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Thursday 8 April 2021

Download learn coloring games, draw & paint for toddlers & preschool kids

Download learn coloring games, draw & paint for toddlers & preschool kids

Download  learn coloring games, draw & paint for toddlers & preschool kids

Coloring Book for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids is free to download educational game designed for children of age group 2 to 8 years. It contains 20+ different themes with more than 200+ coloring pages.

This virtual Coloring and Drawing Book can help your child explore their creative side and have unlimited fun at the same time. It helps your child to develop hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills. Kids can choose from various coloring pages from different categories like Animals, Birds, Vehicles, Underwater Animals, Toys, Dinosaurs, Unicorns etc.

The app contains various drawing tools to choose from like pencil, crayon etc. It also contains an auto-fill tool designed especially for preschool kids to paint beautiful pictures with little effort. It contains more than 30+ bright colors. Children can also correct their mistakes with the undo button. They can even capture/save their artworks in the gallery. It also helps them learn to color within the outlines, thus improving their creativity.

The app is perfect for kids of age 2 to 8 years. The app contains no advertisements and does not ask for any other information. It is extremely Kids Safe. Animals, Christmas & Halloween themes are free while other themes can be unlocked with a single in-app purchase. Once purchased, you will be eligible to obtain future updates and more coloring pages for free. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.

Key features of our app :
★ Contains 20+ categories with more than 200+ beautiful coloring pages with more to come in further updates.
★ Perfect App for kids of age group 2 to 8 years.
★ Contains various tools and bright colors to choose from.
★ Contains Auto-fill option designed for preschool kids.
★ New Coloring Pages every week.
★ Easy to use.
★ No Annoying Ads.
★ Extremely Kids Safe.

戮 28 Toddler Games for 2 and 3 Year Olds Kids. Care Your Kids Right Way...

Are you looking for a way to turn your toddler’s screen time into a learning activity by using games for toddlers? Toddler Games can be used for learning!

Toddler Learning Games 2020: Preschool Learning is your best shot to stimulate learning in your 戮 Kid. This Preschool learning app comprises a myriad of useful features for your child. Learn  Alphabets,  Learn 123, learn  shape, counting and 40+ Toddler Games for your toddlers.

As a  Parent, the decision of letting your kid be distracted by smartphone or to keep him away from games for toddlers needs addressing. Fortunately, you can now find a mediator to solve this dilemma in the form of Toddler Learning Games 2020.

Let your kids have all the fun with one of the greatest Toddler Games out there! Unlike the mainstream idea of digital toddler learning with limited options, this preschool learning app is laden with a plethora of useful learning categories which help your kid to learn alphabets, learn 123, learn shapes, learn colors, numbers, identify months and days, learn the usage of currency, learn counting for toddlers and identifying different  animals.

કોલેજો બંધ રાખવા બાબત ન્યુઝ અહિથી વાંચો

Discover the  learning potential of your little one with all in one Toddler Games! This kindergarten learning app encompasses all those salient features needed to let your put your kid’s learning abilities to test. Simple quizzes and cross-matching will help your tot stay focused when learning new things.

 Categories Of Toddler Game

️ Alphabets
 Number
燐 Math
 Day & Month
 General
️ Color Book
 Game Zone

Visual aided learning to stimulate memory retention! Undoubtedly, toddlers take time to learn initially but once they are put on track, there is nothing that can stop them! You will be surprised to hear new words from your toddler after letting him enjoy a learning time on all in one kids learning game. This app is designed by consulting with professional infant learning experts and features striking images and colorful interface which aids learning and makes counting for toddlers easier.

અહીંથી DOWNLOAD કરો લર્નીગ ગેમ

❓ How to Play:

 Download app and launch it
 Choose a category from learn alphabets, learn 123, learn shapes, digits, days, 
months, animals, shapes and currency use
 Help your kid identify the right objects in the beginning 
 Use the arrow icons to swipe from one image to the next
 Your kid will eventually get a hang of it because of its intuitive UI

❤️ Features of Toddler Learning Games 2020:

 Easily accessible features and intuitive UI
 Appealing colors and simplistic layout
 Attention-grabbing voice instructions and audio effects
 Clear and colorful images to stimulate visual memory retention
 Easy swiping by clicking on arrows
 Lessons for toddlers followed by quick quizzes 
 Variety of categories (learn alphabets, learn 123, learn shapes, Counting for toddlers 
 Option to shortlist favorite categories
 Interesting characters to develop a liking for learning
 One-click audio controls

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