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Monday 28 December 2020

NMMS FORM APPLY ONLINE 2020  Preparation Video

NMMS FORM APPLY ONLINE 2020  Preparation Video

NMMS FORM APPLY ONLINE 2020  Preparation Video

Gujarat  SEB NMMS Exam 2020 -Apply Online  ,Gujarat  SEB NMMS Notification 2020: State Education Board (SEB) ,Gandhinagar has released notification for NMMS (National means cum merit scholarship scheme) for Scholarship.Eligible candidates may apply online from 19-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 .Candidate is advised to visit official notification before applying.more detailed

 information regarding educational qualification,how to apply ,Exam Fee,last date for Gujarat SEB NMMS Notification 2020 Posts are mentioned below.

The State Examination Board (SEB)- Gandhinagar, Government of Gujarat has declared Gujarat NMMS Exam Form 2020 of Class 8th Students for Scholarship to study in Class 9th, Class 10th, Class 11th and Class 12th. The Gujarat NMMS Scholarship 2020 of 8th Class students declared online at that you may check District wise and Sch

storing their data backups or storing them at the nearest remote location.

 તમારૂ NMMS પરીક્ષાનું પરિણામ ચેક કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Books covered in Class 8 Notes are -

You can get Mathematics, Science, Social study, Resource And Development Notes , Social and Political Life ,
Our Pasts 5 part 2 and Our Pasts 1 part 3 , NMMS, Vasant Vihar, Bharat ni Khoj, Honeydewpoint & It so Happened

NMMS Result: Offical Website

Though we provide the merit list and scorecard link to check NMMS Results, candidates can also check the NMMS Results directly by visiting the state-wise official website respectively. The state-wise NMMS official website links are tabulated below:

પ્રોવિઝનલ આન્સર કી માટે અહી ક્લીક કરો

પોતાની OMR SHEET અને વાંધા અરજી માટે 
અહી ક્લીક કરો.

  • All the Offline cource of NCERT and CBSE Notes of standard 8
  • Everything is available at Offline, There is only need to Internet Connection Required.
  • No Need to Sign in for Download any Videos and Notes.
  • In Built fast pdf Reader for smooth and easy reading.
  • It's Very Easy to use Interface and with category wise and date wise videos and Notes.
  • You can Help your friends and teachers by sharing screenshot directly.

NMMS Gujarat 2020 Application Form has been Extended till 31st December 2020. In the state of Gujarat, an entrance exam is conducted by the SCERT which is known as the Gujarat National Means Cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) Scheme 2020 – 2021 for class VIII. NMMS Gujarat 2020 Exam will be held on 28th February 2021. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Gujarat is the official conducting authority to organize the entrance exam for the applicants.

The entrance exam which is going to be conducted in the month of February, is a state level exam. Candidates can check Gujarat NMMS 2020-2021 Exam date from the schedule provided below.



NMMS video provides preparation material for the National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) examination for Gujarat. It covers both GMAT and SAT. 


The video allows the scholar to require tests in individual chapters also as 60 minute practice tests. The 90 minute practice tests are within the same format because the actual exam papers. 

The Government of Gujarat has implemented a program in the state through which you can watch standard videos every day. Similarly, to prepare online for MS exams, the Government of Gujarat has launched a daily video on NMS exams on a channel called Glass from 3:00 am to 4:00 pm. In the meantime, if a live study is done, a poster is written about it..

Gujarat NMMS Online Exam

In the same way that the attack program has been implemented by the Gujarat government for the examination related to NMMS, the teachers of Gujarat government for the examination of NMMS have to ask about  in the students who are studying in standard eight and the video is ready. Curry and placed on youtube channel then standard wise standard 8 students study this video and then Saturday exam is also taken


NMMS Exam નું બાયસેગ પ્રસારણ નું ટાઈમ ટેબલ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

ઓનલાઈન ટેસ્ટ આપવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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NMMS પરીક્ષા તૈયારી ડેઇલી વિડીયો વિભાગ :: 

અહિંથી તમે દરરોજ ઓનલાઇન પ્રસારિત થતા NMMS પરીક્ષા તૈયારી વિડીયો જોઇ શકસો. આ લીંક સેવ રાખો. દરરોજ ૩:૦૦ વાગ્યે નવો વિડીયો મુકવામાં આવશે. 

સરકાર અને રાજ્ય શાસન વ્યવસ્થા વિડિયો ભાગ - 3 તારીખ :-10/2/2021

સરકાર અને રાજ્ય શાસન વ્યવસ્થા વિડિયો તારીખ :-9/2/2021


Date -06-02-2021 :- NMMS LIVE CLASS

DATE:- 05-02-2021 - NMMS LIVE CLASS

રેખા અને ખૂણા ભાગ - 2 વિડિયો તારીખ :-4/2/2021

રેખા અને ખૂણા ભાગ - 1 વિડિયો તારીખ :-3/2/2021

Date 01-02-2021 NMMS VIDEO LINK

દર્પણ પ્રતિબિંબ વિડિયો તારીખ :-30/1/2021

અંક શ્રેણી ભાગ - 2 વિડિયો તારીખ :-29/1/2021

અંક શ્રેણી વિડિયો તારીખ :- 28/1/2021

સંભાવના વિડિયો તારીખ :- 27/1/2021

માહિતીનું નિદર્શન વિડિયો તારીખ :- 25/1/2021

ક્રમ નિર્ધારણ વિડિયો તારીખ :-23/1/2021

મૂળાક્ષર શ્રેણી વીડિયો તારીખ :- 22/1/2021

લોહીના સંબંધો ભાગ - 2 વિડિયો તારીખ :- 21/1/2021

દિશા અને અંતર વિડિયો તારીખ :- 20/1/2021

:વક્ર અરીસામાં થતું પરાવર્તન ભાગ-2(વિજ્ઞાન) વિડિયો તારીખ :- 19/1/2021

આજનો વિડિયો તારીખ:- 18/01/2021

લોહીનો સંબંધ ભાગ -1 વિડિયો તારીખ:- 16/01/2021

વર્ગ અને વર્ગમૂળ વિડિયો તારીખ:- 16/01/2021

વક્ર અરીસામાં થતું પરાવર્તન વિડિયો તારીખ:- 13/01/2021

પ્રકાશ અને પરાવર્તન ભાગ - 2  વિડિયો તારીખ:- 12/01/2021

તા. 11-1-2021 વિડીયો જોવા અહિ કલીક કરો

મુઘલ યુગ અને ભક્તિ યુગ(સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન) વિડિયો તારીખ:- 09/01/2021

મધ્યયુગની શાસન વ્યવસ્થા (સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન) વિડિયો તારીખ:- 08/01/2021

આકૃતિ વિશ્લેષણ વિડિયો તારીખ :- 5/1/2021.

       સંબંધ આકૃતિ વિડિયો તારીખ :- 4/1/2021.

SAT- રાશિઓની તુલના વીડિયો તારીખ :- 2/1/2021

કોણ અલગ પડે છે ? વિડિયો તારીખ :- 1/1/2021


એન.એમ.એમ.એસ. પ્રાસ્તાવિક  વિડીયો   | માર્ગદર્શન - ડૉ. ટી.એસ.જોષી (નિયામકશ્રી જી.સી.ઇ.આર.ટી.)

માનસિક અભિયોગ્યતા કસોટી શા માટે ? | શ્રી દિનેશભાઇ દેસાઇ

NMMS પરીક્ષા સંકલ્પના | શ્રી રાજેન્દ્ર જોષી  



For getting more information about Gujarat NMMS Shishyvruti 2019, candidates to need to read the information brochure carefully. Right now the latest information brochure has not released yet. So candidates are advised to refer and download the previous year information brochure.

Exam date 23-12-2018
Click here To Download paper 2018

Download NMMS paper solution

NMMS Exam 2015 year Question papers


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Click here To Download paper 2011

NMMS Gujarat 2018 Paper Pattern
The important information related to the paper pattern is mentioned below for the reference of the applicants:
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USU offers in-demand degree programs that will help nurses enhance their knowledge – and capitalize on opportunities. Students can learn at their own pace through online courses supported by USU’s distinguished nursing faculty. USU faculty and staff provide support throughout the life of the program and beyond, to ensure each student succeeds in their mission to advance their career.

The Study At Secondary Stage. Scholarship Of Rs. 12000/- Per Annum (Rs.1000/- Per Month) Per Student Is Awarded To Selected Students Every Year For Study In Classes From Ix To Xii In State Government, Government Aided And Local Body Schools.

All In One File :

Book : Click Here

All Papers : Click Here
Download NMMS Question Papers

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NMMS Exam syllabus/Exam pattern 2018

  • In offline mode the official authority will conduct the entrance exam one session which will include two parts as mention below:
  • Part 1: MAT (Mental Ability Test)
  • Part 2: SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).
  • The question paper of the entrance exam will consist of Objective type questions will be asked.
  • The question paper of the entrance exam will consist of 90 questions of 90 marks in total.
  • One hour thirty minutes will be provided to the applicants to solve the paper.
  • In the entrance exam, there are no negative markings and one mark will be awarded to the applicants for each correct answer.
  • The details of the paper pattern are mention below in the table for the reference of the applicants:

Gujarat SEB NMMS Notification 2020

Oraganation Name: SEB ,Gujarat

Exam Name / Scholarship : NMMS

Qualification for Gujarat SEB NMMS
NMMS :8th Std running in,granted school,private school & local boding school.

Amount of Scholarship Gujarat SEB NMMS & NTSE Exam 2020
NMMS: Rs.12000/- per Annually ,(Rs.1000/- per month)

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