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Monday 1 February 2021

Online Education SSC SCIENCE most IMP pdf materials

Online Education SSC SCIENCE most IMP pdf materials

Educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) in India are currently based only on traditional methods of learning, that is, they follow the normal found out of face-to-face lectures during a classroom. Although many academic units have also started blended learning, still tons of them are cursed with old procedures. The sudden outbreak of a deadly disease called Covid-19 caused by a Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) shook the whole world. the planet Health Organization declared it as an epidemic . this example challenged the education system across the planet and made educators to shift to a web mode of teaching overnight. 

Many academic institutions that were earlier reluctant to vary their traditional pedagogical approach had no option but to shift entirely to online teaching–learning. The article includes the importance of online learning and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Challenges (SWOC) analysis of e-learning modes within the time of crisis. this text also put some light on the expansion of EdTech Start-ups during the time of pandemic and natural disasters and includes suggestions for tutorial institutions of the way to affect challenges related to online learning.

The deadly and communicable disease Corona Virus also referred to as Covid-19 has deeply affected the worldwide economy. This tragedy has also surprised the education sector, and this fear is probably going to resonate across the education sector globally. The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak forced many faculties and colleges to stay closed temporarily. Several areas are affected worldwide and there's a fear of losing this whole ongoing semester or maybe more within the coming future. Various schools, colleges, and universities have discontinued in-person teaching. 


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