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Thursday 27 August 2020

Aangadvadi Bharti Advertisement for the post of AWW/AWH PATAN

Aangadvadi Bharti Advertisement for the post of AWW/AWH PATAN

Aangadvadi Bharti at Advertisement for the post of AWW/AWH PATAN

common instuction::

(1) For the recruitment process of Anganwadi worker / Tedagar in the integrated child development service scheme under the Department of Women and Child Development, Resolution No. issued by the Department of Women and Child Development of the Government. Subject to ICD / 102018/15 / B (Part-2), Dt. From 9/11/2018 for selection of Anganwadi worker / Tedagar, EHRMS from worker / Tedagar service book, and standards regarding online recruitment process, honorary service, review, discipline rules. Will remain.

(2) Once the online application is confirmed by the applicant, there will be no scope for amendment.

(3) Any discrepancy between the information filled in the application form and the details of the uploaded documents will be deemed as cancellation of the applicant's candidature. Uploaded documents must be readable.


Merit list/reject list

Document to applyonline in the process of appointment will have to submit the requiredsupporting evidence online. Appointments will also be given online. The wholeprocess will be carried out online in a transparent manner. The question is howto apply online to the less educated Ben sitting in a poor village. VCA VillageComputer, working in each gram panchayat, will provide the entire process ofonline application to the individual sisters. The application will be made andthe documents will also be uploaded.

After making this online application, therules will be checked and merit list will be made. According to this meritlist, the candidate who is eligible to be selected will have his originaldocuments checked and then the appointment letter will be given. Thisappointment letter will also be generated online and will reach the sisters.

Appeals have also been arranged in thisprocess. Appeal will also be made online. If a petitioner finds out that he hasbeen treated unfairly or has missed something within 10 days beforegiving the appointment letter, he / she can appeal to the appellate committeeonline and within 10 days the committee will respond to the appeal online. .

No sister will need to be called in for aninterview or in person. The recruitment process will be done three to fourtimes a year at the state level and will also include potential vacancies inthe next six months.

This onlineprocess will make the recruitment process faster and more transparent. In theoff-line process so far, all the applicants are called for interviews and thena list is made in their selection. If the district committee goes through thisprocess, it is possible that there will be some human error and this processwill also affect the unwelcome recommendations. Apparently they even wentthrough the court so that the process was very late and the appointment wasalso very late. All these questions will be removed due to this online process.

After thevacancies in the ongoing off-line process, these vacancies remained vacant fora long time during this long process so that the benefits of women and childdevelopment services could also be disseminated to the people. There will be aselection based on merit. The vacancies are unlikely to remain vacant for long.


(2) In case the grade / score is indicated in the marksheet, it is compulsory to calculate the marks from the grade / score issued by the university / college or to upload the certificate / marksheet of the calculated marks from the university / college itself.

(3) This application form is for registration only. It will not be considered a claim for appointment.

(3) The name of the applicant shall be in English and Gujarati, and all other details shall be filled in by the applicant in English.

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