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Wednesday 27 January 2021

Dhoom of FAU-G, know which phones will not play this game before downloading, see this list

Dhoom of FAU-G, know which phones will not play this game before downloading, see this list

 Dhoom of FAU-G, know which phones will not play this game before downloading, see this list

FAU-G i.e. Fearless and Unites Guards FAU-G, which was launched to compete with Pubji, is getting tremendous response. The game received a record download in a single day from the Play Store. Users are downloading the game to their phones to play, but in the midst of all this there are now reports that FAU-G will not run on some phones, i.e. some phone models will not support the game so users may be deprived of the game. Find out which phones do not support FAU-G .......

This phone will not run FAU-G game ....

Desi PUBG i.e. FAU-G game will only support the upgraded version of Android 8 or above. If you use a smartphone with an operating system older than Android 8, the FAU-G game cannot be downloaded to your smartphone. With FAU-G game will not be available for registration for iOS based iPhone and iPads. The company can access private data from FAU-G users. This data may include usernames and other details.

Fearless and Unites Guards FAU-G has caused a stir on the first day of launch. More than 1 million people have downloaded this game on the first day itself. FAU-G has a 4.1 rating on the Google Play Store. The game was launched on Republic Day i.e. 26th January 2021. The law had already crossed the 50 lakh mark for pre-registration.

What is the distance between FAU-G and PUBG ....

Launched with multimode without FAU-G, while PUBG offered multilayer mod, there is a big difference between the two games. Also in graphics, the FAU-G game is lagging behind PUBG. The size of the FAUG game is 500MB. While the lite version of PUBG may be launched in India in the near future. In addition, FAU-G has also been launched in Hindi, while Pubji was available in English.

Launched in three languages ​​.....

The FAU-G game is currently launched in three languages, English, Hindi and Tamil. The company says that the game will soon be available in other languages ​​as well. It is 460MB in size. The game is being promoted by actor Akshay Kumar. He also shared a video and download link on Twitter about the game.

The game has been launched with a single player mod

The FAU-G game has been launched with a single player mode, but may soon include a Royal Battle mode and a multi-user mode. FAU-G will have a battle between Chinese troops and Indian troops in Ladakh. Through this game, users will be able to fight against Chinese intruders in Ladakh. Three characters are currently being offered at the beginning of the game. You can select these three characters as per your choice.

The game has three mods

The FAU-G game currently offers three mods Campaign, Team Deathmatch and Free for All, but so far only Camp Mod users are getting. The FAU-G game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, for which you have to search by typing FAU-G. Users who have pre-registered this can download it this way.

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What is the charge of FAU-G ....

Users may have to pay Rs. For the game that has been launched in India to compete with Pubji. FAUG game has been launched for free in India. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. However, you have to pay to upgrade these apps of FAU-G game. Users may have to pay up to Rs 19, 149, 299, 599, 1299 and 2999 for this. It is claimed that 20 per cent of the game's total earnings will go to India's Veer Fund.

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