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Thursday 16 July 2020

KV Admissions 2020: KVS releases revised guidelines for admissions on

KV Admissions 2020: KVS releases revised guidelines for admissions on

  • The schedule for admission within the session 2020-21 are going to be as follows: -
  • The Admission Schedule for the Session 2020-21 are going to be as under


1 Advertisement for Admission

Advertisement for admission 17/07/2020 (Friday)

2 Registration for Class-I - Online

Online Registration for Class-I

20/07/2020 (Monday)

10:00 PM onwards

Anlim Lily of Online Registration for sophistication 3-I.

Last date of Online Registration for Class-I.

07/08/2020 (Friday) till

7:00 PM

(19 days)

4 (a) Declaration of provisional select and waitlist of

registered candidates

Selection and pre-list of all registered schools

Exhibition of

(b) Admission of eligible candidates of selected

list within the following order:

(i) RTE

(ii) From Service Priority Category (I and II)


(iii) Shortfall of Reservation Quota after

admission in (i) and (ii) above

According to the list issued above

Login begins within the following order:

(i) Internal selection of education rights

(ii) Selection from service category preference order category I and II

(iii) Of the seats filled within the above Shalmi Arlakshi Kate

After blood enters the seat


st list on 11/08/2020



nd list on 24/08/2020


(if seats remain vacant)


rd list on 26/08/2020


(if seats remain vacant)

5 (i) List of selected schools in commission category order

Exhibitions and entrances for the aim of securing seats for the year

The reserved seats are empty.

Declaration of provisional select list of

candidates as per priority service category for

unreserved seats, if any (keeping the left over

reserved seats blocked).

27/08/2020 to 29/08/2020

(Thursday) (Saturday)

(3 days)

5 (ii) Under and after the proper to education  Fake / Tribal,

Other Backward Year (NCL) Admission Heidu Sari Notification (Class-

I), if not enough applications are received (Offline).

Extended date for Second Notification for offline

registrations for admissions to be made under

RTE Provisions, SC / ST and OBC (NCL) if

sufficient applications not received in online


Notification on

31/08/2020 (Monday)

Registration from

31/08/2020 (Monday)

to 05/09/2020 (Saturday)

Display of list and


07/09/2020 (Monday) to

11/09/2020 (Friday)

6 Registration of Class-II or other classes (in offline

mode) (Class-XI) - Bleeding in Class-Special

In the story of Neki.

Registration for Class-II onwards (except Class

XI) - Subject in offline mode to availability of

vacancies during a particular class.

20/07/2020 to 25/07/2020

(Monday) (Saturday)

The list for sophistication 7 or class is released

Declaration of list of sophistication II onwards.

29/07/2020 at 4:00 PM


Admission for 8th class or other classes.

Admission for sophistication II onwards.

30/07/2020 to 07/08/2020

(Thursday) (Friday)

9 K.Lav. Student of: For admission in class-XI


For KV students: Registration for admission in

class XI.

Within every week of

declaration of sophistication X.


10 K.Lav. Student of: Class-XI Admission List Released

Doing and logging.

KV students: Display of admission list &

admissions for Class-XI.

Within fortnight of

declaration of sophistication X.


11 Non K.Lav. Student of: For admission in class-XI

Registration, issuance of admission list and admission (blood)

In this case)

Non-KV students: Registration, display of

admission list & admissions in school XI (Subject

to availability of vacancies)

After the admissions of KV

students in school X

12 class 11 salahi anlim lili of admission altogether classes

Last date of admission for all classes including


15/09/2020 (Tuesday)

(tentative, counting on

the declaration of sophistication X.


Note: -

1. List of all registered children, list of eligible children, unlicensed children for admission

Category wise list, examination list and answer list on the knowledge board of the Central School.

It is mandatory to post on the web site of the varsity along side the demonstration.

List of youngsters registered, list of eligible children, category-wise list of provisionally

selected children, roll and subsequent lists to be compulsorily displayed on

the web-site of the Kendriya Vidyalayas concerned, additionally to display on

School’s bulletin board .

2. If the registration may be a public holiday or a public holiday.

Accepted on working days.

If any of the dates happens to be a public holiday subsequent working day shall be

treated as opening / deadline .

3. Online or school from 15th Sept, 2020 after completion of sophistication 1 study admission process

According to the development within the blood vessels generated from COVID-19.

The studies of sophistication i will be able to commence from 15

th Sept, 2020 either online or regular in

vidyalaya depending upon improvement in situation thanks to COVID-19.

4. within the context of the aircraft Covid 19, there are 198 central schools within the entire country.

Used by Central Government / government for Isolation Center or Quarantine Center

Are being carried. The Lockdown ended thanks to this Valic epidemic by the govt

These schools are going to be ready to resume only after granting permission.

It is broug

KV Admissions 2020: KVS releases revised guidelines for admissions on Details|KVS Admission Notice 2020-2021.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, KVS has released fresh guidelines for admission 2020- 21 on the official website Check details here

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, KVS has recently released revised guidelines for KV admissions 2020 on the official website, the rules are released for brand spanking new and existing candidates. The school's administration has reserved 27 per cent seats for Other Backward Classes, OBC candidates which are mentioned within the guidelines.

This had already been decided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in December 2019. As per the official information, admission for sophistication 1 would be conducted through a web draw of lots. The admissions to Class 2 to class 8 would be done on a priority basis. this suggests just in case the applications exceed the amount of seats, the lottery system would be followed.

Admissions to Class 9 are going to be given on the idea of an entrance examination and admission to Class 11 would be done on the idea of sophistication 10 marks of any candidate. Admission of fresh students to Class 10 and sophistication 12 are subject to availability, as per the knowledge brochure of KVS.

KVS would preference to the subsequent -

Children of transferable and non-transferable Central government employees and youngsters of ex-servicemen. this may also include children of Foreign National officials, who come on deputation or transfer to India on invitation by Govt. of India.

Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies / Public Sector Undertaking/Institute of upper Learning of the govt of India

Children of transferable and non-transferable government employees.

Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings/Institute of upper Learning of the State Governments.


Children from the other category including the youngsters of Foreign Nationals who are located in India thanks to their work or for any personal reasons. the youngsters of Foreign Nationals would be considered only just in case there are not any Children of Indian Nationals waitlisted for admission.

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