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Sunday 5 July 2020

There are 4 types of masks being sold in the market, know its features and choose the best mask for you

There are 4 types of masks being sold in the market, know its features and choose the best mask for you

Masks have proven to be the most effective weapon in the fight against coronavirus. Many health organizations like CDC, WHO are appealing to people to wear masks. Even in India, the government has made it mandatory to wear a mask, despite the large number of people showing negligence.

Wearing a mask can prevent you from infecting others with exhaled droplets and keep yourself safe. When coughing, sneezing or talking, the mask holds the viral droplets, making it less likely that the virus will reach another person. There are four types of masks available in the market. It has different characteristics. So choose the right mask and stay safe.

Here are the different types of masks and find out which one is best for you-

N95 mask::

The N95 mask has been the most talked about during the epidemic. This mask traps small particles (0.3 microns) by about 95%. Usually such small particles are difficult to prevent.
These masks are single use and are made of polyester and other synthetic fibers. It has a layer of fiber that acts as a filter. It stops the particles. This mask should make sure that there is no gap between your skin and the mask. It has a nosepiece that can suit the shape of the face. If you have a beard on your face, that mask will not fit properly. These masks don't even fit on children's faces.
Some N95 masks have a front acceleration valve, making it easier to breathe. These masks are commonly used in construction. Valve masks should not be used in places like hospital operation rooms.

Medical mask::

There are many types of these types of masks and less effective than N95. Some of these masks block 60 to 80 percent of the particles in the lab condition. If you wear a medical mask properly, it can help prevent coronavirus.
Medical masks are usually breathable and made of synthetic fibers such as paper. They are rectangular in shape and folded to form benches. Due to its shape it fits easily on the face. These masks are disposable and made for one-time use.
This mask protects you from large droplets, but is less effective compared to the N95 because it is a little looser on the face.

Home made mask

image source:: divya bhaskar

Many people use homemade masks due to low supply of medical masks. If it is a good fabric and well made it offers protection like a medical mask.
A good homemade mask made from cotton cloth is able to prevent the virus.
Such masks can also be made from heavy cotton t-shirts. Material in which the amount of thread is high. That mask provides extra protection. There are ways to make cotton masks available on the internet. Search for a mask that has at least two layers and covers your nose and beard.

Home made filter mask

image source:: divya bhaskar

This is another type of cotton mask made of 100% cotton T-shirt. This mask has a back pocket that acts as a filter. We used a coffee filter in it. Paper towels have also been tested. This experiment showed that two layers of paper towels block 23 to 33 percent from 0.3 microns.

People are using a lot of filter material in the meantime. It includes air filters and vacuum bags. It can be effective but there are risks involved. Often not breathable and often contains dangerous fibers, which you inhale with your breath.

Plus, the average person doesn't need that much filtering. Whatever filter you use, make sure it has a layer of cotton or a similar material next to it.
The mask should be worn properly

A mask will only be effective as long as it is worn properly. It is important to wear a mask when going out or in public. Remember not to do it over and over again. However no masks provide 100 percent protection. In such a situation frequent washing of hands and keeping social distance and keeping oneself safe.

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