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Tuesday 6 April 2021

High doses of vitamin-C can damage the kidneys, making them more dangerous as supplements

High doses of vitamin-C can damage the kidneys, making them more dangerous as supplements

Krona knocked in the year 2020. The virus spread throughout the world before much could be understood about it. The virus entered India in March. No one knew the cause and treatment at the time. "The stronger the immune system, the safer we will be against the corona," the doctors said.

Doctors recommend taking vitamin-C to strengthen the immune system. People continued to consume vitamin-rich foods, including supplements, fruits, and vegetables. But now, experts in the US say, too much vitamin C can cause back pain.

Dietitian Dr. in Raipur. Nidhi Pandey says that intake of vitamin-C in the form of supplements is not good for health. This causes a lot of damage to the digestive system.

Excess vitamin-C intake can cause these 4 harms

1. Excess iron can be increased, other diseases can occur: Vitamin-C is a good source of iron. It contains a lot of iron. Iron is very important for the body, but if it is too much, it can cause many diseases. This can cause internal organ damage. It can also have a bad effect on the brain.

2. Risk of kidney damage: Vitamin-C intake has the worst effect on the kidneys. According to experts, due to excess vitamin-C, the pressure on the kidneys increases by up to 40% than normal. So there is a risk of kidney damage. It can also cause gallstones.

3. Imbalance of nutrients in the body: The biggest concern due to excessive intake of vitamin C is imbalance or imbalance of other nutrients in the body. When its levels in the body increase, the body's ability to absorb other nutrients decreases. This means that the body does not take in as many other nutrients as it needs. As a result, there is no balance of nutrients in the body. For example, vitamin C lowers vitamin B-12 and copper levels in the body.

4. Vitamin C can cause insomnia: It is a nutrient that activates the body's immune cells quickly. That means the body stays active, but does not feel tired. It also keeps us active in many other activities but if the amount is more than required then it does not cause sleep at night. That means too much vitamin C can cause insomnia.

Taking it as a supplement is more dangerous

If you are taking two oranges or two lemons a day, your body has too much vitamin-C for one day. But do you know the amount of vitamin-C in a supplement? Dr. According to Nidhi, half a tablet of vitamin-C supplements available in stores in tablet and powder form or half a teaspoon of powder contains more than two oranges of vitamin C. Now you think you're not one of those people who takes supplements twice a day? If you do, stop today.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી BHASKAR રીપોર્ટ

According to experts, chemicals are used to preserve vitamin-C in medicines taken in the form of supplements. It puts pressure on your kidneys. There are also colors and flavors. Vitamin-C intake in supplement form is more harmful than beneficial.

Natural Vitamin-C required up to a limit

Dr. "Vitamin C is essential not only for a good immune system but also for a strong eye," says Nidhi Pandey. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin-C should not be ignored. We can take up to a limit of vitamin-C from natural sources.

Dr. "Most vitamin C-rich foods are sour or sour-sweet, but not every sour-sweet or savory item has vitamin-C," Nidhi said. Vinegar, for example, is also sour but contains acidic acid, not vitamin-C. Vitamin-C contains citric acid.

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