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Monday 25 May 2020



The Central Government has launched the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS), amidst the ever-increasing prospects of employment from milch animals in the country. If you also want to open milk dairy and work according to your convenience and earn money, then DEDS is only for people like you.

In view of the increasing potential of dairy business in India, the central government has set a budget of Rs 323 crore for the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) in the year 2018-19.

With this amount, the government gives 25-33 percent subsidy to those who open dairy. If you also want to start dairy business, then you can take advantage of this government scheme (DEDS).

If you open a dairy of 10 milch animals, then the cost of your project comes to about 7 lakh rupees. In the DEDS scheme run by the Union Ministry of Agriculture, you will get a subsidy of about 1.75 lakh rupees.

How many animals can be kept?

This subsidy by the Union Ministry of Agriculture, National Agriculture ..

How much subsidy will be available in DEDS?

According to the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS), you will get 25 percent capital subsidy of the expenditure incurred in planting dairy. If you fall in the category of SC / ST, then you can get 33% subsidy.

This subsidy will be given to you only for a maximum of 10 milch animals.

The Central Government gives a subsidy of Rs 17,750 for an animal. For SC / ST people, this subsidy is Rs 23,300 per animal.

Unit Cost (Jafarabadi Buffalo Rs. 5,000 / -, Bunny Buffalo Rs. 5,000 / -, Surati Buffalo Rs. 20,100 / -, Mehsani Buffalo Rs. 2,500 / -, Gir Cow Rs. , Kankraj cow Rs. 15,500 / -, HF cow Rs. 2,500 / -, Jersey cow Rs. 2,500 / -) or annual interest of the amount whichever is less. 100% interest subsidy for 1 (one) to 4 (four) cow-buffalo unit against maximum interest rate of 12%. - The beneficiary has to maintain the unit for at least five years. - Beneficiary should have been given a loan to set up the unit through a nationalized bank and a financial institution recognized by the Reserve Bank of India. - Certificate of completion of the unit after purchase of milch cattle for the unit should be given by the implementing agency of the scheme. Only then will the amount of interest subsidy be credited to the beneficiary's loan accounts in half-yearly installments in June and December. - At the applicant's own expense - The implementing agency of the scheme will first have to prepare a report of the unit from the concerned bank in this regard as prescribed by the prescribed form-bank. - If a beneficiary becomes a defaulter in the interim period (more than three installments at a time), interest assistance will not be available for that period and against the defaulter amount.

Subsidy on equipment for making dairy products Under the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) subsidy is also given for starting a unit for making milk products. Under DEDS scheme you can buy equipment for processing of milk products.
In this scheme, if you buy four milch cattle, you would get the benefit of 100% interest subsidy. However, pastoralists who could not afford to buy four cattle were deprived of this scheme. Following which the terms of the scheme have been amended by the State Department of Agriculture and Co-operation and a resolution has been passed to provide 100 per cent interest subsidy for the purchase of a dairy cattle. Accordingly, 100 per cent interest subsidy will be given for purchase of one to four milch cattle and 5 per cent interest subsidy will be given for purchase of 8 to 10 milch cattle.

Help without land!

The provision of the previous condition-3 has been changed that instead of four cow, buffalo unit, one, two, three or four will now have to include farm laborers, small marginal farmers, landless and stockholders and the condition of land holding standard will not be applicable. In case of non-availability of irrigated land or land facility for five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten instead of 8 to 10 number of cows and buffaloes, dry, green fodder will have to be procured or quantity will be made available. Which will be verified by the Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry and the bank officer.





If you buy such a machine and it costs Rs 13.20 lakh, then you can get a capital subsidy of 25 per cent (Rs 3.30 lakh).

If you come from SC / ST category, then you will get Rs. 4.40 lakhs for this ..

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