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Friday 28 August 2020

Palak Mata Pita Yojana

Palak Mata Pita Yojana

Palak Mata Pita Yojana

 Schemes Child Welfare Parents 'Parents' Plan.Download Gujarat Government Palak Mata Pita Yojana Application Form, Document List and Updated Paripatra.

Foster Parents' Plan

There is no other choice as a family for children's healthy and balanced development. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, their orphaned children are not able to grow up in their pragmatic family, thus raising their children to institutions for their children. According to the society's classical perspective, organization can be considered as a last resort only for the child.Mutualfunds are vehicles to invest in various asset classes such as gold, equity andbonds. Each fund manager has his way of making money for his investors and isgoverned by the scheme’s objective. The investors are expected to keep a trackof his scheme’s performance from time to time. It makes sense to conduct aperiodical review of all your MF schemes and weed out underperformers, if any.Failing to review can cost you a fortune. Investing large sums in equity MFs isa tricky game. Not many investors can handle the situation emotionally. Thebest way to avoid it is to write all cheques and sign all the forms in one goor click wherever required at one go. However, this is not the best method.

Name of the scheme: - Parental parental scheme

Standard Chart: - Under this scheme, all orphan children belonging to the age group of 0 to 18 years of age and children whose parents do not exist, will be eligible for benefit. The children whose father is dead and the mother has remarried, will have to submit marriage certificate on the matter of remarriage of the mother.

Assistance Rate- Monthly Rs.3,000 / - (Rupees Three Thousand Full) monthly assistance will be paid to the foster parents or close relatives who care for the orphan children.

Income Limit- The applicant's income is estimated to be more than Rs 27,000 in rural areas and more than Rs 36,000 in urban areas.

Scheme conditions-

Beneficiary seekers to be raised by the adoptive parents shall be placed in Anganwadi for children aged 3 to 6 and children in the age of 6 years must be given compulsory school education. If the child's study is stopped, assistance will be stopped.

For the children going to Anganwadi, certificate of relevant computer program for ICDS (Integrated Child Development Plan) and certificate of affiliated school for children going to school will be submitted by 15th July every year.

There will be certified examples of the death of the child's parents.

If the child's mother is remarried and the child will stay with the mother, assistance will be stopped.

The application form can be downloaded free of cost from the website of the website or at the office of the nearest Children's / District Social Security Officer's Office / District Child Safety Officer. Assistance will be available from the date of application for approval.

The scheme has to be implemented at district level by the District Children's Home Superintendent. The district child protection unit will be accepted in the District which is not functioning in the district and the next action will be taken in the district. The District Social Security Officer will be responsible for payment and payment.

At each district level, the recommendations of the sponsorship and approval committee (SFCAC) will be reviewed and ordered to pay the assistance to the foster parents who are eligible

The children who are benefiting from such a state or any other scheme in the center will not be benefitted from this scheme.

This amount will be payable in the beneficiary's account with the direct payment (DBT) system from the paycheck. Such foster parents will be allowed to open their joint name with the name of the child in the bank / post office.

Application form for incomplete details will not be considered.

Palak Mata Pita Ni Yojana Nu Arji Form (Application Form) 

Gujarat Government has begun a standout amongst other plan for all the children who has lost their dad and mom. Government will pay approx Rs 3000 Monthly to those kid's for higher education.This conspire is accessible for 0 to 18 years of children. Extraordinarily exhortation to those individuals who are dealing with such child.Parents Parents Plan Child Balance, Child Marriage, Child Marriage Parents Parental Parents should pay Rs. 3000/ - for kids under the period of Rs. 3,000/ - for guardians and kids. Guardians will be qualified for the yearly pay of 27000 and ought to be 36000. 

Temporary Parents plan roundabout, application structure and required documentation and ruls 

1-Foster guardians plan roundabout, application structure 

2-Foster guardians plan roundabout 29-4-2016 and 13-1-2017. 

3-Foster guardians plan, application required documentation and ruls 

Coupled Support/Proof 

Labor authentication 

Guardians ought not kick the bucket 

Father kicked the bucket, so make certain to wed once more

Check out (Parents)

Let the kids study at the schools of Anganwadi
Child and child care parents
Copy guardian ration card
Passport Siaana Fata-1 (Balaka)

More Information Palak Mata Pita Yojana Contact on Below Address:

Gujarat State Child Protection SocietyBlock Number 19, 3rd Floor,Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Sector 10,Gandhinagar, Gujarat.Phone: 079 – 232 42521/23Fax: 079 – 232 42522E-mail:,,

Please Note – Above Address Might Changes – For More Contacts Click Here to visit

Useful Link:-

Paripatra G.R Page 1 // G.R Page 2

Sarkar Ni Jaher Yojanao Mahiti Book Click Here

 Sahay Arji Form
Form Page 1 | Form Page 2

Download Pdf Form Click Here

Download Word Form Click Here

Download Application Form- : Click here

Form Sathe Jodva Na Document List Click here

Information In Gujarati

 Youare exposing yourself to timing risk. It makes sense to take a staggeredapproach to investing. “Systematic transfer plan helps you to invest at regularintervals and optimise your returns,” says Solanki. While the SIP book isgrowing there is no dearth of investors who prefer to stand at the otherextreme. These are these investors who prefer to time their investments tomaximise their returns. Some even prefer to sell their investments when themarkets appear overpriced. However, it does not work for most of them barring afew lucky folks. Some keep waiting for the markets to correct while othersrepent as to why they sold at the previous top. The government has started implementing the scheme from 1978 on the basis of the adoptive parents' scheme, by raising them in an alternative family, keeping them in an institutional environment instead of raising such destitute orphan children in a holistic and balanced way

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