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Tuesday 9 June 2020

many wonderfull Activity for kids at home

many wonderfull Activity for kids at home

Easy to use ground-up built-in interface and suitable for loan play for all families from kindergarten or preschool children to parents

- Professionally illustrated graphics and voice ask for an immersive learning environment

- Free learning games for 32 year olds to enhance cognitive ability in all fields simultaneously

- Build a strong foundation of basic English, math, logic and more

- Help your child improve their academic performance, performance and productivity in college, helping yourself to productivity at work.

 Digital class can be a place where you study all kinds of kinds online
Education so you don't have to go anywhere
 Digital Class, IT And offers courses in various classes such as Software, Spoken
English, business management, accounts and finance, dance and music and yet
Digital class e-learning app is revolutionary and innovative thanks to being smart
Education This application provides a digital platform for all types of online learning
Can study, it works on concept live study anywhere
 It is for working professionals, students, housewives, teachers, senior citizens etc.
Digital Classroom Digital Education provides unique thanks to all students during

Key Features

A unique application that allows you to start your study anytime anywhere

* Instant access from anywhere
* Choose a course according to your need
Study by tutorials provided by expert faculties
Exit touch and user friendly main menu
* Users can personalize their settings on their own
Exam at the top of the session
* Track results after each module is completed
Remember that you are learning all the daily activities from morning to night with entertainment and a variety of music. During this game you are enjoying a wakeup in the early morning activity, then brush your teeth, prepare for your school. Have breakfast and go to school in anticipation of the bus and assign to school, come home from school and go play different tasks with your friends.
Morning to night activities -

- Wake up, turn off the sun, please open the window for fresh air, make the bed
Go to the bathroom, wash hands, save water
- Brush your teeth, take a shower, rinse with warm water, clean with a clean towel
- Dress up for the Ledge
Prepare school bag
Ready breakfast
- Eat sandwiches, burgers and juices
- Just expect you
Enjoy a variety of tasks on the playground
Play with different puzzle to increase the mind
Study with number
-Return to home
-Care view
-Meal dinner

Other features to watch include:

• Social - Connect with your friends and other users when you reach your fitness goals together
• Smartwatch * - View incoming call alerts, read your text messages and control your music right from your wrist
Data Activity Data - View alleged sleep patterns on your historical activity and daily charts


Krishna colour 
 chitra pothi
Prani chitro 
pakshi chitro
Prani ane tena pachha
Fal chitro 
tapka jodi
Pattern design
 ABCD Kakko
 English Kakko

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