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Monday 5 April 2021

Bank of Baroda Green signal password system

Bank of Baroda Green signal password system


 Bank of Baroda Green signal password system

This news is important for you if your account is in Bank of Baroda and you use a debit, ATM or credit card. The bank has issued an alert to millions of customers across the country, explaining the math of passwords in red, yellow and green. Learn about it in detail ...

The bank shared the information on social media

The bank has given information about this on social media. According to the bank, if the green color appears while keeping the password, it means that your password is safe. You should create a password for it by adding uppercase letter, lowercase letter, special character and number, this makes the password strong. It is important to be aware of the green mark when creating a password.

Find out what the red, yellow and green colors of the bank mean-

This green alert from Bank of Baroda means, your password is strong. Other than that yellow color means your password is average. As well as red color means that your password is not strong. We need to be mindful of the red, yellow and green marks when creating the password.

Your password is more secure in green

Apart from that, the bank wrote in a post on social media that 'Hariyali' is not only the earth but also your password is secure. The green color shows in a way how secure your password is.

ગુજરાતીમાં ડીટેઇલ ન્યુઝ અહિંંથી વાંચો

The bank recently launched a WhatsApp service

Bank of Baroda has launched banking services on WhatsApp. Now you can get all the information related to banking in your WhatsApp chat box. For this you have to send a message to the number provided by the bank. You have to text ‘Hi’ from your registered mobile number to the number declared 8433 888 777 from the bank. You will then be able to use the banking facility through WhatsApp.

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