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Tuesday 6 April 2021

SSC Model practice paper Science Royal School dhoraji

SSC Model practice paper Science Royal School dhoraji

SSC Model practice paper Science Royal School dhoraji

Have you ever tried to make electricity from a potato, a volcano inside the house and colored rain inside house? Science Experiments in School Lab Learn with Fun brings you a lot of fun science experiments with voice instruction. They are easy to understand and perform at school science fair. Learn to make your own science projects with these amazing science tricks.

Learn all the concepts by following all the steps of science experiments. Perform some amazing chemistry and physics experiments and see the amazing results in your learning lab. Here, you can learn interesting science facts with each experiments for school, learn how different materials react with each other in surprising ways and learn molecular formula with our newly added level game play.

Key Feature

While playing this science experiment game, you will be guided step by step with voice. And after completing an experiment, a conclusion will be presented for learning and assistance in school projects. This game give you 3 exciting levels to play. Choose your mode and play with science.

Game Levels

(1) Do the Experiments

(2) Be an Alchemist

(3) Make Compounds

Do the Experiments - Game Features

Best science experiments educational game

Simple apparatus and materials used for each experiment

A step by step guide and instructions to perform the experiments for your school projects

Easy to perform and understand science experiments

Learn experiments with summary of the science behind the experiments

Experiments Overview

#1 Generating electricity from a potato with copper wire and magnet.

#2 Understand how Carbon dioxide can be generated and how it is used as fire extinguisher.

#3 Building a manual homemade water pump using a simple empty bottle.

#4 How do you make a colored rain inside your home?

#5 Understand how a mechanical boat works with simple experiment at home.

#6 Creating a vacuum using simple glass and candle.

#7 How to inflate a balloon automatically without manually doing it?

#8 Creating an erupting volcano with the simplest materials from home.

#9 Making your own electromagnet in a few minutes.

#10 Understand how do an electromagnetic effect works and makes the battery move as train.

Be an Alchemist - Game Features

Just as the name suggest, you have to be an Alchemist in this level. Mix elements to create the element you have been asked in each levels. Every combination is a little puzzle in itself to solve. Try to unlock every elements that are shown in the right panel.

Did you get stuck? You can always Undo your steps to separate the elements you mixed by mistake. Still unable to solve? You can always use the hint for the correct element as answer.

Make Compounds - Game Features

A unique game play to learn molecular formula of different compounds. You will be asked the compound to make on the screen.

Move beaker left or right with taps and collect the right molecule to make the right compound. One wrong molecule will make the level fail. So how many molecules can you make without fail?

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What are you waiting for? A whole world is waiting to be discovered!

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