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Monday 25 May 2020

Tourists coming to Gujarat have to follow this guide read report

Tourists coming to Gujarat have to follow this guide

Passengers traveling interstate by domestic airline, train or bus who do not have any of Corona's symptoms will be able to go directly to their home, but such interstate passengers will be required to self-examine their symptoms for 14 days. In the meantime, if any symptoms of corona appear, he should immediately report to the District Surveillance Officer. Or contact the state or nation helpline 104 or 1075.

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Citing guidelines issued by the Indian government's health department, state health secretary Jayanti Ravi said if a passenger was found to be symptomatic, they would be immediately isolated and taken to a nearby health center and further tests would be carried out immediately.

Passengers who show normal or severe symptoms will be admitted to Kovid Hospital for intensive care. Passengers who show mild symptoms will be offered the option of home isolation or isolation at the Covid Care Center. Following government or private quarantine, further processing will be carried out as per ICMR protocol.

If such passengers appear positive during the period of isolation, they will be kept in Covid Care Center as per clinical protocol.

Jayanti Ravi said the necessary announcements regarding Covid-19 and for precautionary measures will be made continuously at all airports, railway stations and bus terminals and in flight, train and bus. All States and Union Territories will have to conduct mandatory thermal screening of each passenger before boarding. Only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to travel on flights, trains or buses.

Every passenger must wear a mask while boarding and while traveling and follow all the rules of health. Strict adherence to social distances should be ensured at every airport, railway station or bus terminus. Airports, railway stations and bus terminals will have to be sanitized regularly. And necessary soap and sanitizer should be arranged. Thermal screening should be arranged for all passengers at the exit of the airport, railway station or bus depot.

The special guidelines for passengers traveling interstate by plane, train or bus state that travelers will be provided with details of what to do and what not to do with the travel ticket by that agency. Every passenger will have to download the Health Bridge mobile app.

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