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Saturday 19 December 2020

Breaking News : Strict ban on land grabbing activities in Gujarat will be implemented from today

Breaking News : Strict ban on land grabbing activities in Gujarat will be implemented from today

Breaking News : Strict ban on land grabbing activities in Gujarat will be implemented from today

Gujarat's CM Vijay Rupani's government is now facing a tough fight against land mafias. The state has started implementation of the Land Grabbing Act from today. The state government has brought in laws to control mafias and thugs for the security of law and order.

State Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced legal provisions strictly enforcing the Gujarat Land Grabbing Prohibition Act with a commitment to protect the interests of farmers and legitimate landowners by controlling land mafias in a historic decision.

Strict enforcement of the law has been initiated in the state from today with the CM Vijay Rupani government's commitment to crack down on land grabbers of common man, farmers and rural citizens.

Formation of committee of 8 officers under the chairmanship of District Collector for comprehensive scrutiny of complaints received under this Act.

At each stage a timeline of the investigation process is set
Complaints do not last long
A decision has to be taken within 21 days on the investigation report submitted before the committee

In case of expropriation of government land or in case of expropriation of land by defiant elements, the Collector and the State Government as the Chairman of the Committee may take suo moto action on their own.

The special court-special court may also give directions to the committee headed by the district collector to investigate the land grabbers by taking suo moto cognizance.
Special court for speedy hearing of land grabbing cases and stern punishment of land mafias
One public prosecutor will be appointed in each special court
Disposal of such cases in a special court will be ensured in 6 months
The special court will be empowered to conduct civil and criminal court proceedings
The common man will get speedy justice and the guilty land mafia will be severely punished
The responsibility for proving the allegations to be false rests with the land mafia

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced a strict implementation of the rules and regulations of the Gujarat Land Grabbing Prohibition Act to take legal action against land mafias in the state for illegally occupying government, common farmers, privately owned as well as public trusts and monasteries.
After the Cabinet approved the proposal of the Land Grabbing Prohibition Act-20, with the approval of the Governor, the Bill has taken the form of an Act and now the Chief Minister is determined to implement its legal provisions in the state with immediate effect.

Regardless of which, the state government has ensured the enactment of this strict criminal law with the firm intention of bringing such criminals-land grabers-land mafias to justice and preventing them from being usurped by any land mafia.

The government does not want to let go of the land mafia or any of the skinheads who engage in such criminal activities of land grabbing illegally. The state government is committed to curbing land grabbing activities in the state. With such a clear signal, the implementation of the Gujarat Land Grabbing Prohibition Act will be a new milestone, the Chief Minister added.

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Strict punitive provisions of the law will now curb serious land grabbing incidents and land mafias will be banned from engaging in such criminal activities.

Under the law, offenders will be liable to imprisonment for a minimum of ten years and a maximum of fourteen years from conviction, as well as a fine up to the jantri value of the property

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