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Sunday 11 April 2021

Agave cure for itching and effective ways to get rid of itchy water

Agave cure for itching and effective ways to get rid of itchy water


 Agave cure for itching and effective ways to get rid of itchy water

As soon as the rainy season begins, the first and worst effect falls on our skin. In fact, on rainy days our skin cannot absorb more moisture which causes itching, herpes, acne, pimples, boils etc. In many cases the problem becomes serious and makes it difficult for the victim to survive. Many people also face embarrassment from skin problems. Apart from this, more frequent itching in one place causes red rashes on the skin, which is very painful. Blood also comes out of these red grains. But today we are going to tell you the exact cure of itching, which will prove to be a blessing for you. In fact, there are many herbs in Ayurveda that can cure ringworm, eczema, pimples, boils and itching.

Let me tell you that the problem of itching is a serious skin disease. If left untreated, it can lead to serious skin damage. Many people use anti-fungal creams to get rid of itching but they do not get complete relief. In this article you will find the exact cure for itching i.e. home remedies to get rid of the problem of let us know something new and useful only on "joke with knowledge"

Causes of itching problems:

Applying too much soap on the skin.

 Using chemical substances like lime and soda.

Due to long term constipation.

Blood disorders.

Irregularity or irregularity in menstruation.

Wearing tight clothing.

Excessive use of counterfeit and expensive cosmetics.

Eating too spicy and fried.

● Lack of awareness as well as lack of hygiene.

Pipal bark::

Pineapple bark is an amulet cure for itching. For this, mix the bark of pipla in desi ghee and apply it on the itchy area. Apart from this, you can also drink a decoction of pipal bark in the morning and evening if you wish, which will maintain your health.

Use of lemon::

Lemons contain citric acid, vitamin-C and many other nutrients that are useful in weight loss as well as itching. For this, get lemon juice with banana and apply it on the itchy area. So that you will get relief from itching. Apart from this, mixing lemon in jasmine oil and massaging on the body removes dry itching.

Use of coconut::

The use of coconut oil for itching proves to be very beneficial. For this, mix lemon juice in coconut oil and massage it on the itchy area. Lemon sucking also relieves itching. Also mix 10 ml lemon juice in 20 ml coconut oil and apply it to get rid of itching problem.



Use of camphor::

You may have used Kapoor in the house of worship but you may be surprised to know that the use of Kapoor is an agave home remedy for your skin problems especially itching. Mixing camphor in jasmine oil and massaging it on the body will remove the problem of itching.

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