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Saturday 27 March 2021

Download the fast charger now to charge battery fast & fast charging your device

Download the fast bowl now to charge battery fast & fast charging your device 


 Download the fast bowl now to charge battery fast & fast charging your device 

 Fast Battery Bowl- The briskly battery charging operation for phones 


 Fast bowl by removing background apps that help your phone speed up battery charging. 


 process is important faster. 

⚡ Do you know when you are charging, apps running in the background and connecting to 3G, wifi, blue tooth,. on your phone is the main reason why charging time for phones is so much longer. The result to bowl fast battery and help your device charge it super presto is to turn off background apps and gratuitous connections on your phone to save energy. help speed up charging process is important faster. 


 Fast Battery Bowl gives you an optimal result for your device! With a simple and easy- to- use interface design, you'll have a great experience using the fast charging. 


 The salient features of the operation 




 With just 1 click your phone will be optimized in numerous ways 

 ✓ Clean RAM- Turn off operations that are running in the background 

 ✓ Reduce screen brilliance to the smallest 

 ✓ Turn off Wifi 

 ✓ Turn off Bluetooth 

 ✓ Turn off the screen gyration 

 ✓ Show battery charge status 



You can customize the below options by going to the settings in the operation. 


 Fast Charging Android 2021 is the operation which charges your android device briskly than the normal speed. 


 After plugging the bowl you have to start the app if it isn't started automatically also you have to click on launch button to spark the FAST CHARGING MODE. 


 How this operation works. 


 This operation automatically kills all background running processes and services to speed up charging. If you click on stop button it'll renew all your services again. This operation helps to ameliorate the battery life. 


 Added the share button so you can partake this operation with your loved bones



 There's a announcement with vibration after full charge, so you can save the electricity and increase the battery life. 


 operation support 9 different languages 


 constantly Asked Questions 


 Q1. Is there any authorization bear manually? 


 Ans- There's no Need to give authorization manually, but there are some exception like Mi phone, where you have to give bus launch authorization manually. 


 Q2. When I plug in the bowl, operation don't start automatically? 


 Ans- To start the operation automatically, You have to give the authorization of autostart to the operation or renew the phone. 


 Q3. Why it's showing my battery capacity wrong? 


 Ans- It's showing phone capacity by android zilches, it may be differ from phone manufacturer. 


 Q4. This operation get unrestricted automatically after eventually why? 

Ans- It's because you have any clearer/ security operation in your device, which near all the operation. For nonstop run you have to add exception in that clear/ security app, so it doesn't clean it while charging your device. 


 The operation is still in the development stage, we always hear to feedback from you, we hope you rate and comment, we will surely upgrade and develop further features as needed. your kind. unfeignedly thank!

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