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Friday 12 February 2021

Matter of sending information of vacancies of Vidyashayak

Matter of sending information of vacancies of Vidyashayak

Matter of sending information of vacancies of Vidyashayak (Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 6 to 8 - Gujarati Medium) 

Kshipt has been able to get the expected result in this examination in school and in children.  Special honors have also been awarded for their various works.  Thus, in view of the various activities he has undertaken in the public and social spheres, the State Government is very much pleased with his selection for the Best Teacher State Award for the year 2020, (6) Shri Vipulmai Dahyabhai Patel Assistant Teacher President Swami Vinay Mandir, Nenpur, Tti, Mahemdavad,  Dist.  Kheda Shri Vipulbhai Dahyabhai Patel President Swami Vinay Mandir, At.  Performs duty as Assistant Teacher in Nenpur, Ta. Mahemdavad, Dist. Kheda.  Their educational journey has started from 21/10/2002.  He was introduced to the late Gandhian president of the organization.  Enlightened writers like Chandubhai Patel, excellent thinkers - sincere Acharya's knowledge has benefited a lot.  He received his M.A.  Has become a gold medalist with a history in  They are very fond of reading.  Since various magazines are coming in the institute, President Shri Chandubhai Patel has inspired him to write articles in various periodicals Jansatta .. Divya Bhaskar Dharti, Achala, Patidar Parivar, Education Guidance, Bhumiputra etc., most of his educational, social articles.  There are occasional articles in magazines like Balsrishti, Madhyamik Shikshan and Parikshane, Achala, Pragatisheel Shikshan etc.  His loving personality is enough to inculcate in the children.  Innovative programs as well as experiments have been done to make classroom learning enjoyable, active and quality.  As a teacher of social sciences, what can be new in education?  Is it constantly thinking about it and is it the result of the school?  Making such constant efforts.  He is always striving for children to come forward with character, honesty, sincerity and valuable masculinity.  In it, the story of Gujarat state ||  The training completes RP as well as K.RP as Mave Master Ten.  What I am, is the subject convenor of the Byseg in the Gandhinagar Board.  Por - I have also done a great job as a 10th textbook reviewer.  NCE R's Workshop RM, SA's Companions, Module Articles that STT has been training the foxes of Esha district of Gujarat Rap in Gandhinagar for a long time. He has echoed Dongreji Maharaj's statement that children have a part of denial.  He has been awarded the Best Teacher Award on September 5, 2018. He has also been awarded certificates from reputed institutes. This is his achievement. For the dissemination and implementation of various programs organized by the State Government for public awareness.  Mr. Mazeb's Arthasha Patrawala, Assistant Teacher or Sir C.J.N.Z.  Masa High School, Navsari Shri Mazb's A Rache Sha Patrawala was born on 18/01/1971.  

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The virtues of honesty and service-mindedness were instilled in him. He started his educational journey on 01/08/1994 in Sir CJNZ Masa High School, Navsari.  Zarposti Mehsa from 1994 to date.  The success of the secondary department in Myra has undeniably led to many mistakes.  George Bernard Shaw September 37 - October, 2020.

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