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Saturday 16 January 2021

Even When The New Policy Will Come Into Force From May 15, It Will Have To Be Advanced, Understand From Question And Answer What Is Next?

Even When The New Policy Will Come Into Force From May 15, It Will Have To Be Advanced, Understand From Question And Answer What Is Next?

WhatsApp, which is fighting its own policy-controversy, is currently on the backfoot.  The company's new policy will now come into effect from May 15.  Earlier, it was scheduled to take effect on February 8, meaning the company has not withdrawn the policy, only extended it.

 The company wrote on its blog that we have received feedback from many people that our privacy policy update is not entirely clear.  In such a situation we are giving time to the users to understand it.  How will extending the policy date affect your account?  Understand through the questions and answers ...

 1. What Is The New Decision Of WhatsApp?

 The company wrote on its blog, "We want to make sure that you have full time to read and accept these terms, so we have extended the date."  This means that no account will be suspended or deleted on February 8.  We will take a number of steps to eliminate misinformation about the privacy and security of WhatsApp.  We will then ask people to renew the policy and they will be given full time for this.  Business options will be available from May 15.

 2. How Will Extending The Policy Date Benefit The Users?

 Many users did not agree with the company's new policy.  In such a situation, there was a risk that his account would be closed on February 8, but now that fear has been averted, meaning that the WhatsApp account will remain open till May 14, even without a policy advance.  Users will no longer need to give permission to share their data with the company.

 3. What Will Happen To The Users Who Have Already Signed The Policy?

 The new policy will also apply to such users from May 15.  The date extended by the company is applicable to all users, i.e. those who have applied for the policy and will apply now.  Prior to May 15, the company will not be able to share your account data with Facebook, Instagram or even with data business users.  User data that will be shared includes location, IP address, time zone, phone model, operating system, battery level, signal strength, browser, mobile network, internet service provider, language, time zone and phone's IMEI number.

 4. If WhatsApp Is Uninstalled And Installed, Will The Policy Have To Be Renewed?

 No, you will no longer be notified if you have forwarded the policy.  This means that you have given the company the right to share data.  If you WhatsApp no ​​other number

 If you are installing on the policy will have to advance.

 5. If We Uninstall WhatsApp, Won't The Company Have All The Data?

 When WhatsApp is first installed it has to be given certain permissions, i.e. features like photo, video, camera, contact, microphone, location only work.

 Will do when it is given permission.  With this permission, the data associated with your number is saved on the company's servers.  Yours even though the app is uninstalled

 The data will be with the company.

 6. What Is The Way To Delete Data From WhatsApp Server?

 If you do not want to use WhatsApp, you have to delete the account from the app before deleting it.  Follow these steps to ...

 Open WhatsApp and go to Settings by clicking on the 3 dots that appear in the top-right

સમગ્ર રિપોર્ટ અહીંથી વાંચો

 Now tap on Account Options, you will see Delete My Account option.

 Now you can delete the account by entering your number, selecting the country.

 Doing so will delete your WhatsApp account.  Message history, group, Google Drive, payment history associated with the account will also be deleted.  If there is any payment pending on WhatsApp, it will also be canceled.

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