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Sunday 5 April 2020

PM has appealed to the country to light the lamp today to show solidarity

Prime Minister Modi has appealed to the citizens to unite the lights at 9 pm on April 5 at 9 pm to show solidarity to the countrymen.

Corona virus crisis is on the rise in the country. In this time of crisis, Prime Minister Modi has appealed to the citizens to unite the lights at 9 pm on April 5 at 9 pm to show solidarity to the countrymen. The people of the country will show solidarity with the lights, candles and mobile lights at 9 pm tonight.

A 21-day lockdown has been announced in the country due to the Corona crisis. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi on Friday delivered a message to the country. The Prime Minister appealed to the countrymen that the darkness of the corona needs to be overcome with the force of light. For this, the Prime Minister appealed to the people to light the lamp for nine minutes on Sunday night. Whose purpose is to convey the message of unity.
                                                             AKSHAY KUMAR


The Prime Minister appealed to the people to turn off the lights at his house for nine minutes on Sunday night and stand in the door or balcony to light the lamp, candle. Other than that, light up with a mobile flash light-flashlight. Through this power we want to convey the message that the countrymen are one. The Prime Minister said that this epidemic can be overcome by unity.
                                                               VIRAT KOHLI


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Freeze, no TV, just turn off the house lights

The energy ministry has said that PA Modi has appealed to turn off the lights of houses, not other power tools. At the same time, street lights will also be on so that the security of the common people is not compromised. Instructions have been issued to the states for turning on street lights.

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The Ministry of Power vigilant for those nine minutes
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