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Sunday 30 August 2020

Gujarat Government important press note read all usefull

Gujarat Government important press note read all usefull

Gujarat Government important press note read all usefull

Now Gambling in Gujarat - Cyber ​​Crime - Charging illegal interest installments against money lenders - like sexual harassment of women  Strict dice law will be enforced against criminals Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani's firm determination to take strict action against criminals in Gujarat -: Expansion of dice provisions - Significant reforms will be made: Chief Minister Shri will present a proposal for ordinance in the next cabinet meeting.  To commit cyber crime - levy illegal interest installments against money lenders (loan SAARC) Physical violence - intimidation - sexual harassment such as the state will use the weapon of 'dice' against the elements. The government is always on the side of the people - working in the public interest.  Anti-social Activities - Significant amendments to the law will be enacted to crack down on criminals. Action will be taken against gamblers. Those who engage in cyber crime activities against IT Act provisions will be punished as cyber offenders.  In the name of further advancing the identity of a peaceful, safe and secure state of Gujarat, we have decided to make significant amendments in the Pasha Act.

The Chief Minister has further expanded the scope of the law to crack down on cyber criminals, including physical violence as well as intimidation, including illegal levy of interest on money lenders, sexual offenses and sexual harassment.  Determined.  The Chief Minister has been an ardent advocate of strong legal system in the foundation of building the best of Gujarat from the best to the best.  Shri Vijaybhai Rupani is proposing to bring an ordinance in the next cabinet meeting to amend the Act to crack down on the rising incidence of crimes like sexual harassment, including cyber technology related crimes.  In order to control the activities of anti-social elements in the state of Gujarat, the Gujarat Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act (aspect) 18 has been implemented.  As per the provisions of the Act under this Act, persons committing offenses under IPC and the Arms Act, persons who are intimidated, persons who seize private and government property as well as persons involved in drug trafficking, drug offenders, drug dealers, drug dealers, drug addicts  Criminals connected with trade, people who kill and sell cows and bootleggers who trade in liquor illegally can be arrested using the provisions of the Asa Act.  

Crime is on the rise, as are sexual harassment  This amendment to the provisions of the law will be an infallible weapon in curbing crimes including these crimes.  Under the direction of Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, the amendments to be made in the provisions of the 'Pasa' Act, which are cyber crimes through technology.  Under it |  IT  Under the Act, 2000, any person who commits or attempts to commit a punishable offense is assisted by the provisions of the Ascendant Act.  With regard to gambling activity, there was a provision in the Dice Act that if a person commits a crime again within three years of being sentenced, dice action would be taken.

Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has strongly condemned the evils of gambling in the state  It is now decided to amend these provisions as well to prevent financial ruin of families due to gambling activity.  Accordingly, by making the aspect more stringent, the provision of punishment in these three years has been repealed and now the aspect will be applied against the perpetrators at any time.  In addition, the new provisions that have been added to this aspect of the law are related to financial lending  Definition of Criminal Use of Physical Violence for the purpose of committing a punishable offense under the Gujarat Money Lenders Act, attempting a crime, aiding and abetting a crime, charging a loan or its interest or its installments or seizing immovable or movable property associated with loan transactions.  , Or threatening to do so, or employing someone on behalf of such a person is also included in the punishable provision.  The provisions in the aspect law have been further expanded with the aim of reducing the incidence of sexual offenses in the state and making women more secure.  | 


Individuals who commit or attempt to commit a punishable offense under various sections of the Indian Criminal Code, 120, as well as the Pox Act, are now exclusively included in the list of persons punishable under the aspect law.  Amendments to the Act would allow for the prosecution of criminals such as gamblers, cyber criminals, usurers and sexual harassment offenders.  As per the present provision of this Act in Chapters 13 and 14 of the Indian Penal Code  The perpetrators of the crime were dealt with in the frightening category.  In it |  Now Chapter-2 or 12 (Sections-2, 3 (a), 2 (b), 2 (c), 2 (d), 2, 3 (a), 2 (b), 2 (c), 2 (  D) Except for 3) or Chapter 12 or Chapter 3 offenders will also be prosecuted.  The Chief Minister has set a target of cracking down on anti-social elements and criminals in the state.  The Chief Minister is to present a proposal for these important amendments in the Pasha Act in the next Cabinet with the perception that the police are always on the side of the people.  CM - PRO / UN / Bharat Gangani

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