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Monday 18 May 2020

big News About Pan masala Tamaku in Gujarat

big News About Pan masala Tamaku in Gujarat

Pan and spice shops have been closed in the state since the lockdown began. As a result, tobacco addicts have become annoyed. The state has also witnessed incidents ranging from tobacco to suicide and murder. News of relief for tobacco addicts in Teva may come today. Today the government may allow pan and spice shops to remain open outside the containment zone. However, Ahmedabad and Surat residents may be disappointed.

Ever since the lockdown began in the state, tobacco addicts have been waiting for the gala to open. So the black market of tobacco products started when the streets were closed. People of Rs 5 padiki were giving Rs 40. The government is now preparing to open pan and spice shops in the state after the announcement of Lockdown 4 in Teva.

Lockdown 4 is going to be implemented in Gujarat with a new color and a new look. Then in his public address on Sunday, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said about the new guideline. With this, the chairmanship of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has got an important meeting regarding the new rules and concessions of Lockdown 4. Then there is the good news for tobacco addicts.

According to sources, there are indications that these tobacco, betel and beedi shops may open. Will be officially announced in a few minutes. It may be mentioned here that the government is considering opening Pan-Galla despite the absence of local officials for fear of crowds gathering at the start of Pan-Galla. Consumers' pockets are emptied by traders blackmailing bonds at four times the price. So that the government can make an official announcement about this.
Pan shops and tea lorries can open. But the government is still confused about opening shops in Ahmedabad and Surat. And Ahmedabadis and Suratis may also be disappointed in this matter. In other districts of the state, pan-masala and tea lorries may open outside the containment zone. But for this they have to follow the government guideline. The state government will issue new guidelines by this evening. And its implementation will start from Tuesday.

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