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Wednesday 23 December 2020




Considering the situation of Covid-19, this palace matter of the directions given by the Hon'ble Supreme Court is related to the Government of Gujarat Home Department V-1 / AV / 102010/2 Secretariat, Gandhinagar, T. 4, 12, 2020, Circular of Home Department on 08, 14. In the containment zone declared in the entire state from declaration number: GG / 2/2010 / V-5 / KAV / 102010/4 of 2060, from 00.00 hrs of 01, 12, 2020 to 31.12.3050). Marvel in extending the lockdown period to 00 hours. In order to prevent the transmission of covid-19 from time to time from the Home Department regarding lockdown, it has been stated to maintain proper face covering / social distesting and to take special vigilance in relation to hand hygiene. No. for not covering the face properly from the declaration of Rs. A penalty of Rs.1000 has been provided. Some guidelines have been given in the case of Covid-19 under the ongoing suo MorU WRIT PETITION (CIVIL.) NO.7 OF 2020 of the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 17.12.2030. The main points concerning the Home Department are as follows: Strict adherence to Covid-19 instructions at places where large numbers of people congregate, such as vegetable markets, wholesale and auction venues, eateries, bus stations and railway stations. To deploy additional police force. સ્થાનિક The local administration should not allow any kind of celebration or public gathering except in special cases. Arrangements should be made to strictly follow the instructions of de ovid-19 during these events and to ensure that such events are completed within the stipulated number if allowed under special circumstances, to stop all activities except essential services in the • Micro Containment Zone . Detailed guidelines regarding general and by-elections have been issued by the Election Commission of India in August 2020. Apart from that, instructions have also been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India dated 05/10/2050 with Order No. 40-3 / 2020 - DM-I (A), corresponding to which the State Government has issued instructions dated 08/10/2050. The procedure is determined by the order of the same number. That procedure will also be applicable in the forthcoming elections / by-elections / local body elections / other government / semi-government body elections. Therefore, during the next elections. All types of procedures prescribed by the order dated 05/10/2050 should be strictly implemented. . Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India Order No. 40,04,50 20: Order No. 403/2020 - DM - 1 (A) and Order No. of the Department of Home Affairs, Government of Gujarat dated 08.10.2030; From V-1 / Kavav / 102010/4) Instructions have been given regarding festival celebrations / religious programs. 

 The instructions will also remain the same regarding the upcoming festivals like Christmas celebrations, New Year's Eve, New Year celebrations, the above guidelines of the Government of India and the State Government will have to be strictly followed. Hence, only a small number of persons can be present at church / place of worship as per the capacity of space or 500 persons, no meeting, prayer, rally, procession can be held in public as part of celebration / religious function, Covid - 19 Given the current situation, all necessary steps should be taken to ensure that the transition in the interest of public well-being is carried out in strict compliance with the guidelines of the Hon'ble Supreme Court as well as the instructions given by the Central Government and the State Government from time to time. The action taken in accordance with the guidelines of the Hon'ble Supreme Court shall be reported to the Home Department, by the order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name, ko (K. Kevirala) Additional Secretary (Acting) Home Department, Prati, P, S. Principal Secretary to the Governor, Raj Bhavan, Gandhinagar. (By letter).

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