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Saturday 2 May 2020 lockdown pass lockdown pass- COVID- 19 impunity Pass in Lockdown 

 How to Get lockdownpass in Your State During Covid- 19 Lockdown One can mileagee-pass to use or give the essential services, including medical care, health care, druggists, police and security labor force, media services, electricity and water department, beast fodder and portion shops. 

The world is presently fighting with deadly epidemic. To check the spread of COVID- 19 in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the step to extend the civil lockdown till May 3. Some of the restrictions might be lifted in the coming days, depending upon the graUph of COVID- 19. 
 The lockdown emphasizes on maintaining social distancing by confining the movement of people in public places. still, since the essential services are still operating in the nation, one can mileage these installations using thee-pass or movement lockdown pass allows one to move outside their position or society under the supervision of police and government. 
pass Instructions 

 This Service is available in Gujarati Only. 
 You'll be needed to click on" Apply Online ” button for filing the form online or" Download Form" button for filling the form offline. 
 aspirant should ready with service specific information like Occupational Details, Family details, other than introductory aspirant details before moving with submitting operation online. 
All fields marked with *( star) are obligatory fields in Online operation. 
 As per the language selection English or Gujarati separate language keyboard should be used for filling an operation form. 
How To Apply :

go officiel site 

     instructions pdf 

How to apply forstate-wise Movement Pass 
 Step 1 Visit the sanctioned website of the separate state, UT or megacity 

 Step 2 elect the ‘ applye-pass ’ tab 
 Step 4 Fill thee-pass form with all the needed details 

Step 5 Upload the supporting documents, if any, and submit your operation 
 Step 7 Once your pass is approved, you'll admit the communication from the authority 

 Step 8 Take a print- eschewal of thee-pass and carry it with you while going out

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