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Thursday 11 June 2020

read news report about viral massage

Fact check: Will Modi government impose a complete lockdown across the country again from June 15? 

Will Modi government impose a complete lockdown across the country again from June 15? Will the train-air service be discontinued? Know the big revelation of Modi government

The message that the Centre's Narendra Modi government is once again preparing to impose a lockdown is going viral. According to the viral message, the Modi government will impose a complete lockdown across the country from June 15 and train and air services are likely to be banned. The message is being made viral by creating a picture of the channel broadcasting news with the logo of a national TV channel.

Is India going under a complete lockdown from June 15? Social media messaging apps and the related platform is abuzz with such messages and questions. A message is being circulated these days that claims that considering the rising number of cases, India will be going into another lockdown beginning June 15.

The viral message of  WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter among others also claimed that the lockdown will also put a brake on flight and train services. The total number of coronavirus cases in India is 2.77 lakh with a death toll over 7500.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had passed the new coronavirus guidelines on May 30 which lifted restrictions on interstate travel. Train services in the country have also begun with new social distancing guidelines in place.

However this is totally wrong and this message is fake news. The Modi government has no plans to impose a complete lockdown in the country from June 15. The fact check of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) of the Government of India has clarified that this news is totally false. PI Fact Check tweeted that a picture circulating on social media claimed that a complete lockdown could be re-imposed in the country from June 15 with a ban on train and Bawai travel by the Home Ministry. However, this news is fake and people should beware of such misleading photos that spread fake news.


The message went viral, causing panic among the people, but the Indian government has clarified the panic.

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