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Saturday 2 May 2020

SBI customers also can update their mobile number online

SBI customers also can update their mobile number online

SBI (State Bank of India) is providing facility for updating mobile number to its customers. There is not a requirement for patrons to bank update for updating their mobile number. The mobile number are often updated right from the web reception .

Process to update mobile number

First, log into the account by getting to SBI's official website
Then attend the section at the highest left and attend My Accounts and Profile and sink .

  • Now click on profile and click on personal details / mobile.
  • Now, submit the profile password and click on on Submit.
  • Now click on the mobile number, update the new details and click on the change mobile number domestic only.
  • Then, submit a new number in the tab that opens.
  • Then there'll be 3 options for mobile number updates. In the first OTP option, OTP is shipped to both new and old numbers.
  • The second option is to send an invitation for a call through ATM to Internet Banking Request Approval and therefore the third option is to call through the Contact Center.
  • If you opt for OTP, you will have to select your debit / ATM card account in the bank and then submit the card details and captcha code and click on PROCEED.
  • There will be a message show of the mobile number update.
  • Both the new and old mobile numbers are going to be SMS, with the active number varying.
  • You will got to copy the ACTIVATE and reference number written in both messages and SMS from both mobile numbers to 567676. Then your number will change.
  • The bank must provide the right mobile number and email id
  • Providing the right mobile number within the bank is required. Doing so may end in fraud of your checking account . OTP won't reach you for the transaction by not submitting the right mobile number to the bank or using the mobile number provided within the bank, except the instructions provided by the bank

OTP required to withdraw money from ATM

From January 1, SBI has launched OTP service for ATM transactions. It must be registered OTP for ATM transaction from 8am to 8pm within that night. This rule has been applied to transactions in excess of 10 thousand.

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