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Thursday 29 October 2020

Suggestions during pregnancy information pdf

Suggestions during pregnancy information pdf

Suggestions during pregnancy information pdf

What to do before 3 months (0 -3 months)

Contact within 1 week of missed menstruation.
Do a urine test to check for pregnancy
Sonography to know fetal development and heartbeat
Take folic acid and vitamin B-12
antienatal profile (blood and urine test)

What not to do
Don't travel
Don't eat spicy or foreign food
Don't build a relationship
Do not do heavy work and exercise
What to do another 3 months (3-6 months)
Sonography to check for malformations in a baby at 20 to 22 weeks (3D-4D)

Bow vaccine should be taken twice a month
Blood and Urine Reporting (Antinental Profile)
To do light exercise and pranayama
Take Aryan calcium and protein medication as advised.
Third trimester (6-9 months)

Exercise as advised by the doctor
Growth sonography 7 months
Color Doppler sonography should be performed in the ninth month (36 weeks)
Information about the oxygen the baby gets
Watching 10 Movements of a Child (8am to 8pm)

What not to do
Do not travel (travel as per doctor's leave).

What foods to eat during pregnancy:

Eat more nutritious and high protein, Aryan, Calcium and Protein foods
Obtained from protein, lentils and beans
Calcium is found in milk, milk products and bananas
Vitamins are found in all vegetables and fruits
Panipuri, Sugarcane juice, Do not eat ice cubes (found outside)
Eat little by little 5-7 times a day
Don't eat spicy, fried, spicy
Drink enough water (add sugar, salt in summer)
Take water from lemon, orange, coconut
Tobacco, not alcohol
Wear clean, loose, cotton clothes
Good music and reading books
Watch light comedy movies

Let's gain weight:
0-3 months: - Increase from -2 (decrease) to 1 kg

3-6 months: -2 to 5 kg

6-9 months: -3 to 8 kg

Total weight gain 9 kg-12 kg (will increase according to the height of the woman)
Baby weight gain:
3 months: - 50 gms

6 months: - 500 gms

9 months: - 1000 gms

9 months: - 2.2 kg. - 3.2 kg.

The baby will move at the beginning of the sixth month (22 weeks) +/- 2 weeks / mother's main weight gain will continue from five months.
What a husband should do during pregnancy
Talk to the baby in the wife's womb

Always accompany your wife to the doctor for a check-up and go with her.

Don't let it lift heavy weights.

Take care of her eating and drinking on time

Bring toys and clothes before the baby is born and decorate his room

Things to bring along when arriving at the hospital for delivery

Telephone diary and mobile

Net sheets and blankets - for mother and baby

Use 6 pairs of clean clothes for baby and wash before use

Prasruti gown and bra and 2-3 pairs of underwear and sleeper

Rake, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste

Fruits and biscuits and light snacks, sugar, Amul fresh milk

Sanitary pad
For your information:
The baby's heartbeat will appear in sonography on day 20 above 1 month

External shapes of children 2 months 15 days will appear in sonography

Vomiting, nausea will last for 3 months

The baby will move for 22 weeks (five months after the sixth month of sitting)

Back pain and calf pain are common to all during pregnancy


pregnancy information pdf

 pregnancy information IN GUJARATI

Under what circumstances to come to the hospital:

Swelling, headache and vomiting
If there is severe pain in the abdomen
According to the doctor's appointment
LAPROSCOPY (to perform abdominal surgery):
For infertility: removal of ovarian tumors, removal of clotted organs

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