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Monday 22 February 2021

Search Your Name And polling station Voter List In gujarat

Search Your Name And polling station Voter List In gujarat 

 the ticket addresses start, If choices are held. Ticket claim You get to hear goods like the rush. What is this ticket? Actually, it's Form B of Election committee with no ticket. In Form B, the name of the party that the candidate nominates in choices and the name of an alternate 


 candidate are written. Below that is the hand of the party president, this is the party ticket. Form B is also accompanied by Form A, in which the public president of the party authorizes the state president to nominate a candidate. In usual parlance, Form A, also known as Ticket, has to be submitted to the Returning Officer at the time of filing nomination. Both the forms have to be  give in by 3 pm till the last date for filing nomination simultaneously. 


 It's also clarified that each one these services are constantly attained directly or from the 


 In view of the approaching general choices, the task of India has strengthened its Voter Help Line to form it easier for pickers to get authentic information associated with their picker registration. 


 still, land a Form 6 issued by the Election Commission of India for registration of a name in the electoral list, If you satisfy the eligibility criteria to come a picker. You will have to land different forms if you wish to change your address or details in an being Voter ID. Flash back, you can't enrol yourself as a picker in two different constituencies. 

મતદાર યાદિમાં તમારૂ નામ સર્ચ કરવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો
મતદાર યાદિમાં નામ સર્ચ કરવા માટેની બીજી લીંક 

The form numbers down  with the purposes are given below for your reference 
 Form 6- operation for Add New Name in electoral travel
 Form 7- operation form for exception to include a name in electoral travel
 Form 8- operation form for correction of details in electoral travel
 Form 8 A- operation form for transposition of an entry in the electoral travel
 Everyone can simply download Voter List 2021 from this app.

તમારા ગામના સરપંચ અને વોર્ડ વાઇઝ ઉભેલા સભ્યોની યાદી જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 As no person is entitled to be registered in the electoral roll of further than one constituency, you must check if your name is in the electoral roll before making a fresh operation 
 Find your name, polling station and grand number in the Indian picker list from all the countries. Indian Choosers List 2021 Online Online| You can now find your name in the handpick Roll/ Voter List using this app and also get some spare new features. 
 Features of the operation 
 Voter ID card check 
 Download picker ID card 
 All India Voter List 2020 and Voter Identity Card Download 
 Water ID Card- Download your picker ID card from the National Choosers Portal along with furnishing some introductory details and know your exact picker card without any hesitancy. This is the swish app to download digital picker card. 
 Form B marks the party's election symbol and the party's seal is signed below the hand of the state president. The parties declare contenders in the choices, but shoot one or two days before nomination with the Form B and A Observer. 
 Voter List- Download your picker list with this app and find out streamlined picker details for your family members. This operation helps you to know the streamlined picker information to mislead anyone. Current Voter List 2021 gives you streamlined information about the picker card. This is the swish app to download Voter List 2021. 
 Check Status- If you are a new picker applicant, this app will help you to register your picker card for picker registration and to know the current status of your current picker operation status when you get your picker ID. 
 Voter Services 
 Name Find your name in the electoral roll 
 Status of Voter ID Card 
 put in online for a new namer ID card 
 Update Vot Voter ID Card 
 Track operation status 
 Know your cell, AC and PC 
 Voter list by area 

 ❐ also the picker list of all countries has been included in this app- 


 ➠ picker list jharkhand 2021 

 ➠ namer list karnataka 2021 

 ➠ Andhra Pradesh Voter List 

➠ Arunachal Pradesh Voter List 

 ➠ Assam Voter List 2021 

 ➠ Bihar Voter List 2021 

 ➠ Chandigarh Voter List 

 ➠ Chhattisgarh Voter List 

 ➠ Delhi Voter List 

 ➠ Goa Voter List 

 ➠ Gujarat Voter List 

 ➠ Haryana Voter List 

 ➠ Himachal Pradesh Voter List 

 ➠ Jammu & Kashmir Voter List 

 ➠ Kerala Voter List 

 ➠ Madhya Pradesh Voter List 

 ➠ Maharashtra Voter List 

 ➠ Manipur Voter List 

 ➠ Meghalaya Voter List 

 ➠ Mizoram Voter List 


  Nagaland Voter List 
 ➠ Odisha Voter List 
 ➠ Punjab Voter List 
 ➠ Rajasthan Voter List 
 ➠ Sikkim Voter List 
 ➠ Tamil Nadu Voter List 
 ➠ Telangana Voter List 
 ➠ Tripura Voter List 
 ➠ Uttar Pradesh Voter List 
 ➠ Uttarakhand Voter List 
 ➠ West Bengal Voter List 
 I will not drink tea till June 1 


click here for know your name

 The meeting of All India Sonia Gandhi Prachar Dal was detain on Tuesday at Jawaharnagar on Mango Road number four. Team President Surajkant Nag guide over the meeting. He said that not all members of the struggle team will drink tea from March 12 to June 1.

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