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Sunday 20 December 2020

IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application

IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application

IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application

This announcement has been made by the revenue department today by the order of the governor. In which two important circulars have been issued. We will discuss the highlights and important points of the circular which are farmer oriented. Applicants will now be able to make land survey applications online from the iORA portal.

The office of land registry department will have to dispose through i Mojani application. Applicant on iORA portal only has to apply online. In which an automatic application form will be generated. You can apply online from Gram Panchayat VCE or DLR office by going to the helpdesk.

The measuring fee for each application will be generated from the system on the online iORA portal. Which will have to be paid online. 

IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application

Surveyor will inform the applicant by e-mail and SMS when he comes to measure In what circumstances will the measurement fee be forfeited?

1) Occupancy of time measured on site is reversed

2) The field is full of water and cannot be measured

3) There is no access road to the farm

4) In case of breach of peace / law and order during the measurement process

5) If there is a crop in the field that hinders the measuring time, e.g. If there is sugarcane, paddy and thick jagra.

6) If the applicant does not show his direct possession at the place.

IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application 2020

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After the measurement operation the applicant will receive the measurement sheet by e-mail 30 days after the applicant will be able to get the hard copy of the measurement sheet with fixed fee. If the applicant is not satisfied with the measurement, he can apply for objection within 6 months.

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