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Thursday 8 April 2021

Labster – Learn science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Labster – Learn science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Labster – Learn science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Learn science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in your own interactive lab!

Welcome to Labster – the mobile app which will assist you become a master within the lab and improve your marks!

Labster – Learn science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

By supplying you with exclusive access to an award winning, fully equipped virtual lab, Labster’s virtual laboratory strive to make spaces where science subject is 100% interactive by that specialise in applied knowledge techniques to spice up school learning and assist you steel oneself against your exams. Read also: 

Users have the chance to finish simulations of experiments within the web labs that might otherwise demand many dollars of kit. Instead, you’ll enjoy the experiential aspect of learning by taking over the role of the scientist yourself, but without taking over the expense (or even danger) of the materials, resources, and space that this is able to normally require. Read also :

Can you imagine carrying a multi million dollar lab… in your mobile?

Labster could seem love it fell out of a Sci-Fi movie, but actually , it’s the solution to prayers you’ll haven’t known you had.
Labster may be a one-of-a-kind academic resource that’s bound to be the grace for any student looking to urge a foothold within the sciences, achieve higher marks, build skills through applied knowledge, and in fact , ace those exams! Read also: 

We’re currently focused on standard 9 to 12, but looking to expand even further!


• Replicable experiments to assist build both conceptual and procedural understanding
• Immersive molecular animations and respiration models (Biology)
• Case study stories that you simply can actively solve
• Bonus theoretical content directly linked to the content of the unit you’re studying
• Visual simulations of advanced, high-tech machinery that you simply can virtually use
• Pop quizzes to check your acquired and retained knowledge
• Reinforcement of techniques utilized in real university lab protocols
• Access to assist with CBSE syllabus
• Your own virtual lab assistant, Dr. One, to assist you along the way!

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Labster app is the science app that prepares pupils to be ready for the fruitful careers that lie before them. It ignites the thrill that drives innovation, not just replication.

Labster – Learn science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Science is not a dust-covered topic, but rather the pursuit of technological development and discovery itself. For this reason, Labster is meant to offer all students access to those experiential insights -not just those fortunate enough to be let into a lab.

Labster believes that those “EUREKA” moments matter, and that we want you to possess them, so don’t wait to bring science to life!
Level up with Labster

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