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Monday 6 July 2020

Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Sachem

The state government provides assistance up to Rs. 50,000 for the treatment of the injured in the scheme / vehicle accident

An important scheme was implemented by the Gujarat government last year regarding accidents. An estimated 30,000 road accidents occur in the state every year. In which about 6500 people lost their lives. But if the injured person is given immediate treatment in time, his life can be saved. The decision was taken by the government to reduce the death rate in accidents as much as possible. Due to which 'Vehicle Accident Treatment Scheme' was implemented by the state government. In the first 48 hours, the state government will pay up to Rs 50,000 for any kind of treatment to the injured.

What are the rules of a vehicle accident treatment plan?

- Within the state of Gujarat, in any area, any person sitting in any vehicle has an accident and the person injured in it can get help under the scheme.

- Whether the injured person is Gujarati or non-Gujarati they will also get treatment under the scheme.

- To avail the benefit of this scheme, one has to get the letter as per the scheme. Which has to be submitted along with the claim form.

Who is eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme?

- The state government will pay up to Rs 50,000 for any kind of treatment to the injured person in the first 48 hours of a vehicle accident injury.

- This assistance is given by the government to any poor, stranger or any person.

The important thing about this plan

- No hospital should take money from the patient.

- The cost of this treatment will be paid directly by the state government to the hospital. - No hospital will have to take money from the patient.

- The cost of this treatment will be paid by the state government directly to the hospital.

Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme in Gujarat
The important features and highlights of this reimbursement scheme are as follows:-

Any victim of road accidents can avail free treatment in any govt. or private hospitals within the state.

All the expenses upto Rs. 50,000 of every of the accident victims within the first 48 hours in any hospital are going to be reimbursed by the state govt.
Along with Gujarat residents, people from other states and even from other countries facing accidents in Gujarat also are applicable for this scheme. Even there's no income criteria attached with this scheme.
The primary objective is to supply timely and highest quality treatment to the victims so as to scale back the life risk as first 48 hours are crucial for accident victims.

This scheme also will change the intention of individuals to shift victims immediately during a govt. hospital which sometimes doesn't have the standard treatment facilities. Now, people can admit such victims directly into the nearby hospital (either private or govt.) with specialist doctors and other required facilities without caring about expenses.

Ambulance Operators also will tend directions to admit road accident victims within the best hospitals near the situation of the place where accident happened .
Private hospitals won't charge upto Rs. 50,000 money for the primary 48 hours from the accident victims instead they're going to get this amount reimbursed from the state govt.

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