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Tuesday 12 January 2021

Words of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago speech going viral 11 th September1893

Words of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago speech going viral 11 th September1893

Swami Vivekananda went there as the representative of India when the World Religious Council was organized in Chicago in 1893, 125 years ago. People of the World Council of Religion believed that “these are just some ordinary monks of India. Even if you give them five minutes to preach, maybe some will not be able to speak… ”

He treated the Swami Vivekananda with disdain and mocked him, saying: “In all the scriptures, your scripture is below all, so you should speak on zero.”

At the beginning of the discourse, upon hearing Swami Vivekananda’s eloquence ‘My dear America’s brothers and sisters!’, The audience was so excited that for 2 minutes, the thunderous applause was echoed.
Then Swami Vivekananda said as if roaring Singh:
“Our scripture is at the bottom. It does not mean that it is the smallest but the basis of all culture, the basis of all religions is our scripture.
If I remove that scripture, all your texts will fall. Indian culture is great and is the basis of all cultures.

While doing Neti… Neti… the Vedas show their inability to describe, the enlightenment of the enlightened soul which governs the whole world with the power of God, this is the seed mantra of the spiritual culture of India and that is why the Indian culture world Is supreme, supreme. ”
Seeing Hinduism from above, he did not care about the question of fame and disrespect in presenting the truth to the commentators seriously and powerfully.
During his sermon in the Council, he shouted to the gathering: ‘Those who have themselves acquired the knowledge of this religion by reading the scriptures of Hinduism – such people should raise their hands.’

… And how many hands rose up in that huge gathering? Just three to four. There were only three to four persons who had knowledge of Hinduism in that gathering of bishops and cultural men of India and abroad.
After this, Vivekananda ji, while giving sweet sarcasm to the members:
“… and yet you are determined to evaluate us?”

Even those who had trouble giving Vivekananda five minutes for his discourse in that Dharma Parishad, the organizers were getting shocked by the respect
received by the audience for their discourse

અહીથી સાંભળો વાઈરલ સ્પીચ

Onerbale Merwin-Merri-Snell, head of the Science Branch of the World Religion Council, wrote: “No other religion has as much influence on Hinduism as on the Council of Religions and on most Americans.”

Instead of protecting such a great culture and religion, we are not free from following the culture of the West, what a shame it is for our society and country!

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