don't know that

 Which stream is good for them and which is not.  But there is no need to panic.  This very

 Is a common problem.  Which all happens together.  We are giving you information about all three streams.  Yours

 Take whatever the mind tells you to stream and don't come under any pressure.


 If you want to become an engineer or a doctor, you have to take science after 10th.  Science than the second stream

 Wants more effort.  After doing 12th from Science you can easily go in any field.  When that

 This does not happen with other streams.  In short this is considered a very good stream.  If you take Science

 Biology is a must if you want to study medicine.  If you want to become an engineer by taking science

What after 10th standard?  Which course should be done after 10th

 If so, you should have Maths.  You can take both Biology and Maths if you like.  Science

 Your subjects in the stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths English.  Also pending additional subject

 Can take.  There are 6 subjects in total.

 If you do with Science Maths you will be called a non-medical student.  Because you don't have biology

 Read so you can't go into any medical field.  On the other hand if you do with Science Biology

 You will be called a medal student.  This means you can go into the medical field but no one can go into that field

 Where Maths is used.  Such as engineering.  If you have not decided which field you want to go

 You can take both Maths and Biology.

 Topics of the Science Stream

 1. Phyiscs - In this topic you will get to understand topics like kinetic energy friction etc.  Of this science

 The rest is considered more difficult than the other subject.

 2. Chemistry - In it you will learn about chemistry.  Just like water, chemicals, liquids, solids

 Matter, information attached to matter.

 3. Biology - In this subject you are given information about living insects, human body, animal body, trees, plants etc.

 is coming.  If you are also interested in biology then this subject is for you.

 4. Mathematics - In this subject you are taught mathematics.  The math you do until the 10th

 Studying is very different.  But to understand it, you have to have math knowledge up to 10th

What after 10th standard?  Which course should be done after 10th


 5. Computer Science - If you are interested in a computer, you need to choose this subject

 Will fall.  In this subject you will learn about computer programming language software internet etc.

 Will be taught.

 6. English - You will see this subject in every stream.  In English, you need grammar, text, active passive,

 Novels etc. have to be studied.


 Many students prefer to take this stream.  If you have an account in the field of finance or banking

 You need to have commerce if you want to make a career.  In Commerce you will need Economics, Accountancy,

 Subjects like business studies, business law are found.  If you pass 12th through Commerce,

 BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA.  CA.  You can graduate with courses like ICWA, CFP.


 1. Accounteant - In this subject you are taught how to do accounting.  The second

 In other words, you need to know how to do accounting, bank and company accounting

 Is shown to come.

 2. Business studies - Information on how to do business in this subject

 Are given.  By reading this subject one can know how to run a business properly

 And how to become a good business man going forward.

 3. Economics - in which money related activities are studied.  It's called economics.  This

 In the subject you will learn about topics such as transaction of goods and services, consumption of any item etc.

 Is explained.

 4. Mathemeatics - Mathematics is taught in this subject.  If you can do well in commerce

 If you do, you should have a good grip on math.

 5. English - This is not a new topic for you.  You also know that grammar, is active passive,

 Topics like novels etc. have to be studied.


 If you are interested in subjects like Interesting Media, Journalism, Literature Sociology, Social Services, Human Psychology, Politics, Economics, History then you can pass 12th from Arts Stream.  Many people believe that the arts are taken by people who do not feel like studying or who get low marks.  That is not to say.  People can make their own career by taking arts.  Such Aloko can make his career in the field like lawyer, politician, professor, teacher.

 The subjects of Arts are like Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, English, Hindi, Sanskrit.

 After professional course 10th

 Those who do not want to study for a long time can also do a professional course after 10th.  This course is for people who are looking for a job.  After completing this course you will also get a degree and also a job.

 1 ITI - This is a two year course which after completion you will get a job directly.  ITI also offers several vocational courses.  Such as electrician fitter, stenographer, programmer assistant, graphics & multimedia, personality development and many other courses.  Conducted by ITI.  This is a very good course.  Which can be done after 10 p.m

 2. In Diploma - The duration of this course is 3 years.  In this time you become 50 percent engineer and A is a very easy sand.  A diploma is a good option to get an engineer's degree soon.  Many people also know this as Polytechnic.  After completing the diploma course, you can take admission and do BTech second year directly or you can also get a job in a company.  Many courses can be done in diploma.  Such as civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, many such courses are done in diploma.

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ધોરણ 10 પછી શું કરવું ઓફિશિયલ સાઈડ

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